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JUNE NEWSLETTER – sent to Members 02/06/2019
Welcome to Winter @ KC – we’ll keep you warm over the next few months with all the exciting things we’ve got planned here. Before we get into that, I want to extend an enormous THANK YOU to everyone who came to see us for the big birthday party, we all had an amazing time and it was lovely to see so many familiar faces. We’re so grateful to everyone who brought in or sent gifts and flowers and chocolates, we are overwhelmed by your generosity, and to those of you who couldn’t make it on the night but sent your well wishes by email or text, thank you so much for thinking of us, you really made it special. The winning KC Stories have been copied into this email, and everyone who entered has been sent an email with a special offer. The winners of Best Dressed at the party were Violet and Skye, who made an outstanding effort with the theme “Dress to Impress”.


Abigail – busty curvy Aussie redhead
Cindy – slim perky doll-eyed South American brunette
Jacqueline – curvy busty HOT tattooed brunette Aussie girl-next-door
Jenny – slim shy Thai brunette
Maria – slim brunette South American girl-next-door

Since Monique left a few months ago we’ve had a gap in the roster for a big full figured girl, and I know some of you who have been patiently waiting for someone who fits that description. If you enjoy a big beautiful woman, please come in and meet Violet – she a busty curvy voluptuous size 18 with a few tattoos.
If you’re after a girl with a nice big butt on a leaner body, you’ve got to meet Nina (size 10) and Olivia (size 12), both exotic and beautiful.

We have a bit of harmless fun for everyone on State of Origin nights. If you go out to watch the game you can kick on afterwards with a massage, we’re open until 2AM as usual. If you’re not into the footy, it’s a good idea to come in for a massage during the game – it’s always a bit quieter then, plus it’s a great excuse to sneak away… If you want, you can come in and watch the game here, we’ll have some snacks, pies and beer available. For those of you who are wondering, Big John is a Queenslander at heart…

We’re open our ordinary hours across the long weekend, with all the regular discounts available. There isn’t much disruption to the girls roster, you might even find more ladies on Sunday night and Monday because they will have the day off from their other jobs and classes.

Winter is the perfect time to treat yourself at Kings Court: the spas are warm, the oil is hot – and so are the girls… And since Kings Court is the ideal winter wonderland, we’re introducing the season with a Winter Wonderland themed party on Wednesday 26th June. As usual there will be food for everyone and dress up prizes for the girls. See you there 🙂

See you soon, Bianca