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Another year has passed and here we are again! I hope you’ve all had a lovely holiday season. It’s been business as usual around here but for us February marks the return of a few faces we’ve missed since Christmas as you all return to your usual routines, and we do so look forward to it! We’ve also had a return of a few faces, almost all the girls who took holidays over January have returned already and the rest are expected by mid-February. There are some new faces too – we had an unseasonable influx of new ladies in January which was a lot of fun! We’ve got an exciting year planned for you, starting with…
This year we will be launching a special birthday offer – come in during the month of your birthday and we’ll give you a one off 50% discount off your massage. To claim the offer you will have to bring your drivers license or other photo identification that shows your photo and your date of birth.
What if your birthday was in January? You can claim your birthday offer in February if your birthday was in January this year. 
This month we will have two parties, the first will be for Valentines Day on Wednesday 13th February and the second will be Beach Babes on Wednesday 27th February. There will be the usual festive outfits worn by ladies and some food available as well, plus a 20% Discount between 6pm-10pm. The girls are planning their outfits and we’re all looking forward to it!

There are four new girls to introduce this month, but if you have been away you will find a number of new faces because we have had lots of girls start over Christmas & New Year.

Erin – petite slim bubbly young Aussie brunette
Felicity – HOT young tattooed Aussie blonde (friends with Chloe)
Hannah – tall slim young Aussie blonde
Melanie – perky slim young Aussie blonde (Amanda’s Bestie!)

There are a number of new pictures of our girls on the website, just have a look here to see them: https://kingscourt.com.au/girls/
🇦🇺Amanda – HOT busty Aussie brunette girl-next-door very popular lots of regulars
🇦🇺Angela – slim busty mature Aussie blonde very popular lots of regulars 
🇹🇭Anna – mature busty Thai lots of regulars on holidays until April
🇦🇺Bella – curvy busty HOT young Latina very popular lots of regulars
🇹🇭Bridie – tiny stunning busty Thai 
🇦🇺Candice – young slim Aussie blonde very popular
🇦🇺Caroline – shapely busty curvy Aussie brunette
🇨🇿Catherine – slim mature Czech redhead very popular lots of regulars 
🇦🇺Chloe – tall super slim charming bohemian Aussie brunette very popular
🇨🇿Christina – slim raunchy Czech brunette 
🇦🇺Cleo – tall slim athletic Aussie blonde very popular 
🇦🇺Courtney – shapely young beachy blonde Aussie lots of regulars
🇦🇺Desiree – young shapely exotic brunette
🇸🇪Erica – curvy young Swedish blonde 
🇦🇺Erin– petite slim bubbly young Aussie brunette NEW
🇦🇺Felicity – HOT young tattooed Aussie blonde NEW on holidays until mid February
🇩🇪 Gina – curvy HOT tattooed young German blonde very popular
🇸🇬Grace – slim busty Singaporean very popular
🇦🇺Hannah – tall slim young Aussie blonde NEW
🇧🇷Helena – petite perky Brazilian brunette very popular
🇧🇷Isabella – tall dark HOT Brazilian 
🇰🇷Jenny – tall slim HOT Korean 
🇲🇾Julie – curvy busty cute Aussie/Chinese with a great bum lots of regulars 
🇹🇭Katt – stunning Thai with a beautiful smile(speaks like an Aussie) very popular lots of regulars 
🇯🇵Kitty – charming young Japanese 
🇦🇹Kylie – HOT Austrian blonde with a great bum very popular lots of regulars 
🇭🇰Lauren – stunning intelligent slim perky young Eurasian very popular 
🇲🇾Lena – waify mature Malaysian
🇿🇦Lilly – mature African with a great bum 
🇹🇭Lisa – perky HOT young Thai brunette very popular 
🇨🇴Lola – curvy HOT South American brunette 
🇹🇭Lucy – petite slim Thai brunette
🇫🇷Lulu – slim HOT young French brunette very popular lots of regulars
🇦🇺Marcy – tall shapely Aussie brunette
🇯🇵Mariko – waify young Japanese very popular lots of regulars on holidays until February
🇦🇺Melanie – perky slim young Aussie blonde NEW
🇰🇷Mia – slim young Korean courtesan with curves in all the right places very popular lots of regulars 
🇯🇵Naomi – slim glamorous Japanese sweetheart very popular 
🇧🇷Natasha – curvy busty Brazilian brunette very popular
🇧🇷Nicole  – slim sophisticated Brazilian brunette very popular lots of regulars
🇦🇺Olivia – curvy busty Eurasian
🇦🇺Penny – bubbly slim HOT young Aussie brunette very popular lots of regulars
🇯🇵Poppy – busty shapely tall Japanese sweetheart very popular
🇮🇳Priya – busty glamourous Indian lots of regulars 
🇨🇦Roxy – slim athletic Canadian blonde 
🇯🇵Sakura – petite HOT young Japanese very popular lots of regulars 
🇯🇲Sasha – busty curvy adventurous HOT American very popular
🇦🇺Scarlet – curvy busty Aussie blonde
🇦🇺Simone – pixie-like young busty curvy Aussie
🇦🇺Skye – HOT busty young Aussie very popular lots of regulars
🇲🇽Sofia – stunning slim South American very popular lots of regulars 
🇿🇦Stella – tall slim young African with a beautiful smile 
🇪🇸Tatiana – HOT Spanish blonde 
🇦🇺Taylor – witty busty blue-eyed Aussie blonde girl-next-door with great legs lots of regulars
🇦🇺Vanessa – stunning curvy busty Aussie brunette very popular lots of regulars 
🇦🇺Zara – curvy HOT Eurasian very popular

Notice something different? I am using flags to help you find ladies that suit your language and culture preferences (if you have them). You will be able to see who is from where much easier with the flags to guide you. For now we will have them in the newsletter and the Girls Page on the website. Gradually you will start to see them on the roster page and on Twitter, but to begin with this will be sporadic as it requires a training period to get the managers up to speed. Now, in thinking it through I realise that you’re probably not all flag experts (neither am I) but what I am expecting is that you are likely to know the flag of the countries you do have a preference for, and so you will be able to look for those. I welcome your feedback if you have any!

The usual specials will be available in February, and don’t forget we will add an extra five minutes to your booking if you pay with CA$H! Full conditions of the discounts are available on our website here: https://kingscourt.com.au/specials/ but the main thing is there is only one discount per customer per day, and we don’t add them together, we just give you the greatest discount available at the time.
Every Monday is Bras n Spas, including public holidays! Come in for your free spa any time on a Monday between 8AM and 2AM. 
Have you seen our collection of testimonials? It’s a great way to find out more about ladies you’ve never seen! f you”re curious about what the ladies are like you can read the testimonials on our website here: https://kingscourt.com.au/testimonials/ and if you’ve got a moment to share your own thoughts simply scroll to the bottom of the page and leave your comments – it’s a great way to show thanks if you’ve had a great experience (or two). The girls are always very grateful to hear your feedback and it helps to boost their popularity.
Looking forward to seeing you soon…