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Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a safe and happy holiday season. We’re back to normal opening times now that all the public holidays are done, and lots of girls are due back from holidays in the next few days. There are so many reasons (as usual!) to visit this month – Bras n Spas and Cheeky Tuesdaycontinue, as do our Happy Hour & Early Bird Specials PLUS, for January only, we’re running a Recovery Sunday Special: 20% OFF ALL DAY, every Sunday in January.
Cleo & Ruby are back on Friday 6th January
Taylor is back on Sunday 8th January
GinaLola & Lulu are back on Tuesday 10th January
Victoria is back on Saturday 14th January

We’re expecting SonjaPriya & Dawn back in mid January, dates to be advised. Everyone else is back!


MAXINE – busty young Aussie brunette
NATASHA – tall busty young Polish brunette
OLIVIA – tall slim perky young Polish brunette
STELLA – busty young South American brunette

All new ladies are BRAND NEW to the industry and have never worked anywhere else before.

Abigail – perky slim polished Aussie strawberry blonde very popular lots of regulars
Alice – slim busty blonde Aussie
Anna – tall & leggy busty young Eurasian very popular
Ashley – super slim bohemian Aussie brunette girl-next-door very popular lots of regulars
Becca – sultry young busty Aussie blonde very popular
Beth – perky super slim young Aussie blonde 
Brianna – VERY busty young Irish redhead very popular
Chloe – slim perky young Aussie blonde girl-next-door very popular
Cleo – tall & leggy fit blonde Aussie girl-next-door very popular back from holiday Friday 6th January
Dawn – charming busty young Aussie brunette girl-next-door very popular on holiday until mid January
Eve – sassy Aussie brunette big personality lots of fun in the spa very popular lots of regulars
Felicity – sexy busty plus-size Aussie blonde very popular
Gina – tall slim hot Dutch blonde back from holiday Tuesday 10th January
Holly – tall super slim nerdy young Aussie 
Imogen – curvy busty blonde English sweetheart very popular lots of regulars
Jade – slim HOT Aussie brunette (late 20s) very popular
Julie – cute young Eurasian girl-next-door lots of regulars
Kylie – slim HOT Austrian blonde with a great bum very popular lots of regulars
Layla – young busty brunette girl next door
Lena – super slim exotically beautiful Malaysian princess
Lilly – young curvy busty nerdy Aussie blonde very popular
Lisa – tiny stunning busty glamorous Thai/Japanese very popular
Lizzie – slim perky young Aussie girl-next-door
Lola – cheeky petite busty young South American girl-next-door very popular back from holiday Tuesday 10th January
Lucy – slim bohemian Aussie brunette girl-next-door with a great bum very popular
Lulu – slim young brunette Aussie girl-next-door very popular back from holiday Tuesday 10th January
Mariko – cute perky Japanese sweetheart
Maxine – busty young Aussie brunette NEW
Mia – busty Japanese/Korean with a great bum (talks like an Aussie) very popular lots of regulars
Nadia – curvy busty Eastern European redhead with great conversation skills lots of regulars
Natalie – slim fit New Zealander who loves pole dancing
Natasha – tall busty young Polish blonde NEW
 – slim glamorous caramel skinned Puerto Rican very popular lots of regulars
Olivia – tall slim perky young Polish brunette NEW
Penny – perky young Aussie blonde on holiday until February 2017
Priya – busty exotic Indian lots of regulars on holiday until mid January
Ruby – busty brunette country girl (late 20s) lots of regulars back from holiday Friday 6th January
Samantha – tall sexy blonde Aussie very popular
Sasha – VERY busty curvy HOT Jamaican-New Yorker dark chocolate skin very popular
Simone – young busty blonde Aussie with 50s pin-up style glamour very popular
Sonja – super slim petite Latin American girl-next-door very popular lots of regulars on holiday until mid January
Stella – busty young South American brunette NEW
Stephanie – slim & perky young Aussie brunette very popular
Taylor – slim blue-eyed blonde Aussie girl-next-door with great legs very popular lots of regulars back from holiday Sunday 8th January
Tegan – busty tall & leggy slim Aussie brunette very popular
Yoko – stunning perky Japanese with a great bum
Valentina – sexy busty South American brunette with a great bum very popular
Victoria – tall super slim fair-skinned Eastern European brunette back from holiday Saturday 14th January
Zara  – curvy & VERY busty Aussie brunette lots of regulars
Recovery Sunday is only available on Sundays in January, no rain checks. The discount is limited to one per person per day.
Specials are only available on the days and times advertised, we don’t do rain checks. The discount is limited to one per person per day.
As usual, we’re open on Australia Day. No rest for the wicked 😉
We’re OPEN on Australia Day
Thursday, January 26th
(normal hours)
We know it can be difficult to sneak away this time of year, so instead of a January party, we’re having two parties in February, the first will be Valentines Sweet Hearts on Wednesday 8th January.
Next KC Party is Valentines Sweet Hearts
Wednesday 8th February
Hope to see you soon!