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Frequently asked questions

Here we provide answers to some of the most common questions our customers are asking. From time to time this page is updated to add new information, but the most important things are covered. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please use the Live Chat feature – our managers are available to help you on Live Chat throughout most of our opening hours.

What is the service?

  • The ladies at Kings Court specialise in a sensual, nude, hand-to-body massage followed by hand relief. The most popular option is to spend some time getting to know each other with a bit of a cuddle and conversation in the spa before your massage, then once you’re ready to get on the massage table the lady will rub you down with hot oil, teasing you erotically before she invites you to turn over for your happy ending (hand relief).
  • You can touch the lady above the waist, but not privately between the legs.

Do the girls offer extras?

  • You are welcome to ask for extras, but the lady is not obliged to agree. Kissing is discouraged, especially during cold and flu season, and it’s best not to ask about touching her between the legs unless you are open to direction. Condoms for oral sex are provided by Kings Court, it is recommended that you don’t ask for unprotected oral as refusal may offend. Management give the girls 100% control over their boundaries. Please refer to our page about extras for more information.

Do the girls offer sex?

  • Sex is available from time to time by consultation with the ladies. You must come in and meet the girls, and discuss your expectations of the service in a consultation before she will agree to the service. Condoms are provided by Kings Court; asking for unprotected sex will result in refusal of service. Management give the girls 100% control over their boundaries. Please refer to our page about full service for more information.

Why have a massage when I could have sex?

  • At Kings Court we specialise in a more indulgent experience that you won’t find anywhere else. You will be showered with attention: this experience is all about you. The lady will take control of your pleasure, giving you the opportunity to relax and be pampered. Erotic massage is ideal for people who love to be touched, and it’s perfect if you like delayed gratification because the tease builds up over time and the happy ending really takes place at the end.

When are you open?

  • KC is open 8am-Midnight 7 days a week.
  • You might have heard that we’re open 24 hours, that’s because we used to stay open all weekend, but the nightlife in Sydney has changed dramatically since then and it’s no longer sustainable for us to be open those hours.

What are your prices?

I’ve heard you offer discounts, what discount can I get today?

How do I make a booking?

  • Kings Court operates on a walk-in only basis. We do not make appointments prior to arrival. If you would like to have a massage, just come on in and meet the girls, and once you’re introduced you will be able to choose someone you like.

Where is the roster for next week?

  • We only advertise our roster on the day. The managers enter each lady on the roster page between 8:30AM and 9AM (but if you’re lucky it might be up the night before). The ladies are in control of their own roster and they’re free to modify their schedule to suit their needs. We think it is important to allow them the freedom to work when they are enthusiastic and we believe this provides you with a better service because you know that every lady you meet is here because she wants to be. Generally their shifts are confirmed the night before, but we always allow for last minute changes.
  • If you are unable to check the roster page each day to see who is on, you can call us on 02 9660 0666 to ask one of the managers, or you can get a text message sent direct to you mobile phone. Ask Katie or Bianca about getting on the text list next time you visit.

Do you have a discreet entrance?

  • Yes. You will find our discreet entrance at 18 Grose Street, Glebe 2037. It is located in the behind the main street at the rear of the building.

Is there an entry fee?

  • Only after 9PM. Before 9PM every day it is free to meet the ladies, but if you arrive after 9PM you will be asked to pay $20 cover charge. Cover charge is a common entry condition for many venues after a certain time of night, and it keeps the place exclusive to genuine customers.
  • No one wants to visit a place where the staff are unhappy and the other patrons create a nuisance, and we find that the cover charge helps provide a safe environment for our massage ladies, our managers and our customers.

Do the girls get a health check?

  • Yes. Bianca, our Chief of Operations, keeps a Certificate of Attendance for sexual health test on file for each lady and she reminds the girls when they are due for another test. It is very important to us that everyone gets a health check, including you the customer. Hopefully if you are asking this question you know how important it is to get health check yourself. It’s also worth noting that having a health check does not mean you can have unprotected sex with several partners – use of condoms is essential to protect yourself against sexually transmissible infections, but using condoms does not mean you don’t need regular sexual health tests (every three months).
  • We do not accept customers who ask for unprotected sex; this applies to oral sex and intercourse.
  • If you would like to get more information about STIs, this is a useful page to visit.
  • To learn about sexual health in the adult industry, have a look at this report. 

Are the spas clean?

  • You will notice when you visit that the whole building is clean and well maintained. Towels are professionally laundered and the spas are operated by a continual filtration system (just like a swimming pool) and the water quality is checked every day. In New South Wales, businesses with spas and pools are regulated by the local council. The council perform random checks on any venue that has a spa or pool facility, including gyms and hotels, as well as businesses like ours. It is much like how restaurants are regulated by the health inspection system. We have been operating for 30 years without any sanctions in relation to our spas: this information is on the public record and can be independently verified.
  • We ask each client to use the shower facilities before they enter the spa or get on the massage table. The cleaner you are, the closer the lady will get to you – a hot soapy shower is essential!
  • You are not permitted to ejaculate in the spa.
  • No massage oil, soap or shampoo is permitted in the spa

Can I pay with cash?

  • Yes. Cash is our preferred method of payment as the bank takes commission on each transaction that is paid on card. We are always grateful when you pay with cash, and we add 5mins to your booking to thank you for it. There is a discreet ATM on site (small transaction fee applies).

Can I pay with card?

  • We accept EFTPOS, Visa and MasterCard, but we do prefer cash as the bank takes commission on each transaction that is paid on card. We don’t pass this cost on to you by applying a surcharge, but because we prefer cash payments we add 5mins to your booking when you pay with cash.
  • A discreet billing name is used when using credit or EFTPOS cards.
  • There is an ATM on site (small transaction fee applies).

Do you do couples?

Can I get an outcall?

  • Outcalls are not available from Kings Court. We have considered outcalls in the past but our ladies feel more secure on premises. Outcalls are not for everyone; our ladies are private people who are mostly quite new to the industry, and we like them just the way they are (and you will too!)

Can I buy Viagra there?

  • No. You can get Viagra at a pharmacy (you may need a prescription from a doctor).

Do the girls party?

  • Not if you’re referring to cocaine use, or any other drugs. Kings Court ladies are drug-free and they expect the same of their customers. This is not the kind of place you where will find people who want to do drugs with you. Many ladies choose to work at Kings Court instead of other venues because we do not tolerate drugs here.

Do you do gift vouchers?

  • Yes! We have a discreet system of “Kings Court Money” so you can give your friend a secret gift that only the two of you know about – it’s great for birthdays, anniversaries or divorce celebrations! Just drop in and ask one of our friendly managers to arrange it for you.

Is it Nuru?

  • Nuru massage originated in Japan and the term is widely used throughout the world to denote erotic massages in places where local laws prohibit sexual services. This results in people using the term nuru interchangeably with erotic massage, especially in the USA where most states criminalise adult services. There is also an American based brand of massage products and training videos using the name nuru. In Japanese, nuru means “smooth” or “slippery”, and a hot oil massage certainly is both of those things. The advantage of living in a state where adult services are not illegal is we don’t have to hide what we do in special language, it’s an erotic hand-to-body massage followed by hand relief, and you will love it!

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