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The KC Lady

Roses are red violets are blue, a Kings Court girl will look after you

She is playful and fun – Sydney’s number one

She is charming and elegant, beautiful, and intelligent

When in her service you will never be nervous

She can be a student, a traveller, or the lady next door – but one thing is certain, she is one you will adore

She is a lady you will secretly desire, and could easily set your heart on fire

She possesses great sex appeal – the excitement, you cannot conceal

She can make you feel so much at ease, but can also bring you to your knees

Her touch will drive you crazy – to the point where you are hard and hazy

When with her you will be on a high, and the time will seem to fly – you will hate to say goodbye

But before you leave, set your mind at ease, knowing she will be there next time – waiting and willing to please

Treat her kindly, and show respect, and the time with her you will not forget

KC, thank you for your service and care

So ever grateful, this I now declare

  • E xx