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August-September Newsletter (sent to members Thursday 9th September)

Hello members! I hope you are well. I’ve been spending some time these past few weeks working out how things will work when we’re finally able to reopen. At this stage it looks like this: all the managers and massage ladies are getting vaccinated to protect them from serious illness if they catch the virus; we’re going to have to switch to QR check in as our industry is no longer exempt from that, but we will have non-digital alternative available if the need arises; and we’re going to have to insist that our customers are vaccinated. This is a trend worldwide, and we have thought long and hard about the decision. At KC, we’re offering much more than a fleeting interaction, and other precautions are not suitable. We’re lucky to have never had a case arise here, and we’d like to keep it that way. Vaccination is the only way to minimise the risks to our team and our customers, and we hope you will all agree that we’re making this decision with your best interests in mind.

We all want to get back to concerts, music festivals, strip clubs, weekend markets, kink parties, after-work drinks, hook-ups, dating, team sports, movies – and of course, spas and massages at KC. To do that with us, please get vaccinated.

Girls Activity
A number of girls have continued or resumed online work during this lockdown, and you can find their links on the Girls Page. Under each profile you will find links to twitter (🐦) or “onlyfans” which links you to her site. Not everyone has these accounts, but all the ladies who do have them, have a link on that page, so if you find that your favourite lady doesn’t have one it just means she’s not doing the online thing. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and we don’t ask the girls to do it – all the ladies who are doing online content are self-motivated and independent, and they do it because they enjoy it.

Some highlights of their work:
Stella has recently joined Twitter and is posting content there and I think she is offering custom content by request 
Zara has returned to Twitter after leaving the digital world during the open period, she’s posting sexy pictures and offering virtual dates 
Lauren is very social on Twitter, she posts pictures, witty observations and compliments other girls, and she’s also active on Onlyfans 
Skye posts teasers of her content on Twitter and is trying an alternative platform called “Fansly” 
Violet is active in supporting other ladies on Twitter so following her will help you find other girls – plus she posts some really good nudes 

It’s that day of the year, and I think it’s important to ask right now. Even if your life has continued mostly uninterrupted during lockdown, we’re all effected by the restrictions in different ways. If your mental health is suffering, it’s important to seek advice, and Mensline and Beyond Blue both have good resources and services for those who need them. This month I shared with the KC team some advice that has helped me, and I thought perhaps it might be useful to some of you as well.

1. Give yourself some praise. We’re all capable of negative self-talk sometimes, but have you ever flipped it and told yourself you did something really well? Giving yourself some positive feedback a few times a day can improve the way you see yourself and your situation.
2. Try not to compare yourself to others. We all have moments when we think we don’t measure up, and this can impact our self worth. During lockdowns, some people become highly productive, some people feel inhibited creatively, some lack motivations they usually have, and some become distracted easily. Being effected by the lockdown in these ways is not indicative of your value.
3. Do something active every day. A bit of light exercise can improve your mood. Lots of people have taken up walking during lockdown, but if you don’t want to go outside with all of them just turn on some music, get out your air-guitar and dance around the house!
4. Avoid carrying tension in your muscles. During periods of stress it’s natural for our muscles to become tense – especially around the head, neck and shoulders, but all muscles can potentially carry tension from stress. Ignoring muscle tension can lead to ongoing problems with headaches and inflammation. If you relax each of your muscles every day, you can begin to release some of that tension. Lay down somewhere comfortable, and start relaxing your muscles one by one, beginning from your feet and working your way up to your head. If you can’t get a muscle to relax, try tensing it as hard as you can for a 5 seconds, and then release. Nothing beats a massage, but this might get you through while you can’t have one!


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