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We’re open over the Easter Long Weekend…

  • Thursday 29/03/2018 OPEN 8AM-5AM
  • Good Friday 30/03/2018 OPEN 10AM-5AM
  • Easter Saturday 31/03/2018 OPEN 8AM-24hrs
  • Easter Sunday 01/04/2018 OPEN 8AM-1AM
  • Easter Monday 02/04/2018 OPEN 8AM-1AM

If you’re out late Saturday night/Sunday morning, please carry enough cash to cover your purchases and travel fares. There will be a time change due to daylight savings ending at 3am Sunday 01/04/2018. Each year we continue trading through the time change, but historically there has been a shutdown of ATM & EFTPOS transactions and we have only been able to accept CASH between 3AM-5AM. Please prepare yourself by withdrawing cash prior to the time change.