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OCTOBER NEWSLETTER Sent to Members 17.10.2021

Finally, the time has arrived when we can reopen! It will be business as usual from Monday 25th, with a few changes: everyone will have to be vaccinated to enter, and managers will be checking vaccination certificates at reception; and, digital sign in is now mandatory for our industry. Previously the industry had an exemption which we fought really hard for, to protect our customers and staff, so we are disappointed with this change. But don’t despair, we still have a non-digital option, and the check-in is discreet – it doesn’t say you’ve been to Kings Court or a massage parlour. Just like when you pay on a credit card, the check-in looks like this:

The Service NSW App is now able to show your digital vaccination certificate. Now, when you check into a venue, the green tick page will offer to show your vaccination info, so you don’t have to move between apps. The digital certificate in Service NSW has a QR code which can be scanned by anyone you show it to, so they can confirm it is genuine (this helps venues like ours to prevent people using fake certificates). Click here for official info.

We have, for the first time in several years, updated some the discounts we offer. Just a small tweak really: we won’t be doing the Monday Bras n Spas anymore.

We understand that many of our customers make use of discounts to fit a massage into their budget, especially in these times. We’re not ashamed to say the pandemic has impacted us financially, and we’re aware that some of our loyal friends will be in the same position. If you are finding it hard to afford our services at this time, please talk to us, we have some ideas about how we can help.

Big John’s Big Day Out still remains the best offer if you want to make a day of it. If you’re still working at home until later in 2021 or next year, sneak out and call it an “office day”!

We’re kicking off the first week of business with a staple of the party calendar: HALLOWEEN! The girls always get into Halloween, it’s such a fun time of year for them, and a great way to start off the reopening period. Those of you who have sent messages saying you miss my food will not be disappointed!

The party doesn’t stop at Halloween, with Melbourne Cup the following week. This too is always a big event for us, the girls get fabulously dressed up and enjoy the race. There’s a free sweep for customers, you could win a free massage, and a champagne and fried chicken luncheon. Can’t wait!

Even though lockdowns are becoming a thing of the past, we might still have to wear masks in some settings for a while. I came across this handy article dealing with one of the common complaints about mask wearing: “mask breath”

If you’ve been to a Kings Court Christmas party before, you know what to expect! The usual performances and festive food, plus the girls in their naughty and nice holidayware. More info about the Christmas Party will come in the November Newsletter, for now just SAVE THE DATE!!

The burning question each lockdown has been “Can I still use my birthday discount even though you were closed on my birthday?” I’m not a monster, of course you can! If your birthday is in a 2021 lockdown month (June, July, August, September, October) just come in and let the manager know you’d like to use your birthday discount. The usual conditions apply.

You all kept your tickets, right? Anyone who came in after Wednesday 23rd June at noon will have their raffle ticket in the draw that will done at noon on Wednesday 27th October. Good luck!

I’ve noticed a lot of businesses defaulting to kind of card-only situation, where you have ask if you can pay cash and sometimes they prefer you don’t. With that in mind I thought it best to remind you that at KC cash is preferred, and you will be rewarded for using it with an extra 5min added to your booking.


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See you soon, Bianca