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JANUARY-FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER Sent to Members 27.01.2022

I’m glad to report that things are starting to get back to normal for us, and we’re looking forward to seeing what the year brings. I’m planning to do a few parties, and the first one will be Valentines Day on Monday 14th February.

We’ve made some changes to the check-in system – you will be given a choice of checking in with the QR Code or on paper. This is mostly because some people who don’t want to use the QR Code pretend to be checking in, and it’s kind of a nuisance for us because if someone doesn’t want to check in they just have to ask for a paper sign in form. We’re expected to encourage people to use the code, but we have the manual forms for those who need them. You’ll still have to show your proof of vaccination though – and it’s really important to me that our customers understand we’re not recording any information from the certificate. I’ve had a few people ask why they have to show the certificate every time they visit, and that’s why – because we don’t make a record of it. The managers check your vaccination status on behalf of the ladies, and we work with different ladies all the time. One of the reasons girls like working for us is because they can trust the managers, and the managers know that if they stop checking vaccination certificates the girls won’t feel like their workplace is covid-safe. I know most of our customers understand that, but it bears repeating.

Amanda –
very busty voluptuous Aussie blonde
Felicity –
young tall busty Aussie redhead with slender curves
May –
young tall busty curvy brunette Aussie-Latina
Naomi –
stunning busty South African with voluptuous curves in all the right places
Raven –
cute busty Aussie-Filipina with voluptuous curves in all the right places
Unity –
young slim Aussie brunette with perky boobs and slender curves

Join us for a really nice time on Valentines Day, Monday 14th February 2022. I’ll bring the chocolates and flowers – you just bring yourself – it’s all about YOU at KC! All your favourite sweethearts will be there 💌


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See you soon, Bianca