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MARCH NEWSLETTER – emailed to members Thursday 12th March 2020

There was hardly time to post this newsletter before things started changing due to COVID-19. Nonetheless, here it is, if for nothing else than continuity.


While the nation stocks up on toilet paper, your favourite massage girls are waiting to see you, and we figure we’re all going to end up in isolation eventually so you should treat yourself to a massage while you can! We’re following all the recommendations to avoid the spread of viruses and I’ve got a few suggestions further into this newsletter about how you can protect yourself.

April will be back for her next visit very soon – she’s due on Sunday 15th. Her availability at the moment is…
Sun 15.03.2020 6PM-2AM
Mon 16.03.2020 6PM-2AM
Tue 17.03.2020 6PM-2AM
Wed 18.03.2020 6PM-2AM
Thu 19.03.2020 6PM-2AM
Fri 20.03.2020 1PM-7PM
Sun 22.03.2020 6PM-MIDNIGHT


It is sensible to be concerned about the spread of coronavirus as you go about your day to day life, but there is not need for greater concern about a visit to Kings Court than you have going anywhere else. We prioritise health and hygiene and we keep a clean house. We are following the recommendations of NSW Health to prevent the spread of viruses:

  • Clean your hands
  • Cough/sneeze into your elbow
  • Stay home you’re feeling unwell
  • Get a flu shot

It’s important to remember that these recommendations apply all the time. On our website, I’ve posted a bit of info about what we’re doing to minimise the risks to our staff and customers, along with some useful links to reliable info.

One thing you might not want to be doing too often at the moment is shaking hands. You might have seen the graph going around that compares the different forms of hand contact and how many bacteria they can transfer. If you don’t want to shake hands with the ladies in the introductions at the moment, that’s ok. A fist bump will do, and no one will be offended! If you do shake hands, feel free to use the hand sanitiser afterwards. I’ve placed small bottles on each table in the lounge so it’s convenient to grab some if you feel the need.


If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking “wasn’t it just Christmas?” And yet, the mornings are getting chilly and it’s beginning to look a lot like Easter. We’re having our annual Playful Bunnies party on the last Wednesday in March; actually Easter falls in early April but we thought it would be easier to do it before you start having family commitments and the madness of short work weeks. I hope we will see you on Wednesday 25th March, we’re going to have some lovely bunnies and a chocolate egg on arrival for each customer.



We will be open over Easter, and I hope you will come by and see us over the long weekend if you can.

Before Easter, the other thing that happens in early April is the end of daylight savings. Don’t forget – at 2am on Sunday 5th April clocks turn BACK one hour!


We’re helping you get home – discreetly!

How do you get home after your massage at KC? In the evenings you might want to take a taxi or an Uber, but we know you’re concerned about your privacy, so next time ask the managers to get you cab with our Taxi Butler Device. We’re the only place in the adult industry to have one, and it’s safe, simple and secure! The cab will collect you from the discreet exit and there won’t be any record of your trip in a transport app like Uber!


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See you soon, Bianca