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From the point of view of a new lady at Kings Court

I’ve been working in the massage industry for about 8 months now and in that time, have come across all sorts of people. I will admit most have been lovely men with such colourful personalities, while others have been beyond terrible. Putting aside that one terrible type, most people have been great. And I don’t mean great as in polite or decent. I mean great as in open minded, able to have intelligent conversations, respectful (this is a huge bonus) and just wonderful company in general.

In the industry, I have made numerous friends and it has become a secretive code to come out of a booking and say ‘yup, he was this type’ and expect the girls to understand precisely what you’re saying, without actually saying it. Now discretion is 100% a must and all girls respect that, but its great to talk to one another about what ‘types’ we prefer and how to be around certain types.
Here is a little run down on the 5 main categories.


The ‘need a little bit of spice’

I’d say around 40% of men that walk in to get a massage fit into this category. This is basically married or committed men who are seeking a thrill or want a little passion outside their commitment. These men are generally very respectful and polite. They come in, have a shower and get in the spa, we have some insightful conversations about our lives, maybe even flirt a little while sipping on some bubbly and then they lie down for a massage, get some hand relief and simply leave after a slight peck on my cheek! I personally love this type, you know they’re going to be easygoing and you enjoy their company just as much as they enjoy yours.


The successful adventurer

This type is my absolute favorite! Basically, middle aged men that have spent their lives making money, gaining success and becoming well-reputable people in their field. They have studied, they have seen the world, and they’ve basically done everything. The only downside is that their busy lifestyles have made it impossible for them to commit to a relationship. These men have made up about 30% of bookings I’ve had. I unquestionably love hearing about the success stories of these men. I love hearing about the exciting things they’ve done and experienced and I love hearing about how they got to where they are today. In these bookings, conversations are always great and there’s always a spark.

It generally feels like ‘hanging out’ rather than doing a job.


The ‘girlfriend experience’

This is a rare occurrence but in my 8 months, about 15% of my bookings have been lonely men who are seeking the girlfriend experience. Basically, these are young men who crave affection and want some company. Most don’t even want a hand job (crazy, I know!) A lot of friends I’ve spoken to like this type just because everyone likes cuddling and everyone likes a good talk. Personally, I’m not a huge fan, simply because I’m a strange personality and affection makes me very uncomfortable, not just with clients but in my personal life too. To me, this type feels like I’m doing a job, whereas the other types are just fun. However, these men are harmless and the conversations are usually great!


The kinky one

This entails about 10% of clients, and pictures this; they want all sorts of extras. It is a great money earning opportunity if you’re keen to explore. I haven’t quite figured out how I feel about this type though. Based on my experience, some get grumpy if you’re not comfortable doing certain things. They’re very direct and sure about what they want and usually try to do anything possible to get that, so ‘no’ is a term that’s hard for them to grasp. However, if it just so happens that you’re interested in the same things, it can be quite a fun experience for both parties.


He who shall not be named (aka, the terrible type)

Ah, the terrible type! They make up the bare minimum of customers, maybe 5% at most. This type of customer is arrogant, he thinks you’re beneath him, he will try to do everything for free and he doesn’t think of you as a person, but rather a ‘sex toy.’ This type of man is the absolute worst and every second feels like an hour. However luckily enough, Kings Court does not tolerate this type, meaning we are able to walk out of bookings if we are truly uncomfortable. Sometimes they just need to be put into place. Though other times, they’re just too sure of themselves and think nothing of you, because of where you work. I can’t stress this enough, DON’T be this person!


So there you have it, which type of customer are you? And ladies, which type would you prefer?

Gabrielle 💋