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APRIL NEWSLETTER Sent to Members 17.04.2021

Things are getting better and better at KC! I hope you are all enjoying the transition back to regular work, we’ve seen quite a few more faces who were regulars pre-covid so we feel like we’re getting back to normal more than any other time in the last 9 months. If you haven’t been back yet, you’re in for a treat when you do because we’re getting an amazing selection of new local Aussie girls each month, and there are plenty of good choices on each shift!


Abby – slim Aussie brunette
Bambi – young Aussie brunette
Brandy – big busty Aussie brunette
Caroline – young Aussie sweetheart
Clara – slim petite young exotic Aussie brunette
Daisy – perky young American brunette with a nice bum
Honey – VERY busty Aussie brunette
Millie – petite slim HOT Aussie blonde
Penny – petite young Aussie girl-next-door
Tessa – perky young Aussie girl-next-door

Amateur Strip Nights will be on for the next few weeks, Saturday nights at 9:15PM. Two or three of our ladies will jump up and dance to a song or two and YOU can watch!
$20 Cover Charge gets you $10 tipping money in special KC singles 💰
It’s an alcohol-free event, but once you’ve watch the show you can book your favourite girl and have some champagne in the spa 🥂

Remember about a year ago when we had to close for a few months and we didn’t know when we’d be back to business, or under what conditions we’d be reopening? Yes, it’s been a full year since then! At that time, I promised you a Grand Reopening Party, and restrictions have finally gotten to the point where that is a possibility. Members, we are doing this one big! We’ve booked our friends from WB Productions who always do our Christmas party strip shows, plus I’m cooking and there will be ladies galore on the night! I hope you can make it: it’s April 28th.


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See you soon, Bianca