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MARCH NEWSLETTER Sent to Members 19.03.2021

Hello members! We’ve got some exciting things happening at KC at the moment, the most important of them is how many new girls we’ve got joining our team of smoking hot massage ladies. We’ve got more local girls than ever – with borders shut there are no new backpackers and international students coming in for a while, but the local Aussie girls joining us at the moment are top shelf, gorgeous girls-next-door. Now that life is getting back to somewhat normal I hope we will see a bit more of you, there are certainly plenty of ladies to go around!


Elly – big busty exotic Aussie brunette
Hayley – tall slim brunette Aussie girl-next-door
Jade – petite busty young HOT Aussie blonde
Jenny – voluptuous very busty Aussie-Chinese (ABC)
Marina – petite slim busty young brunette Aussie sweetheart
Primrose – tall slim young busty blonde Aussie girl-next-door

We’ve got so many amazing ladies working with us it’s hard to decide who to see, but you can read their testimonials to help you decide. Just go to Just go to the Girls Page and click on “More Info” under her description to see what clients are saying about their experience!

We will be open over Easter, and I hope you will come by and see us over the long weekend if you can.


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See you soon, Bianca