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Sent to Members 05.07.2022

Who needs a warm spa? I know I do! I’ve got some exciting news this month, Rachel will be back for a few shifts!! At this stage she might only come in fortnightly or monthly, she’s going to get back into it slowly so don’t delay if you see her on the roster – we’re expecting her this weekend. Skye is also going to start coming back, beginning with a short shift on Wednesday this week. Lena will be taking holidays, she’s here until Saturday and then she’s off for three months so drop in if you’ve had your eye on her! There is, of course, the usual roster of delightful ladies who are worth meeting at KC when the mood strikes you…

Join us for the State of Origin final game! You don’t have to be a footy fan to get involved, the girls will happily give you a massage while the game is on – some of them are not into the game, but those who are might watch it with you before your massage. Either way you can have a pie and some great company! Make a night of it at KC!
🥧Hot pies and snacks during the game
📺Watch with Big John and the girls
💸$50 discount when if NSW wins


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