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JUNE NEWSLETTER Sent to Members 08.06.2022

Hello members, how is the winter chill treating you? There’s never been a better time to warm up in the spa! Winter is particularly exciting at KC this year because we are looking forward to staying open and having some special events over the next few months.

Borders reopening means new girls from overseas: we’ve got two new Japanese women, Lisa & Joy; a Ukrainian, Natasha; an American, Victoria; and an Indonesian, Nina – definitely worth a look!

Eden – HOT Aussie redhead with perky boobs and a great bum
Lilly – slim HOT perky Aussie blonde
Lisa – petite slim stunning Japanese Princess
Natasha – tall mature sophisticated Ukrainian blonde
Nina – petite curvy HOT Indonesian girl next door
Victoria – tall curvy very busty soft and sultry American redhead
Patricia – HOT bootylicious exotic Aussie with curves in all the right places

PLUS! Mandy is back (Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays) and Hayley is back (Tuesdays & Sundays)

This year we’re having a party for the second and third State of Origin games – there will be girls in footy colours, pies and great company. Watch the game with the girls and have a massage after, so make a night of at KC!

I don’t usually do arts and culture recommendations but I recently came across the ABC’s Dig podcast which focuses on Australian true crime. They’re doing a series called “The Sirens Are Coming” about Queensland’s 1950s so-called Rat Pack and the Fitzgerald Inquiry that exposed their corruption. I’m keen to hear it (Big John has already started) and if you’ve got a commute, or you’re taking a road trip any time soon, you might enjoy it too. If you listen to it, let us know what you think next time you’re at KC!
Search your podcast app for “The Sirens Are Coming” or find out where you can listen here: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/dig


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