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MARCH-APRIL NEWSLETTER sent to Members 17.03.2022

Hello members! I’m glad to finally send a newsletter without reminders about Covid restrictions. You don’t need to check in anymore, and it is no longer mandatory to wear a mask. Phew! It feels like scary times after what we’ve been through the last two years but I’m taking an optimistic view – things can only get better now!

We’ve had some new ladies join us since the last newsletter, and we are gradually rebuilding the number of ladies working with us. At the moment there are a lot of ladies active but they are working fewer days as this is not their primary job, so if you’re not seeing your favourites on the roster that might be the reason. We are filling the gaps on the roster by offering shorter shift times (because a short time is better than no time at all), and we’re offering managers the choice of doing the occasional massage if they want to.

If you have any questions about ladies, feel free to email me. I am in regular contact even with ladies who are on holidays. While I’m on that subject, I just want to mention some feedback I’ve had recently. It has been remarked that the girls take too many holidays. So…when we advertise a lady is “on holidays” that doesn’t necessarily mean she is on a beach sipping margaritas. She might be doing that, but most girls who are on holidays are just off from this job – I give them time off when they have a busy schedule with studies or other jobs because they always come back when they have time. I’m all about helping people balance their lives.


Emily – curvy busty Thai
Joy – petite slim Japanese sweetheart
Lara – voluptuous busty Aussie brunette
Lena – tall busty South American

These ladies are so new that I haven’t put their descriptions on the website yet. Descriptions are always a work in progress, and as we get to know a new lady we build on the description.

Hop on down to KC Wednesday 13th April for our Playful Bunnies party! Everyone gets an easter egg on arrival, I’ll be cooking of course, and you know you will have a good time!

Two long weekends in April
We’ll be open across all the public holidays in April – ANZAC day is the Monday after Easter this year so there will be two long weekends in a row. Over Easter there are usually fewer girls around but there’s always enough to look after the customers who come in.


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See you soon, Bianca