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These are indeed strange times for all of us. If you asked me six months ago what I thought 2020 would hold for us, I would not have answered: “A pandemic shuts down the world”. Most of us are experiencing changes in our working environments and personal lives, some of which are welcome, and others less so. When the outbreak began, I was one of the first people to transition to ‘working from home’ in my 9-5 job, which I initially relished the thought of.

I was excited about being able to go for walks in the park at lunch, avoid the dreaded commute to and from work, and as an added bonus I didn’t have to listen to Sharon from accounting carry-on about her soap opera of a life. It didn’t occur to me at the time that shortly after my office closed, surely other industries would follow.

Several weeks ago we were informed that Kings Court would be temporarily closing to adhere to the new social distancing regulations. Oh well, I thought, a few weeks off could be a great thing- I’d been meaning to take a break for a while and this would be a great opportunity to do some self care and rejuvenate- something that would benefit both me and my customers.

As massage girls we often work long hours and late nights, usually juggling studies, social lives, and another job as well, which can sometimes lead to ‘burn-out’. We all need a little bit of time for R&R and we’re not as lucky as the guys to be able to sneak out to KC for a cheeky massage.

However, as the days stretch into weeks, and possibly for months to come, I have unsurprisingly been missing Kings Court (as I am sure many of you are), and while some of those things are exactly what you would think, there are a few things that are a little more unexpected.

I miss my ‘regulars’

  Having been at KC for a few years now, I have built relationships with many of the great guys who come to see me on a regular basis. Sometimes regular might mean once a week, others it could be every couple of months or even just a few times a year- but the result is that we get to know each other quite well, and over the last month I have found myself wondering how they are doing during all of this.

The friendship between a massage girl and a regular client can be a pretty special one; I met some of my regulars in my early days at KC when I was a bit ‘wide-eyed’ and naive, and over the years I have been with them during the ups and downs of their lives, and they have witnessed me mature and certainly have experienced my massage skills develop for the better!

When this is all over, I’m really looking forward to jumping back in the spa with some of these old friends for a champagne and a catch up- I’ve been practicing my massage on my flatmates so my skills won’t be too rusty!

I miss meeting new people

I’ll admit it, I was a bit of an awkward teenager. I wasn’t terribly skilled at talking to new people!

One of the great things I learnt at Kings was that when meeting new people, it’s more about listening than talking, and during my time here I have really learned to listen and now love meeting new people. The added bonus of meeting men at Kings Court is that ‘body language’ has a much more literal meaning, and it can be quite obvious to us girls if you guys are happy! There is always a little thrill to meeting someone new in the club, and even more so if that leads to spending some time with you in the spa or on the massage table. I believe there is a unique sort of honestly in the first booking with someone- you’re naked, for a start, and there’s nothing to prove as you have our undivided attention. I have rarely had a booking where I haven’t learnt something new (any one who has met me knows I love to ask for funny facts and stories), and that’s just in the spa. Each massage is unique, and new people offer me a new experience, different muscles, different bodies, something completely different to every one else! It keeps my brain and my fingers in top condition, and each new customer is an opportunity to make a new KC friend. 

So guys, if you have a special lady that you know, or are getting to know, just remember we are thinking of you too, and can’t wait to see you when doors open again.

I miss my colleagues

It’s no secret that Kings Court is a bit like a family. I’ll admit that’s an incredibly cheesy way to phrase it, but there’s no better description. I miss my managers, my fellow masseuses. Over time you get to know some girls better than others- sometimes from chatting in the club, and occasionally you’ll make new friends in a party spa or cheeky double booking. Like any other work place, we get to know a bit about each other’s personal lives, how we may work differently (after all, we each have our own special touch or signature move), and often swap tips on what we think works best in certain situations.

One girl swears by a certain.. technique that can be quite handy, while another will assure me that the most explosive orgasm can be achieved by doing the exact opposite!

I miss the gossip, seeing new haircuts and outfits, and the occasional cheeky after-work spa catch up! This is a hard time for all of us who are quite used to seeing our work friends a few times a week, and a phone call or text isn’t quite the same as a naked catch up in the corridors while we are waiting for our guys to have a shower, or preparing the KC champagne cocktail.



The KC Champagne Cocktail

Take a spa cup (pictured above) and pour sparkling wine about half way (one third if you’re driving!). Then add your favourite juice – mine is Orange & Mango but Kylie swears by Apple!


I miss the build-up

At first I thought I was going to love being able to hang around all day in a robe or t-shirt and knickers- after all, if no-one was going to see me, I could keep it simple! But I miss the build up of getting ready for a night in the KC lounge. After all, it’s more than just throwing on some mascara and lippy.

Getting ready can take a little longer than some of you guys might expect. It’s choosing the right outfit, making sure your hair is just right, carefully applying makeup. It’s putting aside all the distractions of the outside world so that we are emotionally ready and excited to start the shift— it can be a little bit like getting ready for a date.

We often get ready together in the change rooms at work, so it’s quite a social event between girls, giving advice on new shoes or lingerie, chatting about who has come in to see us recently, who we hope will be in for a visit, or if anything exciting has happened (like the time we had 12 people in the party spa at once!)

So I miss my red lipstick and my trusty high heels. I’ve got an eye out for some new outfits for my return to work, and I’m looking forward to showing them off.

I miss Big John

I promise he didn’t make me include this! If you’ve visited Kings Court before, you’ve probably met John, often sitting at the bar catching up with the girls or reading the paper, sometimes saying hi to the guys who know him. Very occasionally he will be at the desk at reception- he loves to keep his toe in the water.

He may come across as a bit intimidating— especially to ‘naughty boys’ (not that we have many) but he’s a pretty big softy when it comes to us girls. (Although he probably won’t want me telling everyone that)

He’s always ready to give us advice when we need it, whether it be about work or otherwise, and he ALWAYS has a joke or funny story about the ‘old days’ at KC that usually elicits a groan or laugh from most of us. To be honest though, I think John is probably missing me more than I miss him, he just might not admit it.

So for now, I hope you’re all coping as well as can be expected during this time, whether you’re an essential worker, working from home, or just missing your favourite massage girl! Stay safe, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all when we re-open, hopefully with a big party!

Taylor 💋