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Extras at Kings Court

Please keep in mind that Kings Court massage ladies specialise in the house service, which does not include kissing, body-to-body, oral sex, or mutual masturbation. Generally most ladies will only provide extras after they have become comfortable with you over a number of bookings, but there are ladies who not interested in performing extras at all – this is for them to choose.

  • You are welcome to ask for extras, but the lady is not obliged to agree; if she does agree she will nominate a cost to be paid before she provides the extras. The maximum cost is $150.
  • Payment for extras can be made by cash or card; we accept VISA, MasterCard, EFTPOS and there are no surcharges.
  • Negotiation or “haggling” is impolite and unwelcome; if you are not prepared to pay the nominated amount it’s best just to move on and enjoy the service you’ve already paid for.
  • If the lady declines to provide extras, she is not expected to tolerate persistent requests – it’s best just to move on and enjoy the service as she willing to provide it.
  • Sexual intercourse is not an extra, it is a completely different service and must be booked with management. Please refer to our page about full service for more information.

Covid Safe Info for Extras

As always, extras are limited by what the lady is prepared to offer and whether or not you agree to pay her asking price. Extras are offered at the lady’s discretion and you should not feel you are entitled to expect extras. Because of the infection risk, management restricts extras in this way:

  • No kissing
  • No body slides
  • No licking nipples or any other part of the body
  • No Analingus (rimming) or other forms of anal play
  • Cunnilingus may be offered with a dental dam at the lady’s discretion
  • If the lady chooses to offer you oral sex with a condom, she may ask you not to touch her face, neck or head in any way during the service
  • Asking for oral sex without a condom will result in a lifelong ban from the venue
  • The lady is in a position to restrict her extras in any further way she deems necessary for herself, and she has the full support of management to do so