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Happy New Year!! I hope this email finds you relaxed and happy, and confident about the year to come. I know many of you go away for a few weeks this time of year, but for the rest of you who are going back to work this week or next week, we’re here to help you escape and recover from your labours. There are a number of ladies on holidays (info in green on the list) but there are 10 brand new girls jumping in to cover the hours left vacant while they’re away – I hope you can come in and meet them, they’re all so sweet!
– tiny busty Thai 
Hannah – tall slim young Aussie blonde 
Isabella – tall dark HOT South American 
Jane – perky Japanese sweetheart 
Lola – curvy HOT South American brunette 
Poppy – busty shapely tall Japanese sweetheart 
Roxy – slim athletic Canadian blonde 
Stella – tall slim young African with a beautiful smile
Victoria – slim petite busty South American 
Zara – curvy HOT Eurasian
Your special January offer starts this week – it’s Recovery Sunday! Sound familiar? This will be the third year we’ve run the Sunday promotion over the month of January; it’s a 20% discount any time on Sundays in January. The discount will be available from 8am-2am, and you don’t have to do anything special to get it, just come on in, choose a massage lady, and the managers will take care of the rest! The usual discounts will apply throughout the week too, so if you can’t make it on a Sunday you can still take advantage of one of our specials! 
P.S – I am planning a great year at KC for you all, with special short term promotions spread over the year, so keep your eye out for my newsletters each month!
We’ve had a few dramas with the Daylight Savings Cover Charge promo, so we’re going to start transitioning it to a members only deal. All that means for you is you need to use your password at the door if it’s after 9pm but before 10pm when you arrive, and the managers will look after you. Make sure you check your emails for the password, I never send it in the newsletter as we make the newsletter available on social media and our website a week or so after it goes to members. The last time I sent the password was November 19, 2018.


If you come in this month you might notice Monique looking quite tan. I asked her what she’s been doing to spend so much time outdoors and she said one of her favourite things to do in summer is visit the nude beach. “I love the long walk through the bushland to a secluded location where I can strip off and take a dip in the cool water. People are friendly at these beaches and everyone seems more relaxed than they are at a regular beach.” She tells me she enjoys checking out the other beachgoers, admiring their bodies while hoping they are admiring hers…

– slim young Swedish blonde very popular on holidays until late January
Angela – mature busty Aussie blonde very popular lots of regulars on holidays until late January
Anna – mature busty Thai lots of regulars
Becca – slim mature Aussie blonde very popular
Bella – curvy busty HOT young Latina very popular lots of regulars
Bridie – tiny busty Thai NEW
Candice – young slim Aussie blonde very popular
Caroline – shapely busty curvy Aussie brunette
Catherine – slim mature Czech redhead very popular lots of regulars on holidays until mid January
Chloe – tall super slim charming bohemian Aussie brunette
Christina – slim raunchy Czech brunette 
Cleo – tall slim athletic Aussie blonde very popular on holidays until early January
Courtney – shapely young beachy blonde Aussie lots of regulars
Desiree – young shapely exotic brunette
Erica – curvy young Swedish blonde 
Gina – curvy HOT tattooed young German blonde  
Grace – slim busty Singaporean very popular
Hannah – tall slim young Aussie blonde NEW
Hayley – tall curvy busty English brunette on holidays until early January
Isabella – tall dark HOT South American NEW
Jade – slim Aussie brunette with great legs on holidays until mid January
Jane – perky Japanese sweetheart NEW
Jenny – tall slim HOT Korean on holidays until mid January
Julie – curvy busty cute Aussie/Chinese with a great bum lots of regulars 
Katt – stunning Thai with a beautiful smile (speaks like an Aussie) very popular lots of regulars 
Kitty – charming young Japanese 
Kylie – HOT Austrian blonde with a great bumvery popular lots of regulars on holidays until mid January
Lauren – stunning intelligentslim perky young Eurasian very popular on holidays until mid January
Lena – waify mature Malaysian
Lilly – mature African with a great bum 
Lisa – perky HOT young Thai brunette very popular on holidays until early January
Lola – curvy HOT South American brunette NEW
Lulu – slim HOT young French brunette very popular lots of regulars
Mariko – waify young Japanese very popular lots of regulars on holidays until February
Mia – slim young Korean courtesan with curves in all the right places very popular lots of regulars 
Monique – voluptuous VERY busty exotic brunette very popular
Naomi – slim glamorous Japanese sweetheart very popular 
Natasha – busty South American brunette 
Nicole – slim sophisticated South American brunette very popular lots of regulars
Olivia – curvy busty Filipina 
Penny – bubbly slender HOT young Aussie brunette very popular lots of regulars
Poppy – busty shapely tall Japanese sweetheart NEW
Priya – busty glamourous Indian lots of regulars on holidays until late January
Roxy – slim athletic Canadian blonde NEW
Sakura – petite HOT young Japanese very popular lots of regulars on holidays until mid January
Sasha – busty curvy adventurous HOT American very popular
Simone – pixie-like young busty curvy Aussie
Skye – HOT busty young Aussie very popular
Sofia – stunning slim South American very popular lots of regulars on holidays until late January
Stella – tall slim young African with a beautiful smile NEW
Tatiana – HOT South American blonde on holidays until mid January
Taylor – witty busty blue-eyed Aussie blonde girl-next-door with great legs lots of regulars
Vanessa – stunning curvy busty Aussie brunette very popular lots of regulars on holidays until early January
Victoria – slim petite busty South American NEW
Zara – curvy HOT Eurasian NEW
To me the January long weekend always signifies the end of the summer holidays. After the 26th everyone seems to go back into work mode after a lazy summer. We, of course, work all year around and I imagine many of you do too, but it seems like the holiday season isn’t over until the school teachers are back at work! At KC the Australia Day long weekend will be business as usual; we’re open 8am-2am Saturday & Sunday, and the Monday public holiday. The Bras n Spas offer is still available all day on a public holiday.
Just a quick reminder that when you pay with cash we will add 5mins to your booking. We prefer cash of course, as we pay fees to take payments on cards, so instead of passing the burden of those fees on to you like many businesses do, we’d prefer to reward you for helping us avoid extra costs!

There is no party in January but there will be two parties in February to make up for it. I hope you will come to see us anyway – it’s going to be a fun month around here!

See you soon,