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There’s plenty happening this month, with Easter approaching and the end of daylight savings for another year. We’ve had some exciting new ladies join the roster in the past few weeks, definitely worth a look! 

Carlene – HOT French blonde with a great bum
Charlotte – slim young Aussie blonde
Lauren – perky young Eurasian
Sofia – petite busty blonde South American
Valerie – tall slim French brunette

Some of them will be on today! Check the roster here: https://kingscourt.com.au/todays-schedule/

Alexis – tall leggy young Aussie brunette
Alyssa – curvy busty blonde Brazilian very popular
Amber – waify mature Aussie
Angela – mature busty Aussie blonde very popular
Anna – mature busty Thai very popular lots of regulars
Bella – curvy HOT young Latina very popular lots of regulars
Camille – HOT young Brazilian very popular lots of regulars
Candice – slim stunning very young Aussie blonde very popular
Carlene – HOT French blonde with a great bum NEW
Celeste – HOT dark skinned French dancer
Charlotte – slim young Aussie blonde NEW
Courtney – shapely young blonde Aussie
Clara – perky petite young German blonde RESTART
Emily – petite perky young Eurasian
Felicity – sexy busty HOT plus-size Aussie blonde very popular
Gabrielle – busty exotically beautiful Fijian
Gina – slim petite HOT tattooed young German blonde very popular
Grace – petite perky Singaporean very popular
Jade – slim friendly Japanese
Jane – petite Indonesian
Jasmine – young slim tattooed Indian on holidays until April
Joy – stunning tall slim Thai brunette (speaks like an Aussie) very popular
Julie – cute busty Aussie/Chinese with a great bum lots of regulars
Katt – HOT Aussie brunette with a great bum lots of regulars
Lara – shapely cute cheeky Indonesian
Lauren – perky young Eurasian NEW
Layla – tall HOT Aussie dancer
Lena – waify mature Malaysian
Lisa – perky HOT Thai brunette very popular
Lola – gorgeous South American with a great bum on holidays until April
Mariko – waify young Japanese very popular
Megan – bootylicious English brunette
Mia – HOT busty Korean with perfect curves very popular lots of regulars
Nadia – curvy busty Eastern European redhead with great conversation skills lots of regulars
Naomi – slim glamorous Japanese sweetheart very popular on holidays until April
Poppy – slim perky young Eurasian on holidays until April
Priya – busty exotic Indian lots of regulars
Rosie – slim bohemian Aussie brunette
Roxy – tall slim Aussie brunette
Ruby – busty brunette Aussie lots of regulars
Sakura – petite super cute young Japanese very popular
Sasha – VERY busty curvy adventurous HOT Jamaican-New Yorker dark chocolate skin very popular
Scarlet – busty young Aussie blonde very popular
Simone – young busty curvy blonde Aussie
Sofia – petite busty blonde South American NEW
Sonja – slim young Latin American
Taylor – witty busty blue-eyed Aussie blonde girl-next-door with great legs very popular lots of regulars
Tegan – busty tall leggy slim Aussie brunette very popular
Valerie – tall slim French brunette NEW
Vanessa – stunning curvy busty Aussie brunette very popular
Violet – tall nerdy young Aussie brunette very popular on holidays until April
Zara – tall slim HOT young Aussie very popular
To find out more about the ladies visit https://kingscourt.com.au/girls/
Every Monday is Bras n Spas day at KC! Ordinarily, it is $35 to add a 15min spa to your massage, but on Mondays it’s FREE – you don’t have to go upstairs for your free spa! If you prefer the private room (some of you will know it as the deluxe option) we just give you a $35 discount, making it $220 for 75mins or $150 for 45mins Deluxe on Mondays.
For more info on Prices, please visit https://kingscourt.com.au/prices/
We love Easter around here, and really, what’s not to love? Lots of chocolate and a mega long weekend, and we get to dress up like bunnies – it’s our kind of holiday! So I hope you can join us for a little pre-Easter fun on Wednesday 21st March – we’ll even give you an Easter egg on arrival…
And speaking of Easter, we’ll be open the whole long weekend, with a special late late Thursday night. Bras n Spas will still be available, as will the Early Bird Special each morning. 
Raffle Winners
Get a ticket with every massage to win a double deluxe private valued at $510!

14/02/18 RED C 712 CLAIMED!
21/02/18 ORANGE B 73
28/02/18 BLACK C 857 CLAIMED!
07/03/18 RED B 869

To see all the winners visit https://kingscourt.com.au/winners/

Take advantage of an extra hour of free entry while you can, daylight savings will end on Easter weekend and we’ll return to charging cover charge after 9PM.
Clocks go BACK one hour at 3AM on Sunday 1st April 2018. For those of you out late that Saturday night, make sure you have some cash on you ahead of the time change. The banks shut down ATM and EFTPOS transactions after the time change, usually for around 2-4 hours. We’ll be open, but we won’t be able to give you a massage unless you’ve got cash, and in previous years there have been people disappointed because they can’t use their credit or EFTPOS cards until the banks go back online.
See you soon