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Here we are again – new month, new ladies, parties and promotions! I hope you’ll be brave and step out in the March rains just long enough to get here for a cosy spa with one of the girls, you won’t regret it. See you soon…


Amber – super slim mature Aussie redhead
Caitlin – tall leggy young Aussie brunette
Erin – sweet busty young Aussie blonde
Gabrielle – stunning slim young Fijian with a great bum
Julie – busty curvy young Malaysian
Kristal – busty HOT Aussie blonde
Marcy – perky Aussie brunette
Paris – tall leggy charming Aussie blonde 

Find out if they’re on today…
FULL LIST OF GIRLS to see their pictures visit https://kingscourt.com.au/girls/
Alice – slim busty intelligent Aussie blonde
Amanda – slim busty brunette Italian/Aussie sweetheart very popular
Anna – tall leggy busty young Eurasian very popular
Amber – super slim mature Aussie redhead NEW
Ashley – super slim bohemian Aussie brunette girl-next-door very popular lots of regulars
Becca – sultry young busty Aussie blonde very popular
Beth – perky super slim charming young Aussie blonde 
Brianna – VERY busty HOT young redhead Irish party girl very popular
Caitlin – tall leggy young Aussie brunette NEW
Chloe – slim perky bubbly young Aussie blonde girl-next-door very popular
Cindy – tiny slim perky caramel skinned African-American
Courtney – tall super slim young Aussie brunette
Dawn – charming busty young Aussie brunette girl-next-door with a few piercings very popular
Erin – sweet busty young Aussie blonde NEW
Felicity – sexy busty HOT plus-size Aussie blonde very popular
Gabrielle – stunning slim young Fijian with a great bum NEW
Hannah – tall slim young Aussie blonde girl-next-door very popular
Heidi – tall witty busty plus-size Aussie blonde
Holly – tall super slim nerdy young Aussie 
Imogen – curvy busty blonde English sweetheart (trained masseuse) very popular lots of regulars
Jade – slim HOT Aussie brunette (late 20s) very popular on holidays
Julie – busty curvy young Malaysian RESTART
Kristal – busty HOT Aussie blonde NEW
Kylie – slim HOT Austrian blonde with a great bum very popular lots of regulars
Layla – cheeky young busty brunette Aussie sweetheart
Lena – super slim exotically beautiful Malaysian princess on holidays
Lilly – charming young curvy busty nerdy Aussie blonde very popular
Lisa – tiny stunning busty glamorous Thai/Japanese very popular
Lizzie – slim perky intelligent young Aussie girl-next-door
Lola – cheeky petite busty young South American girl-next-door very popular on holidays
Lucy – slim charming bohemian Aussie brunette girl-next-door with a great bum very popular
Marcy – perky Aussie brunette NEW
Maxine – busty intelligent young Aussie brunette
Mia – busty adventurous young English speaking Japanese/Korean with a great bum very popular lots of regulars
Nadia – curvy busty Eastern European redhead with great conversation skills lots of regulars
Natalie – slim fit nerdy New Zealander who loves pole dancing
Nina – slim glamorous caramel skinned Puerto Rican very popular lots of regulars
Paris – tall leggy charming Aussie blonde NEW
Penny – perky young Aussie blonde
Priya – busty exotic Indian lots of regulars 
Ruby – busty brunette country girl (late 20s) lots of regulars
Samantha – tall sexy adventurous blonde Aussie (trained masseuse) very popular
Sasha – VERY busty curvy adventurous HOT Jamaican-New Yorker dark chocolate skin very popular
Simone – young busty curvy blonde Aussie with 50s pin-up style glamour very popular
Sonja – super slim Latin American girl-next-door (trained masseuse) very popular lots of regulars
Stella – busty young South American brunette
Stephanie – slim perky young Aussie brunette very popular
Taylor – slim witty blue-eyed Aussie blonde girl-next-door with great legs very popular lots of regulars
Tegan – busty tall leggy slim Aussie brunette very popular
Valentina – sexy busty South American brunette with a great bum very popular on holidays
Violet – tall super slim nerdy young Aussie brunette
Yoko – stunning perky Japanese with a great bum
Zara  – cute curvy VERY busty brunette Aussie sweetheart lots of regulars on holidays
We get a lot of phone enquiries about who our most popular ladies are. To find our who the Top 10 KC Girls are, visit: https://kingscourt.com.au/top-10-kc-girls/

Every time you have a massage at Kings Court, you get a ticket in the draw to win a double Deluxe Private. The winner is drawn every week on Wednesday at noon!

Recent winners…
22.02.17 BLUE E 514
01.03.17 BLACK D 562
08.03.17 RED D 409

For more winners visit https://kingscourt.com.au/winners/

Take advantage of an extra hour’s free entry during daylight savings. $20 Cover Charge starts at 10PM instead of 9PM during daylight savings! Daylight Savings ends very soon, and so will this promotion – clocks go BACK one hour on Saturday 1st April, the final day of your extra hour free entry until next Summer!
During the week we offer a few different promotional discounts that you can enjoy when you’ve got time to visit. The discounts are only available during the stated time frames, on the stated days – there are not substitutions and no rain checks, and they are limited to one discount per customer per day.  Prices can be found on our website: https://kingscourt.com.au/prices/
This month is a very sexy Fairy Tale Fantasy theme, because we looked at our wardrobe, and so many of our sexiest dress up outfits are based on these characters. So this month we’re letting them shine! Join us next week on Wednesday 22nd March for a very special party!


This year Easter falls mid April, and we’ll be open for the whole long weekend. Slight changes to the Thursday and Friday opening hours, but otherwise business as usual!

Thursday 13.04.17 OPEN 8AM-5AM
Good Friday 14.04.17 OPEN 10AM-5AM
Easter Saturday 15.04.17 OPEN 8AM-24hrs
Easter Sunday 16.04.17 OPEN 8AM-1AM
Easter Monday 17.04.17 OPEN 8AM-1AM