Massage Girls Roster

We’re closed due to the Covid-19 restrictions and we do not yet know when we can reopen. On the three step plan released by the government it says that businesses like our will remain closed at step three of the easing of restrictions. John and Bianca are working with a group of business owners in our industry to get a date for reopening, and we hope to reopen soon. Of course, you might have heard that massage services can resume, but they’re really not talking about our kind of massage 😉 I know many of our customers are missing the girls and the KC experience, but please be patient and try to enjoy some of the alternatives we’re working on for you.

The best way to keep up with what’s happening is to become a member. Members get updates direct to their inbox. I’m doing my best to help our valued customers, but the advice at the beginning of the closure period changed many times within the first couple of weeks, such that there were things we thought we could do which turned out to be impossible. This was not within my control and honestly I’m relieved this period is behind us; I would have preferred a clearer agenda so we could provide a clear plan to our customers and staff.

Membership is the best way to get updates; if you think you will “check back” on the website you might miss something. I do post the newsletters on our website a week or so after they go to members, but members naturally receive priority access. Membership is FREE, discreet and the emails are few – only what is necessary.

There are some ladies trying out online work while we are closed – you can find out who’s got online content here. For our girls this is a brand new experience and it has taken a lot of courage to give it a go. The list is complete; if you don’t see someone on this list it means they are not doing online work.

Because we have some wise and articulate women working with us, we’re doing a bit of blogging in the down time – this is a fun way to pass the time and the ladies are paid for their contributions. Most recently, Taylor has discussed a few things she is missing while KC is closed.

Many of the ladies are not in a position to do online work, for various reasons, and we’re looking after them until they can get back to work. If you would like to help them, please consider buying a gift voucher. Funds from Gift Voucher sales will be used to assist the girls financially during the business shutdown period. All denominations are available, and you can purchase any amount you like.

If you are interested in purchasing gift vouchers to use once we re-open, please text 0456001600. Gift Voucher purchases can be made over the phone, by credit card, or by direct deposit: BSB 062498 Acct No: 1046 0782 Description: GV “YOUR NAME” (name can be the name you use at KC). Payment Confirmation for direct deposit is essential, please send to: – most electronic payment systems have the ability to do this for you as part of the transaction process.

Gift vouchers can be posted to you, or held at the venue under your name. If you would like it posted to you, please send an email with the address you’d like it sent to. If you don’t want to give an address, the voucher will be held at the venue until we re-open.