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Enter the Kings Court Raffle!

Every time you book a massage with us, we give you a discreet ticket in the raffle to win a DOUBLE PRIVATE ROOM – $650 value!.

To enter, all you need to do is come and have a massage – every massage gets an entry!

We don’t take any details from you, you just have to keep the ticket and bring it back if you’re a winner.

On Wednesday at noon one of the girls draws out the lucky winner. The winning ticket number is posted here on our website and on the chalkboard in the lounge club area of Kings Court.  The winner must present his ticket at Kings Court to receive his reward. Both halves will then be displayed in the trophy case – they must match up. We update this page as time permits, if you can not see the most recent winner here please call us on 02 9660 0666 or text 0456 001 600 and ask the managers. Not everyone keeps their tickets but bear in mind that they are not identifiable to anyone but us.

The winning ticket is drawn each Wednesday at about midday. Wednesday morning customers are included, and then the next week’s tickets start again.


WARNING: We offer the raffle in good faith, and false claims will not be tolerated. We are able to spot a fake ticket with precision and we treat the presentation of a fake ticket as fraud. If you try to claim the raffle with a false ticket, the police will be involved and you will be banned from the venue.

22/11/2023 C2375 Red
15/11/2023 F2387 Black
08/11/2023 F2380 Orange
01/11/2023 F2338 Purple
25/10/2023 F2221 Red
18/10/2023 F2255 Green
11/10/2023 F-2223 Purple
04/10/2023 E-2294 Orange
27/09/2023 F-2258 Blue
20/09/2023 E-2279 Black
13/09/2023 E-2296 Orange CLAIMED
06/09/2023 E-22100 Purple
30/08/2023 E-2299 Red
23/08/2023 D-2225 Red CLAIMED
16/08/2023 F-2202 Black
09/08/2023 C-2215 Blue
02/08/2023 B-2284 Purple
26/07/2023 D-2209 Green
19/07/2023 D-2246 Blue CLAIMED
12/07/2023 C-2234 Orange
05/07/2023 C-2240 Red CLAIMED
28/06/2023 C-2214 Green
21/06/2023 B-2269 Red
14/06/2023 A-2282 Blue
07/06/2023 A-2289 Orange
31/05/2023 C-2269 Purple
24/05/2023 B-2228 Red CLAIMED
17/05/2023 A-2252 Orange CLAIMED
10/05/2023 A-2215 Blue CLAIMED
03/05/2023  F-2193 Black CLAIMED
26/04/2023 F-2167 Purple
19/04/2023  F-2141 Orange CLAIMED
12/04/2023 D-2134 Purple
05/04/2023 E-2174 Purple
29/03/2023  E-2180 Orange
22/03/2023  E-2174 Green CLAIMED
15/03/2023  E-2177Blue
08/03/2023  D-2154 Green CLAIMED
01/03/2023  F-2129 Blue CLAIMED
22/02/2023  D-2110 Orange
15/02/2023  C-2174 Blue CLAIMED
08/02/2023  C 2137 Green
25/01/2023  C2124 Black
18/01/2023  B-2175 Orange
11/01/2022  B-2117 Purple
04/01/2023  B 2183 Green
28/12/2022  A-2162 Purple CLAIMED
21/12/2022  A-2157 Purple CLAIMED
14/12/2022  F-2081 Orange
07/12/2022  F-2096 Green
30/11/2022  F-2050 Red
23/11/2022  F-2055 Purple
16/11/2022  A-2177 Red
09/11/2022  E-2021 Blue CLAIMED
02/11/2022  E-2022 Orange
26/10/2022  E-2054 Black CLAIMED
19/10/2022  D-2024 Black CLAIMED
12/10/2022  D-2013 Green
05/10/2022  D-2041 Red
28/09/2022  C-2067 Blue CLAIMED
21/09/2022  C-2099 Green
14/09/2022  C-2075 Red
07/09/2022  B-2054 Green
31/08/2022  B-2024 Purple
24/08/2022  B-2016 Black CLAIMED
17/08/2022  B-2033 Orange
10/08/2022  A-2005 Purple CLAIMED
03/08/2022  A-2073 Orange
27/07/2022   A-2097 Red
20/07/2022  F-1978 Blue
13/07/2022  F-1999 Black
06/07/2022  F-1918 Black CLAIMED
29/06/2022   F-1973 Green CLAIMED
22/06/2022  E-1986 Blue CLAIMED
15/05/2022   E-1959 Red CLAIMED
08/06/2022  D-1963 Purple
01/06/2022  D-1993 Orange
25/05/2022   D-1974 Red
18/05/2022   C-1962 Red
11/05/2022  C-1954 Blue
04/05/2022  C-1949 Purple
27/04/2022  B-1961 Black CLAIMED
20/04/2022   B-1912 Green
13/04/2022  B-1902 Orange CLAIMED
06/04/2022  B-1963 Blue CLAIMED
30/03/2022  A-1936 Blue CLAIMED
23/03/2022   F-1867 Green
16/03/2022  A-1926 Purple
09/03/2022  F-1898 Orange CLAIMED
02/03/2022  F-1820 Black CLAIMED
23/02/2022   E-1851 Green
16/02/2022  E-1892 Purple
09/02/2022   E-1887 Red
02/02/2022   D-1854 Green
26/01/2022  D-1899 Black
19/01/2022  D-1815 Blue
12/01/2022  D-1832 Orange CLAIMED
05/01/2022  D-1815 Purple