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It’s finally time for the Christmas Party! Prizes, strippers, lots of girls on and a fun night for all who attend! This is the best time of year for us, and we hope to see all our regulars over the holidays. A few girls will be going away, so keep an eye on your inbox for updates.

Abigail – slim attentive Aussie blonde
Joy – tall slim Thai brunette (speaks like an Aussie)
Lisa – perky HOT Eurasian
Samantha – slim young Aussie brunette
Sakura – petite super cute young Japanese
Valentina – curvy exotic Brazilian
Vanessa – stunning curvy busty Aussie brunette

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– slim attentive Aussie blonde NEW
Alexis – tall leggy young Aussie brunette
Alyssa – curvy busty blonde Brazilian very popular
Amber – waify mature Aussie redhead
Anna – mature busty Thai very popular lots of regulars on holidays until January
Ashley – waify bohemian Aussie brunette girl-next-door very popular lots of regulars on holidays
Becca – sultry young Aussie blonde very popular
Bella – curvy HOT young Latina very popular lots of regulars
Beth – charming waify young Aussie blonde with a great bum
Camille – HOT young Brazilian very popular lots of regulars
Candice – slim stunning very young Aussie blonde very popular
Celeste – HOT dark skinned French dancer
Cindy – tiny perky young African-American with a great bum very popular lots of regulars
Cleo – petite perky young Aussie blonde
Emily – petite perky young Eurasian
Felicity – sexy busty HOT plus-size Aussie blonde very popular
Gina – slim petite HOT tattooed young German blonde very popular
Grace – petite perky Singaporean very popular
Hannah – slim articulate blonde Aussie girl next door
Heidi – young German sweetheart
Holly – waify nerdy young Aussie very popular
Jasmine – young slim tattooed Indian 
Joy – tall slim Thai brunette (speaks like an Aussie) NEW
Julie – cute busty Aussie/Chinese with a great bum lots of regulars
Katt – HOT Aussie brunette with a great bum lots of regulars
Kylie – slim HOT Austrian blonde with a great bum very popular lots of regulars LEAVING 20.12.17!!
Lena – waify mature Malaysian
Lisa – perky HOT Eurasian NEW
Mariko – waify young Japanese
Masumi – curvy busty young Japanese
Megan – bootylicious English brunette
Mia – HOT busty Korean with perfect curves very popular lots of regulars
Naomi – slim glamorous Japanese sweetheart very popular
Poppy – slim perky young Eurasian 
Priya – busty exotic Indian lots of regulars
Rosie – slim bohemian Aussie brunette on holidays until January
Ruby – busty brunette Aussie lots of regulars
Samantha – slim young Aussie brunette NEW
Sakura – petite super cute young Japanese NEW
Sasha – VERY busty curvy adventurous HOT Jamaican-New Yorker dark chocolate skin very popular
Scarlet – busty young Aussie blonde very popular
Simone – young busty curvy blonde Aussie
Sonja – slim young Latin American on holidays until February
Taylor – witty busty blue-eyed Aussie blonde girl-next-door with great legs very popular lots of regularsTegan – busty tall leggy slim Aussie brunette very popular
Valentina – curvy exotic Brazlian NEW
Vanessa – stunning curvy busty Aussie brunette NEW
Violet – tall nerdy young Aussie brunette very popular
Zara – tall slim HOT young Aussie very popular
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Don’t miss Kylie before leaves!

Kylie will be leaving very soon, make sure you see her before 20th December.

Ruby will be taking holidays from 23rd December until 8th January, if she’s your girl make sure you get in to see her!


Remember Keiko? For a limited time between Christmas and New Year she’ll be back on the roster. Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter to find out when she’s on, or check our website for the daily roster!

See Who’s On NOW: https://kingscourt.com.au/todays-schedule/

Specials this month…
Our weekly specials are available on public holidays!
All our prices are available on our website: https://kingscourt.com.au/prices/ for Cheeky Tuesday, just subtract $67.50 from the full price of any booking!
This time of year there are a lot of late nights, so we’re helping you by extending the free entry period by one hour! Get free entry until 10PM during daylight savings times.

The most recent winners of our double deluxe spa and massage package (valued at $510) are:

22/11/17 RED A 606
29/11/17 BLACK A 732
06/12/17 BLUE A 650

Come in and collect your prize!

Entries are FREE with every massage – for more info visit https://kingscourt.com.au/winners/

The party that everyone waits for all year is coming up!!

  • Strippers at 8PM & 10PM (plus a guy strips for the girls at 9PM – maybe you don’t want to watch him, but you want to see the girls watch him!)
  • 25+ Girls working
  • OPEN UNTIL 2AM, extensions available as late as you like
  • Massage Prizes – everyone who books a massage goes into the draw to win a free Deluxe valued at $255
  • Christmas eats (lunch around 2PM and and dinner about 6:30-7PM)
Mostly we stay open over Christmas & New Year, but on Christmas Eve we like to call last job a bit early so we can get home to our loved ones. We take Christmas day off, and have a sleep in on Boxing Day – the doors open at 11AM.

On New Year’s Eve too we like to call last job early so we can enjoy some festivities, and we open at 11AM on New Year’s Day because it’s always a late night and we need our beauty sleep!

Christmas Day is the only day of the year Kings Court Massage is closed.

Heathen’s Greetings!
See you soon