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Here we are, half way through the year, and we’ve got plenty going on at KC to take your mind off the stress that end of financial year inevitably brings. Escape to your winter wonderland and relax!
Introducing 3 NEW LADIES…

Bo – slim petite Thai 
Lulu – slim hot young French brunette 
Penny – bubbly slim young Aussie brunette

NEW PICTURES AVAILABLE https://kingscourt.com.au/girls/

Alexis – tall leggy young Aussie brunette 
Alyssa – curvy busty blonde Brazilian very popular
Amanda – perky slim Aussie redhead very popular lots of regulars
Angela – mature busty Aussie blonde very popular lots of regulars
Anna – mature busty Thai very popular lots of regulars 
Bella – curvy HOT young Latina very popular lots of regulars
Bo – slim petite Thai NEW
Candice – slim stunning very young Aussie blonde very popular lots of regulars
Caroline – busty plus size Aussie brunette on holidays until August
Charlotte – slim young Aussie blonde very popular on holidays until July 10th
Chloe – tall super slim Aussie brunette
Cleo – tall slim Aussie blonde very popular
Courtney – shapely young blonde Aussie very popular lots of regulars
Desiree – plus size exotic Aussie brunette very popular
Emily – tall slim Korean
Erica – tall slim Spanish brunette
Gabrielle – busty exotically beautiful Fijian very popular
Gina – slim petite HOT tattooed young German blonde  
Hannah – slim Aussie brunette with a great bum
Heidi – shapely German blonde
Helena – petite perky Aussie brunette very popular
Jade – slim perky Eurasian RESTART
Joy – stunning tall slim Thai brunette (speaks like an Aussie) very popular lots of regulars 
Julie – cute busty Aussie/Chinese with a great bum lots of regulars on holidays until July 10th
Lauren – perky young Eurasian very popular
Layla – exotic tall HOT Aussie dancer very popular
Lena – waify mature Malaysian
Lisa – perky HOT Thai brunette very popular
Lulu – slim hot young French brunette NEW
Marcy – tall slim young Aussie brunette on holidays until July 21st
Mariko – waify young Japanese very popular on holidays until July 11th
Megan – bootylicious English brunette very popular
Mia – HOT busty Korean with perfect curves very popular lots of regulars 
Monique – voluptuous busty exotic brunette very popular
Nadia – voluptuous Eastern European redhead
Naomi – slim glamorous Japanese sweetheart very popular 
Natasha – stunning Japanese brunette
Penny – bubbly slim young Aussie brunette NEW
Priya – busty exotic Indian lots of regulars 
Rosie – slim bohemian Aussie brunette 
Ruby – busty brunette Aussie lots of regulars on holidays until July 10th
Sakura – petite super cute young Japanese very popular lots of regulars
Sasha – VERY busty curvy adventurous HOT Jamaican-New Yorker dark chocolate skin very popular
Simone – young busty curvy blonde Aussie 
Sonja – slim young Latin American on holidays until August
Taylor – witty bustyblue-eyed Aussie blonde girl-next-door with great legs lots of regulars
Vanessa – stunning curvy bustyAussie brunette very popular lots of regulars

This month we have welcomed back JADE, a young blonde Eurasian lady who started with us last year. She’s had a lengthy break and is glad to return to KC a few days a week. She’s a morning person, usually starting at 9-10am and leaves early afternoon.

Catch her during Early Bird Special!


13/06/2018  C-905 Green
20/06/2018  D-972 Black
27/06/2018  F-937 Orange
04/07/2018  E-980 Black

For more winners visit https://kingscourt.com.au/winners

Q & A with a Massage Girl
This is a new section of the newsletter designed to offer a bit more insight into the massage ladies. Often we get questions from clients who want to know more about the massage ladies, and the truth is we can’t tell you what your booking is going to be like because every booking is different. What we can tell you is the kind of stuff we talk about while we wait for clients to come in! We’re not solving the world’s problems (although many of us have some pretty strong opinions); we just keep it light and fun. If you would like to suggest a lady to do the interview, or suggest a question you’d like a lady to answer, please email me at contact@kingscourt.com.au

This month I sat down with Angela, who is one of our most successful ladies at the moment. She’s a bright-faced and open soul, with a smile for everyone. One thing that always shines through is just how much fun she has at work!

Q & A with ANGELA

Do you have a favourite drink?
Coffee, but I’m a bit of a coffee snob, I like a nice roasted coffee from a café – I’m a soy cap girl!
What do you like to eat when you eat out?
Anything – Italian, Greek, Asian, seafood – I like it all!
What’s the last book you really got into?
A new earth by Ekhart Tolle, it’s kind of spiritual.
What TV shows do you binge watch?
The Bachelor and Bachelorette. I’m hooked on the romance and the scenery, and I find their interactions so much fun to watch. I recently got into Bachelor in Paradise and I couldn’t get enough of Sam & Tara.
Have you got any Apps on your phone that you can’t live without?
Ebay for sure! It’s exciting to bid on stuff and I get a lot of bargains. Plus Opal (transport) and… calculator!
What kind of music do you enjoy?
I enjoy relaxing chill out music, and I like watching Rage on a Saturday morning.
Do you have a favourite movie?
It’s called A destiny of her own, with Catherine McCormack and Jacqueline Bisset. It’s a really uplifting story about falling in love and taking control of your own future. The two female leads are courtesans and I guess I relate to their experiences a bit, it’s kind of similar to what I do here.
Which household chore do you hate the most?
I think I have a few – can I say all of them?! If I had to pick just one, probably cleaning out the cupboards!
What do you miss from 10-20 years ago?
I’d have to say the music and the fashion of the 90s – I miss the grunge culture, flannel shirts and jeans, that sort of thing.

Even though the competition is decided, the festivities continue for State of Origin Game 3, this coming Wednesday. Come in and watch the game with us – we’ll supply the beer and pies!
This month it’s a familiar theme that we love! Hope you can drop in on July 25th for some mid-year Christmas joy…
A couple of months ago we extended the Happy Hour offer to 7 days. You may recall that it used to be unavailable on Fridays & Saturdays, but that is no longer the case. Now you can come in any day between 7pm-9pm to enjoy 20% off the cost of your massage. Below are the exact prices during Happy Hour (these are the same for Early Bird Special as each period offers 20% off.
Deluxe 45min $185 $148
Deluxe 75min $255 $204
30mins $135 $108 + SPA $136
45mins $160 $128 + SPA $156
60mins $180 $144 + SPA $172
Spa adds 15min to the booking
1. Discounts are not cumulative; we do not add them together. Where there is more than one offer available at a given time, we will give you the one which provides the greater discount so you always get the best offer. 2. Discounts are limited to one discount per customer per day; there are no discounts on extensions or repeat and subsequent bookings. Bookings are made on a per hour basis, the maximum available being 75min; where lengthier periods are booked by multiplying the hours, only the first 75min period will attract a discount. 3. Where a discount is time limited, availability is determined by time of arrival. 4. Where a discount is limited to a day of the week, that day of the week is defined by the trading day as per Kings Court trading hours. 5. Management reserves the right to withdraw a discount offer.
Pay CASH and get rewarded!
We have never charged any kind of surcharge for using credit cards or EFTPOS, but we do encourage you to use cash by offering an extra 5mins time when you use cash to pay for your booking, so hit the ATM before you come in!
If you’re out and about late on a Thursday as so many of us are, drop in for a massage before you go home – we’re open until 2AM! Other weekdays we’re open until 1AM, and 24 hours Friday & Saturday. At KC, closing time is when we close the door to arrivals; once you’re in you can stay as long as you like – many ladies are happy to take a 75min booking at this time, and even an extension if you feel like it.

Find out who’s on now: https://kingscourt.com.au/roster/
So what are you waiting for? See you soon!