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Hi Everyone,

Kings Court started out as a massage place with one big crosslink polyethylene party spa. We brought it with us when we set up the current location on Broadway, after operating for four years out of four different locations in the Parramatta area, and it is still in use today.

Right from the beginning we had a happy house where the shared spa was a part of the culture. The spa would remove inhibitions, and we found that girls would often run around naked. This was a time when most girls still had pubic hair, and only a few of the younger ones had started to experiment with dramatic hair removal – making shapes like hearts or lightening bolts. Some of the more adventurous girls would have the whole lot off, and when they walked past the spa would “accidentally” dropped their towel, revealing her smooth pubis to everyone present. Without missing a beat she would say “Oh silly me!” with a wink, and everyone knew that she would be the most popular lady in the house the following week.

It became a bit of good sport to be seen in the nude on the way from your spa to your massage room. One girls told me that she went to the local Leagues Club Spa with her boyfriend once, and she had gotten so used to being in and out of the spa, roaming about naked, that she caused quite a stir at the venue when she came out of the ladies locker room. Her shocked boyfriend yelled at her “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Put your swimmers on!!”

One of the first times Bianca proved herself as a manager was when she intervened on another manager who had taken it upon herself to chastise Mia, who routinely runs around naked in the hallways. This manager was really agitated that she had gone to check on something downstairs and bumped into a naked Mia getting massage oil from the oil warmer. She was really getting stuck into Mia about it, telling her she had to wear a towel in the hallway. Bianca jumped to Mia’s defence – “No she doesn’t!” Bianca protested. “Running around naked in the hallways is part of the fun!” I think this was the beginning of the girls adopting her as a leader they could trust.

Pubic hair was the norm when we first started doing the cartoons

Naughty boys and girls can enjoy canoodling behind the double doors and then giggle off to a room for a massage and a happy ending

To the old party spa we added two new spas where naughty boys and girls can enjoy canoodling behind the double doors and then giggle off to a room for a massage and a happy ending. That has its place, but the party spa can fit four or five guys, each with a massage lady companion, and it’s a Kings Court institution – you can enjoy champagne and story-telling, have a laugh, look at A LOT of tits-and-all before you have your massage. We sometimes joke to the newbies that they are going up there to look at each other’s dicks, but we know what they’re really looking at!

See you soon,

Big John