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Our Service

  • The ladies at Kings Court specialise in a sensual, nude, hand-to-body massage followed by hand relief. The most popular option is to spend some time getting to know each other with a bit of a cuddle and conversation in the spa before your massage, then once you’re ready to get on the massage table the lady will rub you down with hot oil, teasing you erotically before she invites you to turn over for your happy ending (hand relief).
  • The massage ladies will welcome your touch above the waist, but prefer not to be touched privately between the legs. A Kings Court girl doesn’t mind if you ask for extras, but will not tolerate persistence after her refusal. For the best experience, just lay back and enjoy what the lady offers you.
  • For bookings including a spa you will be offered champagne or beer, (non-alcoholic beverages are also available). You may choose to have your massage without a spa, but we do the spa as we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the best Kings Court experience!

Deluxe Private Spa & Massage

Our deluxe private massage rooms include a built-in hot tub spa, shower facilities and massage table. If you prefer total privacy, this is the option for you. Available for 45min or 75min time periods, your session begins in the spa with some complimentary champagne (non-alcoholic beverages are also available) and once you’re ready the lady will give you a head to toe hand -to-body massage before turning you over for your happy ending (hand relief).

  • 45mins $250
  • 75mins $335

If you want additional time we just multiply the price. You have the option to arrange a longer session with the manager at the time of booking, or you can choose to extend before the end of your original time. If you choose the extension option, please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee the availability of the lady for an extension. If there is a discount offer, it only applies to the first time period, additional time is attracts the full rate.

Massage Prices

Many of our long term regular customers say the spa is the best part, but it’s not compulsory. You can still enjoy the delights of an erotic hand to body hot oil massage followed by happy ending (hand relief) without the spa. We offer three different time periods so it’s easier to fit into your schedule. The erotic massage only option does not include complimentary champagne, but you are welcome to have a non-alcoholic drink if you like.

  • 30mins $180
  • 45mins $220
  • 60mins $235

Add a 15min Spa for $40

If you would like to add a spa to your massage, it’s an extra $40 (for 15min) and includes complimentary champagne. This option is ideal for groups of 2-4 as we have large spas for groups just down the hallway from our massage rooms, in a common area. It’s a popular option among budget conscious individuals as it costs a bit less than the private rooms.

  • A double is a great way to treat yourself – but remember it’s twice the attention for you! Some ladies do know each other more intimately, so if that’s the experience you’re looking for it’s best to ask your favourite girl who she recommends. Just multiply the price for each additional lady (you can book as many as you can handle!)
Full service

The fine print…

  • Management reserve the right to refuse entry and/or service if you appear intoxicated or drug affected, or if you are impolite or obnoxious.
  • We only accept clients with good manners. Please take your hat off when you enter, and don’t put your feet on the furniture.
  • We accept all major credit cards – there is no surcharge applied to the transaction and your account is billed discreetly. Cash is a popular and welcome method of payment, and we have an ATM at reception for your convenience (small transaction fee applies)
  • If you’re having a boys’ night, you can come in and enjoy a spa and a massage before you get started (or for recovery). We’ve got spas to cater for groups of up to 4 guys.
  • Members receive Newsletters and special offers, you can become a member simply by signing up.
  • We think one discount per customer per day is common sense, please don’t ask the managers for multiple discounts on the same visit – they always give you the best deal available at the time! See our discounts page for more information.
  • No photography or audio recording is permitted. In the state of New South Wales it is a crime to take photographs or videos of people without their consent. If it seems to us that you have taken a photo or recorded someone on you phone, management will ask to inspect the device and delete any records made on our premises. Refusal will be taken as an admission of guilt, and we will involve the police.
  • Refund policy: Kings Court does not offer refunds (but why would you want one??)