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Kings Court Massage

  • Every single time has been a good memorable experience. – J.D, Jan 2017
  • One of the best places for Erotic Massages in Sydney. Everything is neat and clean. – Suhel, May 2017
  • I have to say this is this best place ever, staff are really nice and the girls are really friendly. I will be returning every week. – David, March 2018
  • Hi Bianca (and John) I have visited K C many times over many years and am pleased to say that I feel that the current crop of massage ladies are the finest you have assembled. I have only spent time with a few of course but found them to be charming company and attentive to shall we say the ways of senior gents. Reception has been fine also. Looking forward to being in Sydney again soon and spending a few quality hours at Kings Court. Best wishes. – Phil, Sep 2018
  • Friendly people, beautiful ladies. I had a fantastic time! Great place to unwind. Can’t say enough about this place! Worth every penny. – Larry, Nov 2015
  • Ive been to many massage places if not all of them in Sydney.
    By far Kings court is the best for many reasons
    1. Best welcome ever
    2. Best approach by managers
    3. All girls will treat you with respect no matter what ur race is not like other places
    4. Overwhelming smiles from the moment u step in even when u step out
    5. The best businesses are when the owner is present and deals with any problem with efficiency. (professional and friendly)
    6. i can write a hundred more things. Just simply if u want the best try this place. – El Masri, Sep 2018


  • Abigail is a beautiful doll . She was  to make me happy . Her eye is an addiction, stunning sexy look . If you don’t try her yet then you must. Love you Abigail . – Sam, Jun 2019
  • On a visit to Sydney for work I came into Kings Court for the first time and saw Abigail. She’s a sweet girl with a good sense of humour that made me feel instantly comfortable in a new place. Abigail is extremely intelligent and great conversationalist, but also very raunchy and sexy, making my fantasies a reality. I can’t wait to come in and see her again on my next visit to Sydney. – Steve, Jul 2019
  • Abigail was absolutely amazing she was so kind and the small amount of nervous went as soon as things started her services were wonderful and will definitely recommend her and I know I will definitely be back again – GV, Oct 2019


  • Had the pleasure of seeing Alice, she is a delightful, friendly and bubbly young Aussie lady who is simply a pleasure to be with. Alice is easy to engage in intelligent conversation, very playful in the spa, clever with her hands and has a great touch, also has the best authentic all natural chest I’ve encountered in a long time. Although Alice is reasonably new my time with her was enjoyable and very satisfying.  Thanks Alice, I look forward to our next meeting. – Jack, Oct 2019


  • I had a good time with Angela, she is lovely and funny. – Diego, May 2018
  • My very first time at Kings Court and I couldn’t have found anyone more perfect than Angela, my ‘amber angel’. Beautiful, sweet and sexy she was so easy to talk to and helped me relax, then took all my tensions away. So playful and exciting I couldn’t help but fall for her. Can’t wait to be back in Sydney to see her again, you are incredible Angela! – Z, May 2019
  • I wanted to just say what a great experience I had. I was lucky enough to have 75 minutes with the beautiful Angela. Not only stunning but really intelligent caring and gives great conversation, which made the spa and massage feel so much more personal. I’ll definitely be back. – Chris, Jun 2018
  • Had a mind-blowing massage with Angela, will definitely see her again! She gives a very sensual massage with a fantastic build up. A must see! – Ajay, Jun 2018
  • I love Kings Court, it’s the place I go to just to relax and talk. The ladies are some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Angela would have to be one of my most favourites. – Graham, Jun 2018
  • I would like to take the opportunity in mentioning one lady that has made my visits extra special, and whom I have been spending a little more time with lately at Kings Court. She is Angela, a mature, petite lady with great looks, sensual, and the sweetest personality, and if you make her laugh, her laugh will make you melt. Thank you Angela it’s an absolute pleasure to be in your company, and thank you Kings Court for providing great service and quality women. Here’s to another 50+ visits! Kings Court = fun & relaxation – E, Jun 2018
  • I have to say Angela was awesome! Great body could have spent all night talking with her if I could – will definitely see her again. – Grant, Jul 2018
  • When the gorgeous petite lady with the awesome boobs gives you the sexiest look, and you don’t want to look away, just remember one thing. Her name is Angela! She is heaps fun to hang out with, she’s classy and she is a professional in every way. I left on a major high and will be back to see her soon thanks gorgeous! – Cris, Sep 2018
  • Had a great time today with Angela. Great conversation and a true lady.  Will definitely see her again as she left me with a smile and relaxed feeling. She give a great massage. – Shawn, Sep 2018
  • I had a very good time with Angela last week. She was very caring and professional with her work. She gave a relaxing and wonderful massage. Can’t wait to see her again. – Rav, Nov 2018
  • Angela is a lovely lady and I had seen her a few times. But last night she was SMOKING HOT. As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to pick her. And I wasn’t disappointed. Believe me, Angela is on a hot hot roll. Don’t miss an opportunity to have an amazing time with her. – Alan, Nov 2018
  • Angela genuinely a very beautiful and warm hearted person, good listener and a wise lady. True professional who puts in real effort to make your experience delightful. Beautiful lady with mesmerizing deep eyes. Cheeky, sexy and keeps you engaging.
  • – JA, Dec 2018
  • i just spent an hour with angela and i must say it was one hell of an hour. i met her as i came in the door and was instantly stunned by how sexy she is. but her talents are not limited to her incredible beauty she has magic hands and a wonderful personality. i will be sure to see angela in the future again for sure. – Aaron, Apr 2019
  • Hi, I was with Angela. She is beautiful, genuine and sexy.  Thank you Kingscourt for having her there, I will definitely be back – John, Apr 2019
  • I had the most amazing time with Anglea last night. From the moment I laid eyes on her I knew I wanted to spend time with her. We had the most amazing spa experience. So much so I extended 4 times with her. She is the most beautiful, intelligent and wonderful woman I’ve had the pleasure to meet. She is one in a million and I can’t wait to see her again. Anglea, thank you for a once in a life time experience x – Dsvidos, Apr 2019
  • I spent an hour with Angela yesterday.  She is a beautiful lady, an easy conversationalist and knows how to put you at ease while being able to take your breath away in the best possible way.  It was such a pleasure spending time with her. – Peter, May 2019
  • First timer. i got to spend my evening with Angela. she is something special. super relaxed, easy going and made me feel very comfortable. Made the whole experince feel like a holiday. 100% will be back. – J, Dec 2019
  • Has a spa and massage with Angela. As your customers know it is all about the experience. Angela made the experience pleasurable with good conversation and great hands. Also asking preferences. – John D, Dec 2019
  • Booked a 30 minute massage with Angela 2 weeks ago and couldn’t help but book again this week for an hour. What an amazing, sensual massage! The hour flew by, with engaging conversation mixed with playful flirting. If you’ve had a long day and want someone who you can talk to and have an amazing experience, Angela is your girl! – D Patch, Dec 2019
  • I have met this lovely lady Angela at kings court. I have been visiting this place for quite sometime now and by far Angela was the best. She is a great conversationalist and stunning with her appearance. She made me comfortable right from the outset and had magical touch which made me have my best orgasm ever. Would definitely go back for Angela. – S, Dec 2019
  • I just had the best time with Angela. What a beautiful person in every way – funny, sexy, genuine, interesting and amazingly talented. Thank you, Angela, I will be back! – Mark, Jan 2020


  • Awesome place. Bella is absolutely gorgeous…. an extremely beautiful girl. – Matt, May 2018
  • Met Bella this Sunday. Truly refreshing. Will revisit. – Jai, Aug 2018
  • Happened to visit Bella in Kingscourt. A very beautiful girl , very professional and good massage. – Pradeep, Aug 2018
  • Bella hands down was superb. Super soft, an amazing smile, breaks the ice easily and just knows how to treat you like a king. She’s something else and I’d definitely be back for her. I had an awesome time with her and hope to see her again – Jeff, Sep 2018
  • Bella is a stunning voluptuous lady who has a beautiful personality. Don’t let her intimidating looks deter you from picking her and having an enjoyable time. You can’t go wrong with her. – Kevin, Nov 2018
  • Had a great time with the lovely great body lovely personality wicked sense of humour! nails so soft could have talked and talked all night with her Thanks Bella x – Grant, Jan 2019
  • BELLA is a beautiful lady with mesmerizing deep eyes. Very cheeky and sexy young girl who keeps you engaged with her beautiful eyes. – JA, Jan 2019


  • Catherine is a beautiful central European lady, outgoing and friendly. Also very sexy – happy to cuddle. – Graeme, Sep 2018
  • Wow! Spent some time with Katherine on Saturday and truly felt I had died and gone to heaven. She is beautiful, sexy, cheeky, fun and just lovely and of course gives a great massage…. – Mal, Oct 2018
  • Catherine is a gorgeous redhead from the Czech Republic with a beautiful petite figure, perky little boobs  and a very cheeky persona! She made me laugh and is intensely and aggressively sensual in a way that had me smiling for days after our encounter. Amazing experience! – Daniel, Nov 2018
  • I have seen Catherine a number of times. Her service is fun, sexy and adaptable (it can be very calming if that’s what you want or spine tinkling if you want sparks). One of the sweetest ladies I have ever met at King’s Court. You will never be disappointed. – Alan, Nov 2018
  • I visited KC for the third time recently and had yet another fantastic experience with the lovely Catherine. I went in the morning when it was very quiet and only three girls on, but all three were gorgeous and made it a difficult decision! The manager was absolutely lovely and Catherine once again did not disappoint, this experience being even better than the last! Thank you Kings Court, it was just what I needed. – Daniel, Nov 2018
  • I have had the most pleasant experience in my life with Catherine! She is simply the best!! – Chris, Dec 2018
  • Catherine one word WOW! Great service sexy accent and the rest simply amazing ! will definitely see her again – Grant, Jan 2019
  • I spent  very pleasant time with Catherine yesterday. She is a most skillfull lady and I was left very Satisfied. Much thanks and looking forward to my next visit. – Ravi, Mar 2019
  • Even though we’ve met for the first time in life, since first greetings it was a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere as between ancient friends. I felt completely relaxed and the world beyond the walls of the room ceased to exist for me. I warmly and honestly recommend to visit Catherine. – Paul, April 2019
  • I had another great experience today at KC with the lovely Catherine! I arrived early on a Sunday morning and it was as if she was there waiting for me wearing her sexy red outfit. I booked extended time and Catherine gave me the best experience yet, passionate and gentle yet pleasantly aggressive at times! As always the receptionist and manager were lovely and I left with wobbly legs and a smile on my face. Thanks again KC team! – Daniel, April 2019
  • First massage with Catherine was a great experience. Let me evaluate three aspects separately – relax, erotic and atmosphere. The relaxation massage included a thorough and careful revival of all the individual muscles from the neck to the ankles and as a pleasant bonus the acupressure massage of the feet. All very pleasant, including a light conversation about everything and nothing. Erotic content was by my liking – a gentle breeze turning into a gale from the mountains into a storm over the ocean of pleasure. Pure passion and tenderness. – Paul, Apr 2019
  • I discover this place almost by mistake and from then is difficult for me stay away…great welcoming, great customer care and beautiful place…i’ve become a regular and visit different girls, everyone more beautiful then the other….but my favourite is and always will be Catherine, she’s capable to give the best experience of all time…sensual woman with a cheeky smile and sexy accent…she’s understand what u want and what your desire is, and make it real, unfortunately i have no the possibility to go there often…but let me tell u something…that the best place ever! – David, May 2019
  • I had the pleasure of spending some time with the lovely Catherine this evening, and in a word WOW …. she was incredible, from the moment, i walked into the foyer, until i walked out, she was friendly, cheeky and extremely sexy. Then the massage, where do i start, she took control, right from the start, and was so so sensual, uses her lean and toned body as part of her artillery, and has a touch to die for …. the two Czech girls are certainly standouts at KC, and i fully recommend both, especially Catherine to anyone … and look forward to seeing her again …. thanks Catherine for an amazing experience. – Happy Customer, May 2019
  • Hi saw Catherine the other day and she was amazing and great massage and service. I now try to see her only when I come down. Amazing women. – Jordan, Jul 2019
  • I had my second massage with Catherine last night, and again she just wildly exceeded my expectations, and was absolutely amazing, so sensual, cheeky and very erotic …. she knows just how to use her lean fit body …. will certainly be back … thanks Catherine (again) for an amazing experience  (again) – Happy Customer, Jul 2019
  • I had the extraordinarily good fortune to spend some time with Catherine this week.  She is so generous of spirit, humour, care, affection, and fun I feel blessed to have met her.  Sexy and crazy in equal measure she is a force of nature to be reckoned with.  Catherine – I wish only the very best for you in the future wherever this unpredictable world may take you. And thank you again. Hopefully I will see you again sometime. – Andrew, Aug 2019
  • I had the pleasure of having my fourth massage with the lovely Catherine …. driving by the first three, that were so amazing, i thought how ever could she take those levels even higher, and was i wrong, she just finds creative and innovative ways to give you an experience that you will remember forever …. thanks Catherine for an amazing time, while i worship you, your body, and amazing long legs, it how you use them, that takes my breathe away … see you soon Ciao Bella – Happy Customer, Nov 2019
  • OK massage number 5 with the almighty sexy Catherine , and in 2 words WOW and WOW … Catherine continuously finds ways to take take it to a new level … i look forward to  our next time as you keep on finding news ways to maintain the excitement – Happy Customer, Dec 2019


  • I had the good fortune of seeing Chantal, initially concerned that she was new, but as soon as we went into the room, my concerns were lifted, this incredibly sexy Latina, knows exactly how to arouse a man, whether it by using her toned curvy body, or her sexy talk, maybe her sensual touch, or just her striking smile …. it was an experience to behold …. muchas gracias bella ragazza – Happy Customer, Nov 2019
  • I had my second session with the sexy and oh so charismatic (simpatica) Argentinean bombshell … and in a word … WOW  … she is is the ultimate sex bomb, sexy both by persona and physicality … again she blew my mind and totally engulfed me with her seductive smile and touch … Muchas gracias bella ragazza – Happy Customer, Dec 2019
  • Big shout out to Chantal, one of my favourites, had the pleasure of a few sessions with her, and the last one a few days ago, was absolutely incredible, she is warm, sweet and cheeky all at the same time, and extremely sensual …look forward to our next massage – Happy Customer, Jan 2020


  • I had the pleasure of seeing Charlotte today and while I had a little wait i would wait all day to see her next time.  She is a stunning lady who knows exactly how to look after the man she is with.  The time I spent with her passed too quickly and if I didn’t have a day ahead of me I would have happily been in her caress all day It has been a while since I have been able to visit however with Charlotte waiting for me I know I will be returning soon
    – Carl, Jul 2019

  • I was having a good time with Charlotte.  She is really nice and provided good service. Definitely will return. Highly recommended – J, Aug 2019

  • I saw Charlotte for the first time last night. She is a stunner who is one of the best sensual I have ever met. She is also a “toucher” – she likes to touch you all over. If you are looking to spend some fun time with a beautiful lady, you have to choose Charlotte. You won’t be disappointed. – Alan, Oct 2019


  • I’m starting to love this place more and more and it’s just my second time. Chloe was amazing, every minute went by so much faster because I was having so much fun with her. Her smile, her body, her touch and best of all her personality and how facinating she is to talk to. Just an all round wonder there’s literally never a dull moment. I don’t regret at all spending more to spend more time with her, she truly is special, you have to see her for yourself. – Jeff, Sep 2018
  • came In today, I had Chloe. She was amazing made me feel very relaxed had a spa and a chat. She is stunning!  Then I had a massage and hand relief,  it was lovely will be back – Duff, Dec 2019


  • I had the fortune of being Christina’d this evening, wow wow wow, Christina was amazing, so sensual, and aimed to please, she has an alluring look and style, with an amazing touch …. by far the best experience i have had at any of these types of massage places in Sydney  …… can fully recommend her to any prospective clients … will certainly be back to see her … ciao bella – Happy Customer, Mar 2019
  • Christina from the meeting, till the end had great smile. She is intelegent, funny and know how to talk with you. Not just in the spa, but also when we went on the massage she was amazing. She knew what she was doing and what guy want’s. I would definitely recommend here for great time. – Martin, Aug 2019


  • Words cannot begin to describe this most beautiful and empowered  woman. Yasmin had me from the moment I saw her smile. Her gaze intoxicating , she held me suspended with her conversation, flirting with my heart , her complete presence and attentive touch was the definitive meaning of sensuality. Our encounter felt as though time  had stopped – even if only for the fleeting moments we enjoyed together. How can the world be graced with such a confident and playful temptress. Yasmin You are full of life and joy and all that I know and believe is meaningful  in human connection. Yasmin I will be forever mindful that this chance intimacy  and mutual yielding of spirits between to strangers, made it seem like our souls had met before. To the reader- the exact details of our shared experience is best left to your imagination and wonder.  However, what I will reveal is that Yasmin lured me, step by erotic step, into my very own  “La petite mort.”  Beware the sirens call……. – Mark, Sep 2019


  • I had the pleasure of having a spa and massage with Erica today, and apart from having an amazing and fit  body, this Swedish blond bombshell is so sweet and sensual, and very accommodating … i had a great time, and was extremely satisfied, and would fully recommend her to anyone out there – A Big Fan of KC, Apr 2019
  • I had my second session with Erica, and again she was in a word amazing ….. she can either overwhelm you with her seductive stare and smile, or using her toned fit body, it was an incredible experience, and I look forward to our next encounter … take care Erica – Happy KC Customer, Oct 2019
  • I had my third massage with the Lovely Nordic Bombshell Erica … and again, she was absolutely amazing, each time she becomes more comfortable, and continues to push the boundaries further and further …. so looking forward to my next time with the lovely and fit Erica – Happy KC Customer, Oct 2019
  • Gabrielle
  • I’m from Melbourne , I stayed in Ultimo for a week for work I decided to go for a walk to get some fresh air when I literally stumbled across kings court massage. I decided to check it out and I’m glad I did I was introduced to 2 very petite and gorgeous young ladies I was literally torn between the 2 of them. In the end I decided to spend my time with Gabrielle from Brazil. Once we got to the room I was literally in heaven she delivered the most incredible service and I was treated like a king , it was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had as an adult. I would easily give Gabrielle an 11/10 truly amazing experience . Thanks Gabrielle u truly are a diamond in the rough – Andy, Aug 2019
  • I saw Gabrielle twice and I absolutely love being in her presence. She makes you feel comfortable from the very first moment you enter the room. She’s SO beautiful, sweet and easygoing. If it was for me I’d never be leaving the spa!! Looking forwards to seeing her again, thank you for making my day! – Thomas, Oct 2019
  • Gabrielle is a Brazilian Goddess, a fact which is apparent the second you meet her. She has an amazing body, a beautiful personality and is solely focused on you from start to finish. She is attentive, sweet, passionate and incredibly sexy. The 45 minute sessions I’ve shared with her have left me in a good mood for the next sever days or more. I don’t think you can give someone a better endorsement than that. There are so many attractive women at Kings Court, but as long as Gabrielle is on, my choice is made. Five stars! – Michael, Nov 2019
  • Spent some time with Gabrielle the beautiful Brazilian Bombshell recently. What a stunner! Heavenly to behold and intent on providing an unforgettable experience to her man of the moment. Long may she reign. – Phil, Jan 2020
  • Thanks Gabrielle for this morning. I really enjoyed the time with you. See you soon dear – Deep, Feb 2020


  • Grace is so super sexy and funny!  What a fabulous hour I spent with her. Her gorgeous petite curvaceous figure, beautiful eyes and long black hair were a real turn on. She put me at ease straight away with her wonderful wit and intelligence not to mention that gorgeous smile and her evocative alluring glances which were so enticing. She gave me the best massage combined with the most exquisite sensual touch which was just sheer delight. I was totally transported for an hour to another world with no cares or worries Thanks a million Grace I will be back for more sexy massage time! – Chris, Sep 2018
  • I have enjoyed a few encounters with Grace, and I recommend her highly. Grace is what King’s Court is all about ~ she is friendly, attentive and charming. Grace has the ability to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, and at the same time interested and aroused. Her talents include a strong massage that really relieves all the aches and pains. Time spent with Grace is memorable ~ worth a special trip to King’s Court when she is working. – Mark, Oct 2018
  • From the minute I saw Grace I was rock hard and for the whole hour I spent with her my cock was solid. Her magic hands and touch kept me interested with every sexy touch……and the warm oil added to the delight. Graces body is tight, firm, delicious and worth oiling up with. You will walk away wanting more…..just like I did. Grace is a MUST! – Steven, Jun 2019
  • I cannot praise my luck enough to meet  Grace today. She is full of life and beauty and , indeed, a very graceful girl. She understood me on all levels and I wish to commend her in the highest possible way.  She brings out the best from the guest! – John K, Jun 2019
  • After a long week I dropped in to see Grace, she made me feel so at ease , very easy to talk to with great conversation. The massage was incredible, ill definitely be back soon. – Troy, Jul 2019
  • I always get very excited when I come to 8am Sunday session with Grace, she is such lovely person with such sexy body that man could die for!!! (I meant that).  She is Singaporean but looks and feels like a sultry Japanese goddess. Highly recommend deluxe 45 minutes and enjoy the spa time (the best)! – Piggy, Jul 2019
  • Visited Grace a couple of times recently and found her to be a beautiful person. And one of the best ladies I have been with in there. Thank you – Ross, Oct 2019
  • Grace is awesome so gentle and caring and sexy to boot. She is a pleasure to be with.  I had such a good time with her and she’s charming to talk with.  Makes you feel so special.  I hope to catch up soon – Alexi, Dec 2019


  • Hannah is a beautiful girl that is down to earth and I had such a good time with her and shared many fun and loved the spa experience. I will definitely be back for Hannah as she is beautiful and fun to be with. Love you Hannah – Shah, Dec 2019


  • Holly is a young, sweet and sexy girl that is very good to talk to and knows how to treat a man. I had my first industry experience with her and she settled me down and took very good care of me. Have already been back and will continue to come! – Taurey, Jan 2020
  • For my first ever experience with an erotic massage, Holly was definitely the best choice for me. She is absolutely gorgeous, caring, funny and smart, with the one the most contagious smiles. I was nervous at first but she immediately settled me down, made me feel relaxed and cared for. She was very patient and I adored chatting with her. I’ll be back for sure! – Taurey, Jan 2020


  • the first time i came to King’s court, i was blessed with the good fortune to meet Jacqueline. She made me feel right at ease with her pleasant demeanour and bubbly personality. we shared an hour or so in the deluxe spa and i had the most memorable experience. we spent so long in the spa that we almost forgot about the massage. she showed me moves both in the spa and on the table that would fuel your wildest fantasies. Jacqueline is definitely a girl who knows how to have fun and we chatted the entire time about our various escapades. it is no wonder that i came back the following week to see her again, and will continue to do so. King’s court is notably one of the best massages to come to, you will not regret it. – dal, Nov 2019
  • I saw Jacqueline today. She has a wonderful personality and is so deep and precious to talk to. We had a really wonderful conversation and we really connected very well. I love how smart she is and how easy she is to engage with. She gave me a body slide and that was amazing. I have been with a lot of women over the years and seen a lot of pretty girls, but Jacqueline is one of the most interesting talk to – Matthew, Nov 2019
  • The first thing I noticed about Jacqueline was the “power” coming off her. She is very pretty and very intelligent, however she is really down to earth and humble in her attitudes. She would not be one that would easily admit that she is intelligent and she carries herself in a really confident manner. She is a breeze to talk to and very exciting and stimulating to converse with. The massage was good, and she really knows what she is doing when the pleasant end comes. Looking into your eyes and letting you really experience herself and her charms as you relax and let yourself go. She is always with you, fully present with you from the  moment you meet her till you have finished your shower at the end. She is one awesome woman. – Matthew, Nov 2019


  • Had a great one with jade. She’s kind and funny. – J, Dec 2019


  • There are no words to describe how amazing is to be with Jessica. What a girl. She is so beautiful and funny. We spent hours talking and touching. She is a Brazilian goddess sexy and enchanting. I can’t wait to go back and be with her again. Xoxo Jessica – JT, Aug 2019


  • I enjoy the time I visit Kings Court and ‘escape’ into a world of relaxation and enjoyment. I have spent some quality time with Julie, and each time I walk away with a happy feeling – a mixture of enjoyment, fulfilment and relaxation. Julie’s strong hands and creative chat stimulate both the body and the mind – she is an excellent companion and I recommend her highly. Spa, massage, and Julie: the perfect combination. – Mark, Jul 2018
  • Writing to give a shout out to my favourite k.c masseuse Julie. Strong hands, generous curves and a great listener, I never regret my time spent with her. Julie offers a genuine girlfriend experience, and no, I don’t mean she nags you for an hour while fantasising about Chris Hemsworth! Superior massage and hand job with good banter chucked in. Good times. – Terry, Sep 2018
  • Julie is a hidden gem at KC. She’s so good at what she does. Amazing massage and amazing masseuse. If you can read between the lines, meet Julie for a relaxing time. Thank you Julie. You deserve a review. – Tom, Sep 2018
  • Julie is fantastic! Full stop. She always puts a smile on my face and we always have a great time together. I always look forward to seeing her. – Ajay, Oct 2018
  • Had an amazing time with Julie this week, light hearted and fun conversation, beautifully curvaceous body in all the right places and an exotically playful nature that left me wanting more. Amazing establishment! Inviting, relaxing and professional from start to finish. Definitely will be returning for more! – Craig, Jan 2019
  • Today I have spent some time with Julie – for the third time. She is extremely good in conversation, takes good care and have a inquisitive hand! The movements will make you engaged. Time well spent. will be back for her. – SM, Mar 2019
  • Had a lovely time with Julie this afternoon. She’s a complete package and provides a delightful relaxing experience, not just for your body but for your mind as well with some good conversation skills. Embodies most of the skills in https://kingscourt.com.au/10-real-life-skills-need-erotic-masseuse/… not shy, not shy to show off her appealing bum! – Harry, May 2019
  • Just had a spa with Julie, my first time I have been here and I will definitely be coming back. Highly recommended, she made me feel totally at ease. A very nice lady – Drew, May 2019
  • Julie, such a nice lady and awesome service by her. I will rate her 5/5. Thanks – Ivan, July 2019
  • l visited Julie on Tuesday she is sensual , fun , talent and dynamic she relieved my stress soothed my soul and put a spring in my step , the air is fresher , the grass greener and life is good thank you Princess – Geoff, Jul 2019
  • Spent time with Julie today, she is a friendly and wonderful girl to have a spa and massage with. She is great, can’t wait to spend time with her again – Peter, Aug 2019
  • Julie is the best, most down-to-earth, hands-on masseuse you could hope to spend time with. – Graeme, Nov 2019
  • had a gr8 time with Julie. friendly and she love her job – M, Dec 2019
  • I visited this place saturday night. The staff were friendly and the place itself looked very nice unlike other places i’ve been. I saw a girl called Julie who apparently is one of there most popular girls…I can see why. She was amazing we had an awesome time together. Definitely recommend this establishment – J, Dec 2019


  • Thank you Keiko for the most enjoyable hour that I could possibly imagine! You are cute, gentle and incredibly sexy. I will definitely ask for you when I am here again. – Mike, Dec 2019


  • My time with Kimiko was a delight. Wonderful laugh with matching smile. Strong luscious body overflowing with youthful energy. So lucky to spend intimate time with Kimiko. – Tony, Dec 2019


  • I saw Kristal yesterday and had a great time. She has beautiful lips and a naturally curve body. The conversation was very engaging and she knows how to please a man. – Don, Nov 2019


  • Spent some lovely time with Kylie today…  I highly recommend her.  Treat her nice guys and she’ll treat you like a king. – Nate, Dec 2019


  • My first experience at Kings Court was the best. Slow, gentle and very exciting. Lulu is a beautiful girl inside and out. – Steve, Jul 2018
  • Thanks Lulu. She is the best. Waiting to see u next time – Deepak, Aug 2018
  • Lulu is an extraordinary beauty, a very rare kind to find. Thanks to Kingscourt for giving the opportunity to meet her. Her eyes, her sexy French accent…..I can’t forget a moment even when I leave the place. She is such a smart and intelligent girl. Her superfriendly behaviour makes everything so comfortable. She is a person with beauty and the brain. Thanks Lulu for being so amazing. You are an angel. – Ash, Aug 2018
  • Lulu, omg the moment I saw her appear I was captivated. She’s just perfect. Everything down to her smile, sweet and caring she is, she’s one of a kind. She definitely excelled at doing her job without a doubt hands down made me incredibly happy the way she treated me, like I was really cared for. Thank you so much! – Jeff, Oct 2018
  • Thanks Lulu for the wonderful time spend for me. Your kiddish smiles  Loving you more Will meet you soooon dear  – Jack, Dec 2018
  • Had such a lovely time with Lulu great body voice like honey out of a jar with that sexy accent will definitely see her again! – Grant, Jun 2019
  • Thanks Lulu for the wonderful time. Each seconds spend with you was awesome. Relaxing. I love you Lulu 🙂 Note to lulu:- Hope our discussion about Ielts exams workout for you – JonSnow, Jul 2019


  • I had a very good section with Madeline. She is really nice and provided good service. Highly recommended. Hope to see you again soon – J, Jul 2019
  • I was spoilt for choice when I walked in to King Court and I chose Madeline. I had an unforgettable time with this girl with beautiful natural curves. I will be back to see her again. – B, Aug 2019


  • Today spent 75 minutes with Marcy. She is beautiful to look at, extremely approachable to talk about latest HBO series, surprisingly passionate about talking on subject n, n+1 and so on. In a nutshell, time well spent! She smelled so good that I was happy to just seat and talk with her without getting engaged in anything! Will be back for her. – SM, Jul 2019
  • Marcy Marcy Marcy Just one look that’s all it took! absolute delight to be with beautiful raunchy sexy attentive divine and everything else thanks again Marcy love you x – Grant, Nov 2019


  • I was lucky enough to recently spend time with the stunning and charismatic Martina. She was kind and funny; intelligent and beautiful. Her smile, heart and hands are to die for. I hope to see her again soon. – G, Jan 2020


  • I saw the amazing Maxine tonight. She was outstanding. She was kind, understanding, caring, and gave me so much attention and affection, she was positive, energetic and great at having a conversation. The second I met her I knew she was the woman I should choose. She is lovely to spend time with and she made me feel amazing I would highly recommend seeing Maxine she gives a great service. She made me feel happy and safe and she is sooooo cute. Her touch is amazing. I could spend all day with her. – Mr 85 page fantasy, Nov 2019
  • When I pick Maxine she understand me and listen to me. She was the  bomb of the nite and made me feel better . Also she blew my mind off . Thank u Maxine and hope i can see her again.. – Dave, Nov 2019


  • Staff extremely friendly and respectful. Have seen Mia, gorgeous girl. Very friendly and takes a genuine interest in the conversation. Very down to earth and is great company. Her body though is something else, a must see. – Tom, May 2018
  • Spending any time with Mia has always been a 5 star experience. Staff have also delivered 5 staff service quality every time. Playing the odd game of pool there has also been quite fun. – Colin, May 2018
  • Had a wonderful time with Mia today…nice girl, very genuine, make you feel welcomed. Staff were very friendly, would definitely recommend this place. – Alfred, May 2018
  • Great atmosphere at Kings Court; quality service, and a friendly place to relax. Highly recommend Mia – caring strong hands for great massage and a happy outlook than makes conversation easy and enjoyable. Mia has an Asian background, but speaks perfect English. Time with Mia is time well spent. – Mark, May 2018
  • Had a great time with Mia, really love how genuine she is to talk to. Can’t wait to see her more often. Truly an amazing experience. – Bob, Jun 2018
  • I have visited KC over the years and my favourite girl has to be Mia. She is super friendly and is always great to chat with. She has a stunning figure and of course she is skilled with her hands I always leave with a skip in my step after spending time with her in the spa. Am already thinking about the next visit. – Christian, Jun 2018
  • Thanks Mia the gorgeous Korean goddess for an amazing time, you truly are a beautiful intelligent and super sexy lady.  You really know how to make a guy feel relaxed and welcome with your gorgeous smile and sensual touch. Those beautiful eyes and seductive glances are enough to drive a guy wild! Can’t wait to spend time with you again. – Mac, Aug 2018
  • What else is there to say about Mia ! She is the sexiest girl I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet ! Sensational body and she knows how to turn a guy on. Gets me every time ! ; ) – Dirk Diggler, Aug 2018
  • As a long time patron of Kings Court, I can say this without a doubt in my mind. Kings Court is the best place in Sydney to relax. I’ve spent a lot of time here over the last 6 years, never have I had a bad experience. Although many of the girls I knew here may have moved on, I was delighted to see that the wonderful Mia was still here, it brightened my day up so much. Being able to come here, be welcomed with smiles and genuine happiness is so amazing. It’s the kind of place you’d rather not leave! Keep up the good work girls, you all make Sydney a better place by being here. – Harley, Aug 2018
  • It’s always a good experience at Kings Court the girls and the managers make it so, but sometimes it’s UNBELIEVABLE. If you get the chance to spend some time with Mia, don’t miss it. Treat her well and you will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience. You would choose her on looks alone but in the room it’s so much more.  She radiates sensuality, look into her eyes and you can tell she wants to be there. She loves the spa and you should take the time to find out why.  If you are kind you will be rewarded. Some girls are born sexy.  Mia is a natural. – J, Oct 2018
  • Visited KC two consecutive days .. was lucky to meet Mia … Mia Mia Mia .. don’t have words to describe her .. just imagine your loveliest dreams come true … She will take you places you won’t imagine even exist ..  Fun to speak with .. she will tease your soul to paradise in the spa … You’ll feel pampered and extremely spoiled in her company ….  Mia .. you’re the best – Wanderer from Dubai, Jun 2019
  • 1st time leaving a review as I am a lazy person but this time I really want to leave a positive review as i felt like heaven over there! sadly I was short on budget and only engaged in 30 mins of service. There is one Asian girl Mia . she looks young and hot! I feel I am being loyal to her. Even if I get a girlfriend I will only be serviced by Mia because I am enslaved to her.  She turns me on so much. she is really very open. enjoyed touching, sniffing and cuddling her body and ass. – Matt, Jun 2019
  • Had a lot of fun with Mia recently.Beautiful woman and a great conversationalist. Her body is flawless and she is genuinely enthusiastic about ensuring you’re satisfied.  Amazing time in the spa and only got better on the table. It was a challenge holding out for the full 45 minutes, but we got there! It was my first time with Mia,  but I’ll be back again soon! – Michael, Dec 2019


  • Thanks again Naomi, another very enjoyable spa & massage this evening. – David, Sep 2018
  • I have just experienced an amazing session with Naomi. Naomi is Japanese born but speaks good english and she showed genuine interest in me. She soon realized during the massage that I was stiff and sore from work, and for fourty minutes Naomi worked on every part of my body. Not just a light rub – a genuine, experienced, expert workover. Every minute she would check on this or that – applying more pressure and asking for my reaction. She took great pride in her work and I was delighted with her vigour, her care, her appearance and her passion. Kings Court is full of surprises – many things are very, very good – and now I know that Naomi is truly exceptional. I highly recommend everything about her. – Mark, Oct 2018
  • I have spent a few sessions with Naomi, and I recommend her highly. She is attractive, attentive and has a great sense of humour. Makes me feel comfortable, relaxed and always very happy at the end. Spa and massage with Naomi is quality time – Mark, Jan 2019
  • Had a delightful time with Naomi cheeky sexy great conversation time well spent! – Grant, Apr 2019


  • Just spent a cheeky  75 minutes with Nicole. Absolutely stunningly gorgeous body. I’m still in awe she has the most amazingly bright and bubbly personality was and her service was outstanding, 11/10. I will definitely be back as an hour later I’m still seeing stars. Nicole should be number 1 in your top 10 – Chris, Oct 2019
  • The first thing I noticed about Nicole, is that she did not just stop and introduce her name to a guy and move on to the next guy, she took her time with each guy in the room spending time with him and engaging him in conversation.  I had been walked into the centre by her and she seemed sweet, but I was touched as I watched her work the room. When we went to the room, the massage was deep and hard and a very good massage. While we chatted and she made me feel at home. Nicole did not seem that she was just asking conversation, more so she was interested in me and my answers. She asked questions about answers that I gave her and it was like being with a real friend. When it came to the hand relief part, she asked me what I liked and how I liked it and she adjusted what she was doing and how she was doing it, according to what I said. We even had a conversation about this part of the message and she was very open and said this ability to have men being stimulated by her, gave her satisfaction and a sense of power over the man. I have been seeing ladies like this for 25 years and Nicole was the second best I have ever seen. The one that was my best was my girl for years till she left the industry. There are hundreds of pretty women out there, many girls to compete in the “looks” stakes, but few you will meet will have the heart and personality of Nicole. I promise you will make you come alive and feel loved, seen, and appreciated. She is going be the only girl I see from now on. Try her once and you will not regret it. – Matthew, Oct 2019
  • I just saw Nicole again and had a half an hour spa with her. She is quite the conversationalist. I enjoyed speaking to her and getting to know her. She is friend, good looking and she really knows how to put a man at ease in all the right ways. I hope to see her very time i have money and every time I go into the place. In fact, now I am only going in on nights that she is rostered on. – Matthew, Oct 2019
  • I had worked a long and stressful day and just wanted to spend some time in the spa having a chat and a cuddle. From the moment Nicole introduced herself I knew she was the the right fit to end my night. She is stunningly beautiful but the quality I admired the most was how genuine she is. The 75minutes flew by filled with riveting conversations and jokes intermingled with comfortable silences spent cuddling in the bubbling water. I extended the booking for another 45minutes and enjoyed every second while we continued our chats and cuddles. I left relaxed happy and blown away. Thank you kings court and thank you Nichole for the perfect experience. – Jess, Dec 2019
  • I just wanted to thank Nicole for being so great. I was just so comfortable around her,  which I’m not normally around new people. I didn’t even feel the need to “finish”. – Jonathon, Dec 2019


  • I just wanted to thank Olivia for her amazing service. She’s all smiles and filled with energy. One of the best experiences at KC. So don’t miss to check her out! – Tom, Oct 2019
  • Had the utmost pleasure of seeing Olivia today. How to describe this girl? She’s funny, intelligent, sensual and highly accomodating. I’d seen her around a few time but it was only today that I got the pleasure of seeing her one on one. She certainly knows how to make an impression, and I for one, am simply captivated by her. I eagerly await my next visit at KC to see her again. – Jack, Nov 2019


  • One time there was not many girls to choose from and I went with Rita. It was the best decision ever and I’ve been seeing her every time since. She always gives me more than I ask for which I appreciate. Her English isn’t the best, but somehow she still makes the experience very enjoyable. – Jonathon, Dec 2019
  • I wish I could keep this secret to myself but I just can’t contain myself. There aren’t many girls that catch my eye like she does. I’ve seen my fair share of establishments like KC nor am I a frequent visitor of KC but from my past experiences she is by far my favourite and I only met her today. For that sole reason I will be back to visit her again and again and again. She treated me like a real king! If I could describe my experience with Rita it would be that she is perfect head to toe. Her touch is gentle yet elegant and still extremely satisfying. A girl of my dreams! – E, Dec 2019
  • Rita had caught my eye a number of times with her sexy but timid look, that i had always wanted to have a spa and massage with her, and on Sunday, with none of my regulars available, i took the opportunity, and did not regret it at all, she is such a sweet person, with an amazing body, and such skilful hands … look forward to our next session – Happy Customer, Feb 2020
  • First time i have been here and it was a Tuesday 02/18/2020 i instantly knew i wanted this girl when i saw her, the most amazing blonde curls the most amazing eyes, she introduced her self as Rita, i couldn’t wait to have her experience and boy was i not let down, she was the best service i have ever had, her conversation her touch her smell her body , just everything about her was amazing , she was the sweetest girl ever and her massage OMG i don’t know where to start it was the best experience of my life i would recommend over and over and over again, can’t wait to go back and see her again hands down can not stress enough how amazing she is, guys treat her well she is a fucking GEM. – Turkish John, Feb 2020


  • Roxy – WOW! I was lucky enough to enjoy a spa and a massage with Roxy. She is one amazing young lady. Stunning to look at and intriguing to talk to. She can really deliver an A-grade massage too. So pleased I was able to see her! I’ll definitely be back. – Mat, Apr 2019
  • I saw Roxy again today after a long time! She hasn’t lost her touch. Fantastic massage and really playful in the spa. You can’t go wrong with her – thanks Roxy! – Tom, Oct 2019
  • Roxy was super down-to-earth and fun to hang out with – lovely to look at, lovely to interact with. Cuddling with her in the spa after a long week was one of the better decisions I’ve made. – Robin, Feb 2020


  • Sakura is an extremely sexy petite Japanese lady who is an absolute pleasure to spend time with. She showered me with her delicate presence that is her hallmark. In the spa she surrounded me with a pleasant, frolicky play while we were chatting. She is an easy lady to talk to. Her beautiful eyes above a perfect, cheeky smile are mesmerising. On the massage table she pampered me with the most delicious finger work that I appreciated very much. Her skills in stress relief are indisputable. A truly able masseuse, by any count! Very highly recommended. – John S, Aug 2015
  • Had one of the greatest experiences today with Sakura definitely looking forward to booking with her again 10/10 – Sarko, Dec 2017
  • Just had the best hour with the amazing Japanese pocket  rocket Sakura.  What a fun time I had. A beautiful girl with a big smile, she is so attentive and friendly with the very best massage skills.  The hour seemed to fly by and I came out  feeling relaxed and happy. Looking forward to seeing this sexy girl again. Thanks Sakura for a great time. – Brett, Nov 2018
  • I really enjoy the prize that I just won and great experience with sakura and kitty in a double massage and spa. They enjoy my company and gave them cute Nick names like kaire sane and asuka from wwe – Dave, Nov 2019


  • I have had a couple of great sessions with Sasha – an unforgettable experience. Sasha is absolutely unique – straight away she creates a relaxed, enjoyable environment – a place where you can enjoy her beauty and her touch. She knows how to look after her man, her massage is top quality, and each time I have walked away extremely happy. Check her out on the roster – she is worth a special trip to Kings Court when she is in the house. – Mark, Apr 2019
  • Sasha after the first booking showed me she is amazing. We had nice chat, great massage and great time. She is not first choice and also shy, but once you are with here, you would want to go again and see here. Definitely recommending here to have good time. – Martin, Aug 2019
  • Sasha: In enjoy being with her she is a big beautiful women I can’t wait to see her again. – Gary, Sep 2019
  • I seen Sasha last Saturday night 16/11/19 I really enjoy being with her she is a great person I will always come back to see her she has a lovely personality – Gary, Nov 2019


  • Kings Court has the best kept secret in Sydney. The secret’s name is Skye. She may be small in stature, but she is big on fun, enjoyment, sexuality, sensuality, passionate discussion and everything else Kings Court caters for. She is the best lady I have seen in any establishment around the world. Do yourself a favour and book her. You won’t be disappointed. – Alan, Nov 2018
  • I spent the time of my life with Skye and she was everything I’d fantasied the King’s Court experience would be. If I was the sort of person who wrote reviews for massage parlours I’d give her all the available stars. – Luke, Jan 2019
  • Had a lovely time with Skye very cheeky sexy funny and more would see her again in a heartbeat! – Grant, Apr 2019
  • I saw Skye for my birthday. She was very sexy and sweet and gave an excellent massage – Bruce, Nov 2019


  • Stephanie. Lovely Colombian lady who was agonizingly hot when naked and oily, very good fun and gives a very good massage as well. 11/10 for sure. Will definitely come back for more. – Phillip, Jun 2019
  • I had an amazing spa with Stephanie, She really knows how to rock her body and treat me so special!, Really good conversations and stunning at keeping me entertained, You will never be disappointed! – Jack, Jan 2020


  • I just had the UTMOST pleasure of seeing Stella, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, she is a WONDERFUL young lady and would  HIGHLY recommend her to anyone stopping by KC. She is witty, warm, intelligent, easy to talk to, and VERY accommodating. She might not be an actual star, but she’s the closest thing to radiance this side of Oz. I eagerly await the point where I return to see here again. – Jack, Oct 2019
  • I’ve had two great fun visits with Stella – she’s great to talk but also a sexy lady! Words don’t define her, go and say hello. – Michael, Nov 2019
  • Last Sunday my partner and I got to meet the lovely lady Stella 10/10 she was very friendly and sweet and enjoyed her time with us and we enjoyed our time with her her bubbly personality and genuine bi as I’m the girl reviewing her she won’t let anyone feel left out – Sexy young couple, Dec 2019


  • Many great ladies, with intriguing diversity in life-skills. Amazing experiences gained by me over many, many years of visiting this Broadway icon. Not always perfect, but more than accommodating, even when I just want to be amidst the oasis of peace & tranquillity in the spa. I claim that it is Taylor made for me and she always will be!! The best shows premiere on Broadway. – Ozzie, May 2018
  • Went with Taylor after being uncertain for a long time and it was amazing. It’s hard to tell when you’re choosing a girl, but I’m glad I did. She does not do extras and never has, but the best part about her is that she genuinely puts in an effort so you enjoy yourself. As I always try in my sessions, being respectable to the girl always ends up in a more enjoyable session for both people. If you care for none of that, she is a blonde with great boobs and butt, what else could you ask for! – Jonathon, Jul 2018
  • I had an absolutely amazing time at Kings Court with the beautiful Taylor. She is everything that you could want in a woman! She was kind, genuine and incredibly beautiful. She made the entire process one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. Definitely will return to this great establishment to see her again! – Michael, Aug 2018
  • I have to acknowledge the fine Hour spent with Taylor and Gina tonight in the spa. They are both great to talk with and they showed real warmth in keeping me as the centre of their attentions- a very happy long-term Kings Client, with the time passing too quickly:.but Inspired to come back again. – Neil, Dec 2018
  • I had an amazing time with Taylor! Over a year after I first met her at Kings Court and she has gotten more beautiful! She is smart, charming and her smile is beyond compare. When she walked up to me she was glowing and absolutely took my breath away. I don’t think I had ever seen a sight so perfect before. She’s truly one of a kind and the service she offers is truly immaculate, just like she is. Will definitely be seeing her again! – Micheal, Nov 2019
  • Taylor, a Woman of class, style & verve.  No matter the distance we may travel, the journey is always refreshing and deep- a bit like the Spa. Time with you is time well spent -sounds too simple to say, but so true.  Thanks for being there over many long nights. – Neil, Nov 2019


  • Saw unity today. Absolutely wonderful. Nice sense of humor and made me feel really welcome and at ease. I’ll definitely be back to see her – Old Man Grizzle, Sep 2019

  • Unity is a delight. Great fun in a spa very easy and enjoyable to talk with. Massage was more than fine. – Phillip, Oct 2019



  • I had the pleasure of spending some time with Valentina last night. All though she informed she was new to the industry, her service was very sensual and I was very relaxed after our time together. – Ads, Dec 2019


  • Just spent time with Valerie cheeky naughty seductive sexy bubbly and more time refinery well spent ! Will see her again – Grant, Apr 2019
  • I have seen Valerie a few times now and wow she is Sensational. From her welcome to her cheeky, seductive manner. The whole service Made me feel like a king. Cheers. – Kris, Jun 2019
  • I just had a mini birthday and decided to have a 2nd booking with Valerie and she was the bomb and glad we had a great time in the spa I can’t wait to see her again and we celebrate my 41th birthday at kings court – Dave, Aug 2019
  • Have a really nice session with Valerie. She is really nice and easy to chat with. Will come more – J, Aug 2019
  • I had a beautifuuul time with Valerie. Words probably won’t describe the heavenly experience. She is special. Will definitely be back for her. – SM, Nov 2019
  • I wanna thank Valerie for cheering me up on Valentines Day. She was the 3rd time booking. Also she Is the bomb of the nite. She makes my life better and made me happy . Thanks heaps – Dave, Feb 2020


  • Had the pleasure of seeing Zara on her second day. She is a delightful Eurasian girl , very friendly and playful in the spa. Although she is quite new my time with Zara was as good as I’ve had with more  experienced girls. Thanks Zara see you again soon. – Jack, Dec 2018
  • It was a great time with zara She made my day better and love to see her again soon – Dave, Jan 2019
  • I was lucky, no, BLESSED enough to encounter Zara last night, and it was one of the greatest services the universe has ever done me.  Instantly I could see she was an absolute 10/10 on the babe scale, but I quickly realised there was much, much more to her than met the eye. Sassy, sultry, funny, a tease beyond compare and with JUST the right amount of ratbag, she was definitely more than the sum of her considerable parts.  A spa and a massage with her is about the best way to spend an hour I’ve found. Left me cleansed and content in mind, body and soul. The only down side is that now I’ve experienced her, I don’t think I’ll be able to sample any other of the delights this establishment has to offer. I’ve been to a fine dining restaurant and even though I KNOW the menu will have many culinaty delights, I won’t be able to choose anything but that first dish. She’s an experience which is not to be missed. – Herman, Feb 2019
  • I had my first time with Zara, and then the second and third. And many times after. She is smart, funny and very nice. She made me feel comfortable and had great time with here. I recommend here for any occasion you want to have great time. – Martin, Aug 2019
  • I have been seeing Zara for a very long time. Not only is she gorgeous, she is always happy and loves a good banter. The time spent with her is passionate and sensual. – Mr. B, Nov 2019
  • Miss Zara, she is not just a girl, but a woman reckoned with an energy, she knows how to treat her man like a King! I’ve come to her for my birthday and I will always think of her ever since. – Shy Guy, Dec 2019