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💨🧥AUGUST NEWSLETTER💨🧥 (sent to members 31.7.2022)

Hi members! I’m getting this newsletter out nice and early because we are excited to see so many of our day time regulars coming back to the city after such a long time working and playing from home. John and I have decided to celebrate your return by offering you a free spa on Monday afternoons in August – sneak away at lunch or drop in before you head home, to relax and shed that Mondayitis!

Are you concerned about Monkeypox in the community?

We haven’t had any questions about monkeypox yet, but the government has declared its concern about the virus and the media are getting their scaremongering stories out, so I thought I might take a minute to address what we know. It’s less transmissible than Covid-19 thankfully, and not a novel virus, so the vaccines and treatments are known and most people recover in a few weeks. It is spread by close physical contact, but it is not an STI, and you can get it from clothing and other fabrics as well as respiratory droplets. The symptoms are a rash that looks similar to chicken pox, fever, headache, swollen lymph nodes and body aches. To reduce the likelihood of getting it: maintain good hygiene by washing your hands regularly as well as regularly bathing; don’t share towels; and wash your clothes regularly. As it is spread by respiratory droplets it doesn’t hurt to keep wearing a mask as well if you’re able to.The ABC have published a fact sheet on it if you want more info.


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