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DECEMBER NEWSLETTER Sent to Members 02.12.2021

This year has been a ride, but we’re almost to the end of it, and it’s time for a celebration. The Christmas Party this year is a much needed opportunity to enjoy some entertainment and treat yourself to a massage. As usual I am preparing a Christmas feast, and we’re busy marshalling girls onto the roster so you’ll have plenty of company. There will be the usual schedule of strippers, and one lucky customer on the night will win a free massage. Usually we announce the winner the morning after because the festivities carry on pretty late!

Most of the girls who were with us before lockdown have come back, but for some their conditions have radically changed and they’re not able to work with us anymore. Below is a list of all the girls who are active now or will be back in the New Year. I am pro-active about keeping in touch with the girls so this info is up to date at time of writing. New ladies are trickling in from time to time, but not as many as usual due to current conditions – that will change!

Some time around December 15th NSW will reach 95% vaccination for Covid-19 and some restrictions change. This is how it will effect us:

  • Masks will no longer be mandatory, you won’t have to wear a mask during the introductions
  • Proof of vaccination will no longer be required for most activities, but businesses can still require proof at their own discretion. We will continue to require proof of vaccination as a condition of entry so we can protect our staff and our regular client base. We will not be hiring any new staff who are unvaccinated.
  • QR Check-in will still be required but, we’ve made it discreet for you, see below

This is an example of what the QR check-in says. If you do a google search, you will find that it appears to be a food or drink outlet.

If you need it, we can give you a paper check-in, but we would prefer to have everyone check-in properly.

We’ll be open over Christmas and New Year with as little disruption to regular business as possible. Some ladies will take holidays but many of us will be staying in Sydney so if you’re looking for something to do over the holidays please drop in.


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See you soon, Bianca