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JULY NEWSLETTER – sent to members 30/03/2019
It’s been a chilly few weeks but we’re keeping warm in the spas! Thanks to everyone who came along to the Winter Wonderland Party last week – our Best Dressed Ladies were Angela in her super sexy ski-bunny outfit and Lauren in her gorgeous vintage fur (it was a Game of Thrones fantasy come true). Now for What’s On this month at the best place in town…


🇦🇺Blossom – curvy busty voluptuous exotic Aussie
🇦🇺Charlotte – tall slim young Aussie brunette girl-next-door
🇹🇭Jenny – slim shy Thai brunette 
🇧🇷Nicole – curvy busty tattooed Brazilian brunette

Blossom and Jenny started a month or so ago, but only did a few shifts before taking holidays, they’ve still got the new-girl glow!

The decider is on! It’s a bit of harmless fun for everyone on State of Origin nights. If you go out to watch the game you can kick on afterwards with a massage. If you’re not into the footy, it’s a good idea to come in for a massage during the game – it’s always a bit quieter then, plus it’s a great excuse to sneak away… If you want, you can come in and watch the game here, we’ll have some snacks, pies and beer available. If you’re lucky enough to have tickets to the home game, don’t forget we’re open until 2AM so you’ve got plenty of time to get back into the city for a massage before you go home!

It’s a bit old fashioned, but we like a good Christmas in July theme so we can enjoy all those parts of Christmas that are uncomfortable in the Southern Hemisphere in December – a baked dinner and warm cup of mulled wine, fluffy hooded costumes that show just enough flesh while still keep us warm… So that’s what we’ll be doing on Wednesday July 24th, if you’d like to drop in for a nice warm hug in the spa!

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