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Do you know that Kings Court is actually a huge bathhouse?

It is a four-story city building with 22 massage rooms including 11 different spas and bubble baths.

Our most popular massage is in a private room for one hour and fifteen minutes performed by one of our beautiful women totally naked. She spends some time in the spa with you and then you enjoy a hot oil massage.

Sometimes groups of young adventuresome men will book a party spa and enjoy the company of a similar number of ladies with copious amounts of champagne. The maximum number in the big spa is about 12 slithering bodies together. Mmmmmm fun

Some of our ladies are happy to look after couples. See the couples page.

Some single ladies also come to see us.

Some couples come in and book a room just to be a bit naughty
and enjoy a naked spa (jacuzzi)
$145 for 1 hr and 30 Min including beverages (Champagne etc)

Some industry ladies bring their own private customers to use our spa rooms.
($145 for 1hr 30min if you pre-book inc champagne – not on Tues)

We are currently building more spas – so watch this space.


Our spa baths are checked by trained staff twice a day and 
and spot checked by the City of Sydney council regularly.

Some customers like to have totally fresh water and choose to have a bubble bath.

When you come to Kings Court there is no need to bring anything.
Bubble bath bubbles, bath salts and hot oil add to the fun.

We provide freshly laundered towels and linen along with beverages of many kinds.