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Your field guide to maximum enjoyment @ KC!

Some potential customers worry that we won’t like them because of their age or their weight, and any number of other things about them. We understand feeling a bit insecure, but we really do accept people of all types as long as they are polite, respectful and practice good hygiene. We hear very often “you must see some real characters working here” and it’s true that there are people who come to us that are a bit unusual, but in general our customers are lovely and we really like them – even the weird ones! The advice below is compiled in the spirit of giving our customers a bit more detail on what we enjoy, to help you make the most of your time with us.

Discussing the service

  • At the venue the managers explain the standard service, which is nude hand to body massage followed by hand relief, with the option to spend time in the spa at the start of the session. Touching everywhere except the vulva (between the legs) and anus is standard. Anything else – kissing, oral sex, body slide etc, is extra, and you are welcome to ask your massage provider if she can do it, but she is not obliged to do any extras. Asking first is important because your massage provider will not appreciate you thrusting your tongue into her mouth or grabbing her most intimate of areas without consent. The best time to ask is at the start of the session, or in the introductions, so you both know the boundaries before getting started. It can seriously ruin the vibe if you do something you haven’t discussed first.
  • When discussing extras, there will always be an additional cost. Haggling is not sexy, and your massage provider will lose interest in whatever extras she might be up for if you try to negotiate the price. If extras are out of your budget, you will still have an arousing time and you might even be pleasantly surprised by how much fun you have. Your massage provider will appreciate your honesty if you simply say it’s not in your budget, because trying to negotiate makes her feel like you don’t value what she has to offer.
  • If you have a fantasy you want to play out or something in particular you want to try, discuss it with your massage provider – we love a bit of variety in our day, and we can tailor the session to your needs if we know what they are.

Personal hygiene & Grooming

  • As soon as you get to the service room, you will be asked to undress and shower. Good quality soap and body wash are provided and we expect you to use them all over your body: that means wash your bum, your underarms, your testicles and penis, your neck, your hands – wash every part of yourself, with soap. In our deluxe rooms downstairs we also have dental kits for you to use if you’ve just had a meal. If you have bad breath or body odour we can’t get as close to you as we want to in the session. Once you’re on the massage table, if you haven’t washed your bum, you will leave a skid mark on the towel, which might be embarrassing for you.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of good grooming. What you do with your body hair is your own choice, but if you’re shaving your chest or genital area be mindful that stubble can cause uncomfortable friction when our bodies come into contact with yours, such as when cuddling in the spa or during extras that involve skin-to-skin contact. You might consider the grooming of your hands and nails – it can be painful for us if you have rough calluses, sharp nails or cracked cuticles.
  • Cologne or too much deodorant is undesirable. When we meet you we don’t want to be overpowered by artificial fragrance, and for some of us this can trigger allergies and asthma. We also don’t want to have your cologne fragrance transfer to our clothes or hair if we hug you. In the shower these smells should come off, and it’s important to be careful to wash them off your neck so we can get close to you.

Sexual Health

Asking a massage provider about their sexual health or when they had their last sexual health check creates a bad impression. People who ask this demonstrate a lack of understanding in terms of sexual health, because knowing when someone was last tested does not inform you about the status of their sexual health. In reality you can be exposed to STIs any time you have a sexual encounter, and people in our industry know this so they practice safer sex to limit the possibility of transmission. Typically your massage provider is taking more safer sex precautions than people you might go out with on dates, because if we get sick with ANY illness we can’t work – and we don’t have sick leave entitlements to support us while we’re off work. In our job we regularly come across people who are less informed or even misinformed about sexual health, so this question is a bit tiresome to answer.

Topics of Conversation

  • Personal questions are never welcome: it is awkward for your massage provider if you ask what her real name is or if she has a boyfriend. Instead of breaking the ice, these questions will create tension. Likewise, asking your massage provider what she does for work is awkward – you’ve met her at her job. Your massage provider will happily talk about what she’s reading or watching, but just like you she doesn’t want to give away too much personal information.
  • Your massage provider does not want to talk about other massage providers at the venue, or other sex industry service providers you’ve seen privately or at other venues. It’s ok to ask for a recommendation of who else to see, or who she likes to do doubles with, but talking about other providers and what they do in their sessions is indiscreet. Your massage provider can’t get comfortable with you and provide her best service if she’s worried about you telling the next person you see all about it!
  • Making racist comments is not the way to our hearts. If you are inclined to make a racist comment about someone else to your massage provider, you will find that this is huge turnoff. Generally, statements beginning with “I’m not racist, but” are racist and therefore best avoided. We work with diverse people and meet customers from a variety of backgrounds, and we value these people even when they are not in the room. Some people will think this is about being politically correct or easily offended, but it’s really just basic humanity.
  • If your massage provider wants business or career advice, she can get it, but that’s not what your session with her is for. Even if you are particularly knowledgeable about something or give professional advice as your job, unsolicited advice is not welcome. It’s common to assume that because we do this kind of work we need help, but actually we’re doing fine and we enjoy the job we’re doing.
  • As women and sex workers, we face discrimination. Our bodies, lifestyles, and work are politicised. Some of us are more politically engaged than others, but none of us enjoy having politics explained to us as though we’ve never considered it, and we will not be comfortable spending time with you if you express views that are degrading or dehumanising to us.
  • Glorifying violence or fantasising about committing violent acts will make your service provider uncomfortable.

Private contact between you and the massage provider

Since the Covid-19 lockdowns some of our massage providers have a twitter account where they advertise their work, and some have an Onlyfans account too. It’s fine to interact with any sex service providers online in the modes of communication they have made available. The venue’s management does not influence the service providers to put themselves out there online, it’s a decision that is totally up to each individual, and massage providers do not want to be pressured by clients to provide a means of contact outside the venue. Service providers who work in venues like Kings Court usually do so because they like having someone else to manage communication with customers so they can put their energy into the service. You can always get information about rosters and availability from the venue’s management, and generally service providers prefer not to give you their personal contact details.

At the end of the booking

Your massage provider will manage the time, and the venue features clocks in every service room that show the current time and the finish time for your session. We don’t expect you to be aware of the time, but we will appreciate it if you take our cues as the time draws to a close and get yourself dressed and ready to leave without delay. We don’t want to rush you, especially if we are having a good conversation, but you can’t stay longer than your booked time.

So you want to be a regular?

The only way to be a regular is to have regular massages with your favourite provider. Most of the regulars have a few favourite providers and they call the venue to find out when they’re working so they can time their visit to see someone they like. To be a massage provider’s regular, you don’t need to have her phone number because she has the venue to do her admin. You’ll know you’re a regular when people at the venue recognise you and remember how you drink your coffee and who you like to see. We’ll know you’re not a regular if you tell us you know the business owner or that you’re friends with the manager.

If you see us outside the venue – no, you didn’t

We have a saying, “what happens at KC stays at KC.” That includes everyone you see here: massage providers, other clients, and management. If you’re elsewhere and you recognise someone you’ve met here, do not approach. It doesn’t matter what your intentions are, don’t do it. You can expect the same discretion from us.