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Massage for Women at Kings Court

Kings Court is offering massages to women!

Curious? . . . You can indulge in some relaxing spa time and an enjoyable sexy massage with one of our sensual massage ladies.

So, how does it work?

Come in to Kings Court and our managers will greet you at reception. We’ll get your name at the door, and instead of taking you to a seat in the club where we meet our regulars, someone will take you directly to the massage room and the ladies will do their introductions there. We think this might be less intimidating if you’re nervous about the whole thing! After you’ve met the girls, one of the managers will come to the room to discuss the service with you and find out which lady you’ve chosen to spend time with. You pay for your massage with the manager, and she will send the lady back to the room to start the session.

You will be asked to shower at the beginning of the session – we ask all our customers to shower so we can ensure the hygiene of the spas. Body wash is provided.

Service, cost, and duration

The duration of the service is 75 minutes, at a cost of $325 and normal discounts apply – even the birthday special!

We specialise in a nude hand to body erotic massage, followed by hand relief (non-penetrative). It’s a very sensual and tactile experience, so if you love to be touched you will really enjoy yourself. We begin the session in the spa, which includes complimentary champagne, beer or cider (or non-alcoholic drinks if you prefer). The spa is a good ice-breaker, it will help you get comfortable with your companion, and it’s a good opportunity to start exploring each others bodies before you move to the massage table. Once you are ready for your massage, your companion will drip hot oil all over your body, starting from your back, and then she will give you a sensual rub down designed to tease you and turn you on. She will touch you in ways you’ve never been touched before! Then, she will ask you to turn to over so she can continue caressing the rest of your body, until finally she works her way down to give you the experience you will be oh so ready for.

You may be interested in having more body-to-body contact during the massage, or you may want to modify the happy ending to suit your desires – that’s ok, just discuss this in the introduction with the ladies. We all have different comfort zones but some of the girls will be able to provide you with extras to the service if you ask. Extras are between yourself and the lady, but payment can be made by card through the managers if you don’t have cash. The maximum you should expect to pay for extras is $150. Lubricants, latex-free gloves and dental dams are all provided.

When is a good time?

We’re happy to provide services to women most of the time, so you are welcome to drop in when it’s a good time for you. That said, we don’t recommend Tuesdays as it is quite a busy day and there can be a wait for rooms.

We operate on a walk-in only basis, so you don’t need an appointment but we don’t mind if you want to call first to see who is on. You can also check our daily roster online if you like, and there is a live chat function you can use to talk to the managers.


Girls available on the roster who do erotic massages for women are indicated with the female sign ♀️

Have a look at their profiles to see who you like (you will meet them all first, so don’t worry if you’re not sure about that.)

See you soon!