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APRIL NEWSLETTER – emailed to members Saturday 11th April 2020

Happy Easter! This newsletter comes to you from behind our closed doors, where we are making some improvements to the place while we are closed. I’m also working on continuing our presence digitally, until we can reopen again. The girls and I are creating digital content which will be posted on the Kings Court website, keep an eye out for new posts and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for daily posts. Sadly, we can’t offer you appointments anymore – we’ve been informed that that’s not allowed and we don’t want to get anyone in trouble

Some of you might have heard of the content-sharing site Onlyfans, which is used to share images and to chat with women in our industry, for a monthly fee. Since you can’t see your favourite girls at KC, it might interest you to interact with them online. This is a new venture for our girls, and it isn’t possible for all the girls who work with us, so we will not be able to have 100% of the girls available online. It is up to each lady to work out if this is the kind of thing she can do, based on her own circumstances. I have offered the use of our rooms and computers at KC to help them create content and interact with clients digitally. If a lady is creating content, she will be listed here. If you don’t follow on social media you might need to check the page periodically to find out who has joined up lately – this is a recent development so some ladies are taking a bit of time to work out if they can do it and how, so new ladies will join up as time goes by.

Ladies who have a work twitter account have the 🐦 symbol on the link above and on the Girls Page. You can click the 🐦 symbol to follow them on Twitter if you have a Twitter account yourself.


It is possible for us to arrange outcalls for customers who are well known to their favourite girls. There are limitations on this is because we provide the girls with such a supportive and safe environment that we have ladies working with us who would not do this kind of work under any other circumstances. There are a few girls who have gained confidence while working with us, and they might be willing to do a massage outcalls for clients they trust. For these girls, we would require you to send an email to contact@kingscourt.com.au which contains a photograph of you along with your real name and phone number. This is a safety precaution we must take. Your personal details will be kept private: I will share your photograph with the lady to help her recall you (this is very important if you want her to say yes). Outcalls will work on a request-only basis; once you have sent your details and the name of the lady you’d like to see, I will contact the lady and ask her if she is able to do it. I won’t be able to answer emails asking me who is available for outcalls – the short answer is no one will be available for outcalls unless a customer sends his request as above, but you may name a few ladies in your request if you have more than one favourite. As we are not able to host you at Kings Court, you would have to be able to host the lady yourself for an outcall to be a realistic option for you; for discretion we will not be able to provide an outcall if you are in a share house situation. We can transport the ladies within about a 25km of the Kings Court address. The rate for outcalls will be $330 per hour for the erotic massage with hand relief service, any extras agreed between yourself and the lady during the booking should be paid in cash directly to the lady.


We still have a number of ladies unable to work in the alternative modes, and we’re supporting them by providing supplies and accommodation. We’re trying to sell gift vouchers to help us support our girls financially while they can’t work, and while it is the travellers who are most effected, this assistance extends to the whole KC family. Despite the Prime Minister’s suggestion that people should return to their home countries if they can’t work at the moment, the borders are in fact closed in many places and due to reduced flights the cost of travelling home is quite prohibitive for many of our ladies from overseas. Plus, their schools are continuing online classes so it is in their interests to stay and receive their education. Naturally John and I are hoping restrictions will be lifted within a month or so and we are interested in retaining as many ladies as possible so we can reopen smoothly. With that in mind we are hoping to sell some gift vouchers, to use the funds to help our girls during the business shutdown period. We realise a lot of people have lost their jobs and you might not be in a position to help us, but if you are still working and in a position to, we would be really happy to sell you a gift voucher which you can use when we reopen. You can contact me by text to 0456001600 to make the arrangements.


Your birthday discount is in hibernation

I’ve had a number of enquiries about the birthday discounts. We don’t want you to miss out if your birthday falls during the shutdown. You will be able to get your one-time 50% discount when we reopen if your birthday falls in one of the months effected by the shutdown orders.

We still drew the raffle even though we were closed on Wednesday 23/03/2020. It will be a very exciting day when we can reopen and someone presents this ticket: 
RED E 1554 
Hold on to your ticket if this is you! I’ll be posting other unclaimed tickets on social media to remind you to check your tickets while you’ve got extra time on your hands.


Grand Reopening Party

We’re so looking forward to reopening, we miss you all so much. Once we can reopen we’re going to have a party to celebrate. Details will be sent direct to members as soon as we know when we’re allowed to get back to work.


Newsletters are emailed directly to members at the beginning of the month. Members get emails with special offers from time to time, but we try to keep it to a maximum of two emails per month because we know you don’t like to have an inbox full of promotional messages. When you sign up you will immediately receive an email containing an ongoing members offer that you can use all year round. We use safe for work images, and we will never spam you or share your details with a third party.

See you soon, Bianca