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I’m sorry this newsletter is a bit late, we’ve been a touch busy this week but things have gone back to normal now. Spring is in the air so we have lots to be happy about! First, the winners of the Best Dressed prizes for our August Jungle Party were Abigail who dressed as the jungle, in a very creative bikini; and Valerie, who wore the most complicated bodysuit I have ever seen, in an effort to resemble a panther – it was really something to see! And if you know those two, you know how much fun went along with the costumes! Now, onto the news for this month… We’ve had a few girls return from holidays, most notably Erica is back and Angela will return this week, and two gorgeous new ladies have joined the team. Read on for more!

This month we have two brand new HOT black girls – both young and busty with curves in the right places!

🇿🇦Unity – slim busty young African
🇧🇷Yasmin – curvy busty young Brazilian

We’ve done a lot of new pictures of the girls lately – most of the new girls have pictures already and we’re doing some updates to the girls who have been with us for a while.

September Party
It’s time to celebrate Spring with the Birds & Bees! This is a big, bright, sexy theme that we love doing in spring. We’re doing it on Wednesday 25th September this year, I hope you can drop in for a bite to eat and a massage on the night!

Everyone knows someone who should try Kings Court

We’re offering massages to women on Sundays in September – tell your female friends!

Don’t waste your weekend!
Come in for a massage on Saturday night and enjoy 20% Discount from 6PM until 2AM.

1. Discounts are not cumulative; we do not add them together. Where there is more than one offer available at a given time, we will give you the one which provides the greater discount so you always get the best offer. 2. Discounts are limited to one discount per customer per day; there are no discounts on extensions or repeat and subsequent bookings. Bookings are made on a per hour basis, the maximum available being 75min; where lengthier periods are booked by multiplying the hours, only the first 75min period will attract a discount. 3. Where a discount is time limited, availability is determined by time of arrival. 4. Where a discount is limited to a day of the week, that day of the week is defined by the trading day as per Kings Court trading hours. 5. Management reserves the right to withdraw a discount offer.

Catch up with Big John
Check out Big John’s Blog for pictures that are not-safe-for-work (or Facebook!) He’s also got a few stories about the “old” KC that are really interesting, and some bits of humour that are classic Big John

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See you soon, Bianca