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JULY NEWSLETTER (sent to members Thursday 29th July)

Hello members! How is the lockdown going for you? 
John and I are staying busy with little projects like updating the music and improving the facilities, and of course keeping in touch with our ladies and supporting them through this new period of unemployment for us. I had hoped to be sending you the July Newsletter about now with reopening information but sadly that’s not to be. Hopefully this time next month I will be able to do that, but given the repeated extensions I’m not going to attempt to forecast that!

Hold onto your raffle tickets
Raffle tickets that we gave out between noon on Wednesday 23rd June and midnight Friday 25th June will go into the draw on the first Wednesday after we reopen. Don’t throw them away! 

Do Covid-19 Vaccines cause erectile dysfunction?
I’ve been spending way too much time on social media lately, but I saw something this week that might interest you, members. Apparently there is a bit of misinformation going around about Covid-19 vaccines causing erectile dysfunction. We all know that erectile dysfunction can be caused by many things – alcohol and drugs, health conditions, some medications and even diet – so I hope it’s not too forward of me to say it’s not exactly a rare condition, right? But I’m not a doctor, so I looked it up. It turns out that, no, vaccines haven’t caused erectile dysfunction – but, in the course of figuring that out, doctors have found out that the virus which causes Covid-19 does effect the erectile tissue and fertility. Seriously! The article is a fairly short read – check it out.


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