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Hello again! As I write this newsletter it is cold and rainy outside, the kind of day when I wish I could work from the spa. We have plenty to share this month – a handful of new girls have joined the team and a couple have come back from breaks, and Big John’s work on the website continues with an exciting new humour page to check out. The next party is this week, details are below, but keep an eye on your inbox Wednesday lunchtime for the full party roster!
When you’re planning your next visit, don’t forget we’re offering an extra 5mins time to clients who pay with cash. We do have an ATM onsite that you can withdraw from, but you may prefer to use your own bank’s machine.


Chantal – young busty curvy Aussie brunette 
Christina – slim perky Russian blonde 
Danielle – slim Aussie brunette 
Jessica – slim HOT blonde American 
Skye – young busty curvy Aussie blonde

See pictures of our ladies here: https://kingscourt.com.au/girls/

Alice – slim busty intelligent Aussie blonde very popular
Amber – super slim mature Aussie redhead
Anna – tall leggy busty young Eurasian very popular
Ashley – super slim bohemian Aussie brunette girl-next-door very popular lots of regulars
Becca – sultry young busty Aussie blonde very popular
Beth – perky super slim charming young Aussie blonde 
Brianna – VERY busty HOT young redhead Irish party girl very popular
Chantal – young busty curvy Aussie brunette NEW
Charlotte – busty slim Aussie brunette
Chloe – slim perky bubbly young Aussie blonde girl-next-door very popular
Christina – slim perky Russian blonde NEW
Cindy – tiny slim perky caramel skinned African-American
Danielle – slim Aussie brunette NEW
Dawn – charming busty young Aussie brunette girl-next-door with a few piercings very popular
Felicity – sexy busty HOT plus-size Aussie blonde very popular
Gabrielle – stunning slim young Fijian with a great bum
Hannah – tall slim young Aussie blonde girl-next-door very popular
Hayley – cute curvy VERY busty brunette Aussie sweetheart lots of regulars RESTART
Heidi – tall witty busty plus-size Aussie blonde
Imogen – curvy busty blonde English sweetheart (trained masseuse) very popular lots of regulars on holidays
Jade – slim HOT Aussie brunette lots of regulars RESTART
Jessica – slim HOT blonde American NEW
Julie – busty curvy young Malaysian
Kylie – slim HOT Austrian blonde with a great bum very popular lots of regulars
Layla – cheeky young busty brunette Aussie sweetheart
Lilly – charming young curvy busty nerdy Aussie blonde very popular
Lisa – tiny stunning busty glamorous Thai/Japanese very popular on holidays
Lizzie – slim perky intelligent young Aussie girl-next-door
Maxine – busty intelligent young Aussie brunette
Megan – busty curvy English brunette
Mia – busty adventurous young English speaking Japanese/Korean with a great bum very popular lots of regulars
Nadia – curvy busty Eastern European redhead with great conversation skills lots of regulars
Naomi – slim perky Japanese sweetheart
Natalie – slim fit nerdy New Zealander who loves pole dancing
Natasha – busty Polish brunette girl next door with great legs
Nina – slim glamorous caramel skinned Puerto Rican very popular lots of regulars
Olivia – tall slim Polish blonde
Paris – tall leggy charming Aussie blonde very popular
Priya – busty exotic Indian lots of regulars 
Ruby – busty brunette country girl (late 20s) lots of regulars
Sasha – VERY busty curvy adventurous HOT Jamaican-New Yorker dark chocolate skin very popular
Simone – young busty curvy blonde Aussie with 50s pin-up style glamour very popular
Skye – young busty curvy Aussie blonde NEW
Sonja – super slim Latin American girl-next-door (trained masseuse) very popular lots of regulars on holidays
Stephanie – slim perky young Aussie brunette very popular
Taylor – slim witty blue-eyed Aussie blonde girl-next-door with great legs very popular lots of regularsTegan – busty tall leggy slim Aussie brunette very popular
Violet – tall super slim nerdy young Aussie brunette very popular
Yoko – stunning perky Japanese with a great bum very popular

Some of your favourites are back!

After a lengthy absence, hot Aussie brunetteJADE is back, she’ll be working Saturday 20th 9AM-3PM

Cute and chatty plus size Aussie HAYLEY has also come back after some time away, catch up with her Monday 15th & Wednesday 17th 2PM-8PM

For daily rosters visit our website: https://kingscourt.com.au/todays-schedule/

We just love wearing animal prints and cat ears too much, hope you can join us on Wednesday for a very sexy party!
With so many discount times, there’s no excuse not to treat yourself!
Tuesday prices
Every Tuesday the managers take many calls asking for the discounted prices, and sometimes we have so many people to look after that we have to just say “don’t worry about the math, just come on in and get your discount” – it really is the BEST price in Sydney for a massage on Tuesday. We don’t want to list the prices on the website because we want to be able to prioritise our faithful regulars even when it’s busy, and too much advertising of the discount might make that impossible! But just for members, here are the Tuesday prices:

      30mins $135 $67.50 +SPA $102.50
      45mins $160 $92.50 +SPA $127.50
      60mins $ 180 $112.50 +SPA $147.50 
      Deluxe 45min $185        $117.50
      Deluxe 75min $255        $187.50

For the full list of prices visit https://kingscourt.com.au/prices/
To see how the story ends, visit https://kingscourt.com.au/fun-this-week/
The newest section of our website is a selection of humour from around the web, updated weekly, and called “Fun this Week”. If you follow Kings Court on Facebook you will get the updates in your newsfeed, or you can check directly on the website for new content.
Website: https://kingscourt.com.au/fun-this-week/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KingsBigJohn/
Check your tickets!!

Recent winners…
26/04/17 BLACK E 523
03/05/17 BLUE E A 448
10/05/17 ORANGE F 542

Every time you have a massage at Kings Court, you get a ticket in the draw to win a double Deluxe Private. The winner is drawn every week on Wednesday at noon! For more winners visit https://kingscourt.com.au/winners/

State of Origin season is approaching, and it’s Kings Court tradition to make a bit of a night of it. We try to have something for everyone on Origin night (we aim to please!). If you’re not interested in the footy, it’s a good opportunity to come in at a quiet time and select from a number of ladies; if you’re watching with mates we’re open late, until 2AM on game nights for post match celebrations or commiserations; if you’re watching alone you’re welcome here, we’ll have some complimentary pies and beer during the game. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a good excuse for a cheeky mid-week massage!
See you soon!