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John has continued work on the new website over the past month, and is very grateful for your feedback and input. Behind the scenes our latest project is a collection of hand drawn images of each lady that you will be able to look at online. Our artist has done about 20 so far, and the girls are VERY excited about it (in fact, if you ask your favourite girl next time you’re in, she’ll probably show them to you!).

7 NEW GIRLS THIS MONTH… plus a couple of restarts!

Amy – sweet Korean with great massage skills NEW
– stunning Korean RESTART
Naomi – petite & slim exotically beautiful Filipina NEW
Penny – slim young blonde Aussie girl-next-door NEW
Rhiannon – slim & pretty brunette Aussie girl-next-door NEW
Roxy – HOT Aussie blonde NEW
Valerie – very pretty tall & curvy Eurasian RESTART
Violet – perky & slim blonde Eastern European NEW
Zara – perky Aussie brunette NEW

COMPLETE LIST OF LADIES… purple indicates naughty girls who sometimes work in Kings Confidential!

We’ve now got over 50 ladies working here – but we haven’t sacrificed quality for quantity. I’ve been working very hard to make Kings a place where nice local girls want to work, and it’s really made an impact. There’s a lot of variety, and I’m proud to have every one of them on our roster. I hope you like the selection! – Bianca

Abigail – perky slim & very pretty Aussie redhead – very popular & has a lot of regulars
Alex – beautiful Thai brunettebusty & curvy on a slim frame (on holidays until mid July)
Alice – tiny Aussie brunette girl-next-door
Amy – sweet Korean with great massage skills NEW
Anna – tall, stunning busty Eurasian – very popular
Becca – slim & very pretty young Aussie brunette
Bella – young & perky slim Portuguese beauty – very popular
Christina – slim & pretty sexy Eastern European brunette – very popular
Cleo – tall, slim & pretty Aussie blonde girl-next-door
Dawn – young slim & busty Aussie brunette with lots of piercings – very popular
Diana – slim, happy and friendly Japanese
Elise – tiny HOT Irish brunette – very popular & has a lot of regulars
Eve – tall & shapely sassy Aussie brunette, a big personality & lots of fun in the spa – has a lot of regulars
Gabrielle – petite, curvy & busty caramel skinned cheeky South American brunette
Heidi – petite slim & perky young Aussie blonde
Holly – tall & slim young Aussie blonde
Imogen – slim & busty blonde English rose – very popular
Jade – hot young Aussie blonde – very popular
Jane – super cute & friendly Japanese with dimples – very popular & has a lot of regulars
Jasmine – petite & busty Aussie brunette girl-next-door 
Katt – slim, HOT Aussie brunette in her late 20s – has a lot of regulars
Keiko – young & very pretty Japanese
Kim – stunning Korean RESTART
Kylie – HOT Austrian blonde – very popular & has a lot of regulars
Lauren – young petite Eurasian
Lena – super slim exotically beautiful Indonesian
Lilly – young, bubbly, curvaceous & busty Aussie with curly blonde hair
Lizzie – pretty & perky young Aussie – very popular
Lucy – slim & very pretty, friendly bohemian Aussie brunette – very popular 
Mandy – curvy & busty blonde Aussie girl-next-door
Maria – plus-size Aussie brunette
Mariko – tiny & stunning busty Japanese
Mia – HOT busty Japanese/Korean who talks like an Aussie – very popular & has a lot of regulars
Nadia – curvy & busty sexy Eastern European with great conversation skills – very popular
Naomi – petite & slim exotically beautiful Filipina NEW
Natalie – petite & athletic Kiwi who loves pole dancing
Natasha – curvy & busty brunette Aussie girl-next-door – very popular & has a lot of regulars
Nina – slim & glamorous caramel skinned Puerto Rican – very popular
Olivia – slim & very pretty Eurasian girl-next-door – very popular
Penny – slim young blonde Aussie girl-next-door NEW
Poppy – young, slim & pretty Aussie brunette – has a lot of regulars
Rhiannon – slim & pretty brunette Aussie girl-next-door NEW
Rosie – curvy & busty Irish brunette
Roxy – HOT Aussie blonde NEW
Ruby – busty brunette Aussie country girl in her late 20s – has a lot of regulars 
Samantha – tall & sexy tattooed Aussie blonde – very popular
Sasha – VERY busty & curvy HOT Jamaican-New Yorker with a dark chocolate complexion – very popular
Simone – young slim Aussie brunette with 50s pin-up style glamour – very popular (on holidays until late June)
Sofia – slim & busty South American brunette
Taylor – blonde Aussie girl-next-door with pretty blue eyes
Valerie – very pretty tall & curvy Eurasian RESTART
Victoria – tall & super slim fair skinned Eastern European brunette – very popular
Violet – perky & slim blonde Eastern European NEW
Zara – perky Aussie brunette NEW

A young associate was romantically ambushed in a darkened room of the law firm. After months of the social isolation that comes from eighty-hour work weeks, the associate was happy to reciprocate. However, when asked by a friend to identify the lover, the associate was puzzled. “All I know for sure is that it was a partner — I had to do all the work.” 
Next Party is…
Mexican Fiesta, Wednesday 25 May 2016 at the usual time of 2PM-10PM, with free entry for the duration of the party (expect to pay the ordinary cover charge of $20 if you come in after 10PM).

Members will get an email at around noon on the day with the roster and other bits of info.

State of Origin Footy is coming up…
It’s become a Kings Court tradition to change things up a bit for the annual NSW V QLD contest. This year we’ll have the game on the big screen in the lounge and some pies in the warmer – plus we’ll be open until 2AM on each of the game nights so you’ve got more time to come in for a post match celebration (or commiseration).

Game One will be played in Sydney on Wednesday 1 June 2016.

What’s the difference between a penis and a bonus?
Your wife will always blow your bonus! 
Wednesday Raffle Results

Every time you book a massage we give you a ticket to win a DOUBLE PRIVATE ROOM ($510 value!) The prize is drawn every Wednesday at noon and the winning ticket number is posted on our website, Twitter and Facebook. If you win, keep your ticket and claim your prize on your next visit.

January 06.01.16 Blue D 397  20.01.16 Green B 397  27.01.16 Purple E 208
February 03.02.16 Red B 326  10.02.16 Blue E 261  24.02.16 Orange C 281
March 02.03.16 Black B 240  09.03.16 Blue D 278 16.03.16 Green B 210  23.03.16 Purple A 335
April 06.04.16 Orange B 2100  20.04.16 Green F 234  27.04.16 Black D 312
May 04.05.16 GREEN  C 301

The winning ticket is drawn from tickets given out from 12:01PM on Wednesday until the following Wednesday at noon. After the raffle is drawn each week, we start again with new tickets – so once you know the result, you should throw away any tickets from that week if they are not the winner.

What did the banana say to the vibrator?
Why are YOU shaking? She’s going to eat me! 
If you’re following the Prime Minister’s advice and tightening your belt, come in during the discount periods – get a free spa any time on Monday; 20% off every day from 8AM until Noon and 20% Sunday-Thursday between 7PM-9PM.
A blonde, a red head and a brunette were competing in the Breast Stroke Championships. The redhead won and the brunette came in second. However, there was no sign of the final contestant. Hours and hours went by causing grave concern and worry. Just as everyone was losing hope, the blonde finally arrived. The crowd was extremely happy and relieved to see her. They embraced her as she came ashore. After all of the excitement died down, she leaned over to the judge and whispered, “I hate to be a bad loser, but I think those other girls used their arms.” 
John and I will happily read and respond to your feedback and queries, but if you want to know more about a particular lady or get the roster and you can’t make a phone call, it’s best to use our SMS Infoline. The managers at reception will respond to you straight away during opening hours (it’s not a robot!)
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The Trump Card

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If Trump gets Alzheimer’s his IQ will go up.

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Can’t wait to see you! – Bianca