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Couples Massage at Kings Court 

We have a number of ladies who are able to accommodate the needs of a couple looking for an erotic experience. As with all services at Kings Court, there are no appointments, simply come in and meet the girls!

  • Couples meet the ladies in the massage room for discretion. Only the ladies who are interested in looking after couples will meet you – we give the ladies the choice to opt-in if they’re up for it. Each of these ladies will introduce herself separately, and you will have the opportunity to discuss the type of experience you are after.
  • Our rooms are set up with one massage table, so a couples booking is essentially a three party experience. The spas are big enough to accommodate all three of you.
  • The parameters of the service are consistent with what is provided in the Spa & Massage service open to our single clients.
  • Any Extras need to be discussed with the lady during the introduction.
  • At the end of your time with the massage lady you may need some time for yourselves. We’re happy for you to have the room for an additional 30mins after the 75min booking expires.
  • Ladies who look after ladies are noted on our roster with this sign

Price: 75mins (including complimentary bubbly) $500

So we can be assured that each party is an enthusiastic participant, we will ask you each to speak for yourself when you arrive at reception. You’ll be asked for the names you would like to use, and some standard screening questions that apply to all our clients, before entry. This is a matter of housekeeping necessary to ensure that everyone has a good time.