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Kings Court Etiquette

This is the best advice we can give you about how to have the a good time at Kings Court. Most of it is common sense stuff that you could apply to many places and situations, and what it boils down to is being the kind of person you would like to encounter yourself, if the the roles were reversed. A Kings Court Massage is not tea with the queen, but it’s an opportunity you won’t want to lose!

  • Confidentiality

What happens at KC, stays at KC. Our staff are respectful of your confidentiality and it is essential that you show the same respect to their confidentiality. If you happen to see someone from KC on the street or out in town, the most polite thing you can do is not approach.


  • Respectful Behaviour

If you are rude, crude, condescending, racist, threatening, ask personal questions or show a lack of respect to the staff, you will be asked to leave. Kings Court has a great atmosphere because we prioritise the safety of our staff and customers, and because we do not tolerate behaviour that makes them uncomfortable.


  • First Time getting a massage?

It is a good idea to mention it’s your first time so we can explain how your visit is going to flow. The managers are mindful of ‘first visit’ nerves and will take good care of you if say you’re new.


  • First time at Kings Court?

We’ll ask you at reception if you’ve been here before – and it’s best to be honest. All places are different, and you can’t expect the experience at KC to be the same as an experience elsewhere. Our managers take the time to explain our services to you so you won’t be disappointed.


  • Attire

We require a good standard of dress when you visit, but we understand that sometimes you come after work and not everyone works in a suit. You will not be allowed in unless you are fully dressed and have shoes on your feet.


  • Cleanliness

Cleanliness is essential. All clients must use the shower before they get in the spa or have a massage. The cleaner you are, the closer the massage lady will get. We provide body wash so you can have a hot soapy shower at the start of your booking. In general you should regularly brush your teeth and wash your hair. It’s best not to wear too much cologne as it can sometimes cause allergies.


  • Tipping

It is ok to tip, especially if the lady has gone to great lengths to ensure you had a great experience. But remember that a tip is a gratuity (a way of saying “thank you” with cash), and should not be used as a way to pressure the lady or bargain with her to get her to do something she is not comfortable doing. It’s not ok to promise the lady a tip to get her to do “extra”, and in fact extras are a separate issue altogether.


  • We’re honest with you

Many first time clients expect us to be sneaky about the prices and the girls, but really we’re straightforward and honest with you. The price is the price, and you have options in regards to the amount of time you want to pay for. The girls you meet are all the girls we have available at the time. There are always other girls in bookings, but that doesn’t mean they’re nicer or better looking than anyone who is available when you come in. Their shifts are flexible so any one of them might have just finished with an earlier client or just started her shift. It’s best to book the lady who takes your interest first, rather than wait and try to meet everyone. Often by the time you decide to see the first girl you were interested in, she will be booked by someone else or might even have gone home!


  • Screening

When you arrive at reception you will be greeted by a manager who will ask you some basic questions before allowing you entry. This a screening process and you may be denied entry if you respond with sarcasm, insolence, or hostility. How you conduct yourself at reception will give us an indication of what we can expect of you if we let you in, and we will only accept good manners and amenable behaviour.


  • If you don’t know the boundary, ASK.

Communication is an essential part of what makes an erotic massage fun. A simple “is this ok?” can prevent embarrassment and offence.


  • Respect the boundaries

The managers will explain what is involved in an erotic massage experience at Kings Court. You’re welcome to ask the lady if she is interested in doing any extras, but the lady is not obliged to agree. If she doesn’t want to do extras, it’s best if you accept her answer and continue enjoying the service she is prepared to perform, rather than waste the time you’ve paid for trying to get a “yes”. Any persistence on your behalf may bring your booking to a premature end. We trust our ladies and we will not refund you money if she leaves the booking because you didn’t respect her boundaries.


  • No photography or visual/audio recording.

It is a condition of entry that you will not take photographs or video/audio recordings of the interior or of any persons within. For everyone’s comfort we recommend turning your phone off when you visit. If you must use it and it appears to any of our staff that you have taken a photo, a manager will ask to inspect the phone to check for any images that identify our people.


  • Please, don’t ask for unprotected sex or oral.

“Natural” or “bare back” services are not provided, and asking for this may result in the refusal of service, even if you say you were just joking. It’s a bit like how you can’t joke about bombs at the airport.


  • Non-consensual condom removal during intercourse, or “stealthing”, is sexual assault (rape).

Removing the condom during intercourse changes the terms of consent. If the lady has agreed to any form of sex, she only agrees on the basis that the sex is protected.


  • We don’t take drugs, and we don’t want them in the house

From time to time people come in with drugs and expect to take them with the ladies. Our girls are just not like that. As a legal business we have a close relationship with our local police, who understand our concerns about people trying to introduce drugs onto our premises.