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It’s finally spring – the weather is warming up and the girls are back from holidaying in warmer climates! Looking forward to seeing you all as you emerge from your winter hibernation. To celebrate the new season, we’ve decided to stay open a bit later on Thursday nights – we’ll now be open until 2AM every Thursday.
a note on closing times…
One question we are often asked is what is the latest time you can arrive to make a booking, so just to clarify, the advertised opening times are “door” opening times. That means you can come in any time before closing and book a massage. The ladies do their own roster, and they put down a shift expecting to meet clients until 2AM. Some of the ladies will even stay back after door closing time to meet clients who have come in while they have been in a booking. If you’re unsure, you can call reception to find out who is still working late. The managers also expect to be working beyond closing time to allow for extensions.
Have a look at the Top 10 KC Girls:

4 NEW Kings Court Ladies this month!
– tall slim busty Italian brunette
Beth – slim young Aussie blonde
Marcy – slim busty young Aussie brunette
Sonja – super slim Latin American

Complete list of Kings Court Ladies
– perky slim Aussie strawberry blonde very popular lots of regulars 
Amanda – tall slim busty Italian brunette NEW
Anna – tall & leggy busty Eurasian very popular
Becca – sultry young busty Aussie blonde very popular
Beth – perky slim young Aussie blonde NEW
Brianna – VERY busty young Irish redhead very popular
Cleo – tall & leggy blonde Aussie girl-next-door on holiday until mid September
Dawn – busty young slim Aussie brunette girl-next-door has lots of regulars
Eve – sassy Aussie brunette big personality lots of fun in the spa very popular lots of regulars
Felicity – busty plus-size Aussie blonde very popular on holiday until mid September
Holly – tall super slim nerdy young Aussie 
Imogen – slim busty blonde English rose very popular
Jade – hot young perky blonde Aussie girl-next-door
Jasmine – petite busty Aussie brunette girl-next-door
Julie – cute young Eurasian girl-next-door on holiday until mid September
Keiko – young busty Japanese with a great bum very popular
Kylie – hot European (Austrian) blonde very popular lots of regulars
Lara – busty Malaysian brunette
Lena – super slim exotically beautiful Malaysian
Lilly – young curvy busty nerdy Aussie blonde has lots of regulars
Lisa – tiny stunning busty Thai very popular
Lizzie – perky young Aussie girl-next-door
Lola – petite busty young South American girl-next-door
Lucy – slim Bohemian Aussie brunette girl-next-door with a great bum very popular
Lulu – super slim young Aussie brunette
Mandy – curvy busty blonde Aussie girl-next-door very popular
Marcy – slim busty bubbly young Aussie brunette NEW
Mia – busty Japanese/Korean with a great bum (talks like an Aussie) very popular lots of regulars
Nadia – curvy busty East European redhead with great conversation skills very popular
Natalie – petite athletic New Zealander who loves pole dancing
Nina – slim glamorous caramel skinned Puerto Rican very popular
Penny – perky young Aussie blonde on holiday until February 2017
Priya – busty exotic Fijian
Rosie – busty Irish brunette with a curvy hourglass figure very popular
Ruby – busty brunette country girl (late 20s) has lots of regulars
Samantha – sexy tattooed Aussie blonde very popular
Sasha – VERY busty curvy hot Jamaican-New Yorker dark chocolate skin very popular
Simone – young busty blonde with 50s pin-up style glamour very popular
Sonja – super slim petite Latin American NEW
Tatiana – slim & busty petite South American on holiday until mid September
Taylor – blue-eyed blonde Aussie girl-next-door with great legs very popular lots of regulars
Tegan – tall & leggy slim Aussie brunette
Tessa – young slim Aussie brunette
Victoria – tall super slim fair-skinned Eastern European brunette very popular
Zara  – curvy & VERY busty Aussie brunette on holiday until mid September

Check out their pictures: https://kingscourt.com.au/girls/

Hollywood Glamour theme, Wednesday 28th September 2016

Come in and see the ladies dressed up in their special outfits for this party. Members will get an email invitation on the day with the full roster.

Every time you book a massage we give you a ticket to win a DOUBLE PRIVATE ROOM ($510 value!) The prize is drawn every Wednesday at noon and the winning ticket number is posted on our website, Twitter and Facebook. If you win, keep your ticket and claim your prize on your next visit.

August 03.08.16 Purple C 398 10.08.16 Blue A 365 24.08.16 Green E 212 31.08.16 Blue B 268
September 07.09.16 Purple A 481 14.09.16 Purple B 442

For the complete list of winners visit: https://kingscourt.com.au/winners/

The winning ticket is drawn from tickets given out from 12:01PM on Wednesday until the following Wednesday at noon. After the raffle is drawn each week, we start again with new tickets – so once you know the result, you should throw away any tickets from that week if they are not the winner.

Monday 3rd October is a public holiday, and in keeping with Kings Court tradition we’re opening a bit later the night before. As usual we’ll be here 24 hours on the Friday & Saturday, and on Sunday we’ll be open until 3AM, and we’ll be open as usual 8AM-1AM on the Monday for Bras n Spas! (Free Spa All Day applies)
Don’t forget to set your clock forward one hour at 2AM on Sunday 2nd October for Daylight Saving
Come in on Monday for a free spa with your massage any time of day, or enjoy a special offer during Happy Hour or Early Bird periods. Special offers are limited to one offer per client per day, but the managers will always give you the offer of greatest value.
For the full list of prices visit https://kingscourt.com.au/prices/
We love your feedback! If you’d like to offer a testimonial for a lady you’ve seen recently, please email contact@kingscourt.com.au or simply reply to this email.

Questions about a lady’s roster or availability, opening times or prices are best dealt with by our helpful managers, whom you can call on 02 9660 0666 or text your enquiry to 0456 001 600. To get the roster on a daily basis text or call and ask Katie to add your number to the daily list. You can also check the daily roster on our website: https://kingscourt.com.au/todays-schedule/

Managers reply to text messages in real time, so you can ask anything you like, or use the format below: