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Celebrating 30 Years

THANK YOU to everyone who came to see us for the big birthday party, we all had an amazing time and it was lovely to see so many familiar faces. We’re so grateful to everyone who brought in or sent gifts and flowers and chocolates, we are overwhelmed by your generosity, and to those of you who couldn’t make it on the night but sent your well wishes by email or text, thank you so much for thinking of us, you really made it special. The winners of Best Dressed at the party were Violet and Skye, who made an outstanding effort with the theme “Dress to Impress”.

All the stories that we received for our competition are published below. Each entry got a prize, but there could only be two winners and they were both rewarded with a deluxe massage. To keep in touch and find out about future events, become a member!

Contest Winner

The best thing about a visit to KC is it can be fun, friendly and incredibily sexy all at the same time. I would visit a girl whose pampering could get so hot and heavy i was groaning with delight and the next minute we would be sharing a drink telling a funny story. My  favourite was when a guy she had just meant said i have your name tattoed on my butt. being dubious but very curious she asked him to prove it. He dropped his pants and turned around and the was the inked words “your name”. Congrats on your 30th I hoe there’s plenty more.

– Paul


I first visited Kings Court a little over 3 years ago. After a long day at work, I needed a little bit of relaxation and found Kings Court on the internet. The time I spent there left a great impression, so much so that I’ve been regular ever since. The lady was kind, friendly, attentive, down-to-earth, easy to talk to and gave an amazing massage. Every time I visit the level of service I receive is top notch, from being greeted at the front desk right through to when I leave. Plus the newsletters, parties and member offers is a brilliant touch. Congratulations to Kings Court for 30 years in the business! Here’s looking forward to another 30!

– Mark

my first visit in 2004 and it was a Saturday night on valentines day and I found out about kingscourt when I was reading penthouse magazine I decide to check it out and see what its like I saw Shannon and she is very lovely to me all nite … she kept me company in the lovely spa and massage .. I had the best nite there also the girls keep me company while I had a coffee and a chat playing pool and then since that night I keep coming back to kingscourt and have a good time over there and big john knew I was a regular customer it was my favorite hangout of all time..

– Dave

I discovered this place a year ago after hearing about it from a friend. Was nervous walking up the stairs as it was my first experience in a massage parlor. Surprisingly the manager greeted me and asked the girls to sit me down, I slowly met the girls one by one and I’m sure they could tell how nervous I was cos many asked if it was my first time. They all were friendly  and calmed me down. Was a great experience that night and always try visiting while I’m in the area.

– Hamish

This is the best place I have ever been to  the girls are really nice friendly and good looking  and the managers are really nice people very kind  I say this is the best place in Australia

– David

Kings Court massage changed my working life for the better.  I hated my boss- a fat, stingy POS.  Of course I visited KC just to rid myself of some of the stress he’d put me though.  The lady, who I’m forever grateful for, mistimed my departure from the massage suite, and I bumped into the boss wrapped in a towel with a raging erection under it.  Two weeks later he resigned.

– Mark

After moving to sydney, i visited few massage centers. I was not much happy. So started googling and looking for new places and found kingscourt. As soon as i entered the site, was surprised to see live chat. This was unique. Person answered all my questions with interest. Also website had up to date information. Same day i visited kingscourt and booked Sasha… She was wonderful and the massage i received was the best massage of my life. From that day i stopped looking for other massage centers. Now i am a regular visitor to kingscourt.  The girls here are amazing and worth spending time with them.

– Raj

Just a note to say thank you to all the Managers, Massage ladies & Big John for the 30 years of enjoyment at Kings Court and even before that at Club 282 Parramatta. It has been a long journey with many happy hours, a lot of learning and listening & meeting some of the most intriguing Women. Some only once, some many times. I think Madeline was the first at the Broadway location. Taylor certainly holds the record for keeping my attention over many, many lengthy spa bookings. Always amazing. Here is my KC Tribute:

Kings Court Massage

Interaction & Sensory

Nightly or Daily (or Both)

Genuine Perfection

Stunning Masseuses

Conversation & Stimulation

Orgasmic Oasis

Unending Pleasure

Returning often – for all 30 Years

Thanks Always – Happy Birthday

– Ozzie Emu

I discovered Kings Court in 2003 at the tender age of 19. I was looking to move out of a sleepy country town and was keen to broaden my horizons. I was attracted to KC because it was in the city and the ad said I didn’t need any experience to get started. I still remember my first client, he said it was his first time too and he seemed so nervous I took him at his word. I don’t know what it is about KC, there’s a magic in these walls that keeps you coming back. After 16 years I have studied, travelled, done all sorts of jobs outside the industry, but I’ve never loved any work as much as this. I enjoy my role now, and it makes me smile every time Big John tells someone “she’s the Boss”, but I loved massage just as much!

– Bianca

For John – from Kylie

Kings Court – Oh Lord
What can I say…
Lots has happened during my “short” stay.

It’s a pretty cool place,
that’s for sure,
It has a lot of space,
Come join me on a tour.

Les and Albert are in very early,
And make sure it’s all shiny and pearly.

I myself start at 8 O’Clock,
while Annie and Michelle discussing MAFS and the block.

Let’s not forget our good matey,
she controls the desk and her name is Katie.

Bianca is pretty creative and arty,
and is probably planing the next party.

While Albert swings the mop
Les fixes the rooftop.

When the customers come up the stairs,
we quickly have to fix our hairs. 
Coz here comes Michelle,
and hits the bell.

Then he comes through the door
and we all run to the floor.

He is sitting in the club,
can’t wait to jump into the tub.

The fun begins – he picks his girl
and jumps in the spa with his pearl.

Lots of laughter, chats and fun,
meanwhile the green clock does run.

It is now Champagne O’Clock 
and he gets hard as a rock.

We hit the table now
and do our magic “oh wow” 

We finish off with the Happy End
and after he blows,
he then goes.

Sorry the last few lines were quite rude,
usually I am pretty cute.

I’d like to say thanks to Big John
and not further carry on…

All that is left is to say “Cheers”
to the great last 30 years!


Congratulations Kingscourt for having its 30years and I send great respect and admiration to the owner of this business John for providing many men (clients), massage ladies and all staff great opportunity and lots of happy moments.  While lots of businesses come and go in Sydney, this 30years anniversary which is more than my whole life I spent ; is something remarkable. And from my observation, if i were to put it simply from someone who has no knowledge of how to run business, i’d say that it is a very healthy cycle of clients keep coming back because we girls keep them happy and it is able because the management looks after girls well so girls are happy to work here and enjoys our job. All staff are well treated by owner John whom from my observation he doesn’t run the business for his own greed or profit. He is and lives very humbly. He works for greater good. I admire and so proud and lucky to work here 
I hope the business goes for many more years flourishing !!

– Mia

When I was asked to write something for Kings Court’s 30th birthday, I thought of the many things I could write but I could not decide which. Big John suggested that I write about my “falling out bras,” since I am known for being the one naturally busty curvy Asian girl here. Few years ago, when I was shopping for bras and lingerie in Asia, I came across a pair of really nice strappy, bejewelled bras that I really like. The bras made me look bodacious and it is of good price. There is only one slight problem: My breasts couldn’t quite fit fully into the bras and that is the last piece left. Since it never is easy for me to find good bras in Asia, I knew I had to get the bras. Few months later, I started to work in KC. Now this pair of “falling out” bras make public appearances, with the nipples falling out sometimes. 😉 My toast to Kings Court:

Here’s a toast to Kings Court, the oldest and the best erotic massage parlour in Sydney, 

for being the place where men can relax and destress, 

where ladies are safe to explore their sexuality, 

where spa, champagne (with juice), chats and happy endings are the daily.

Thank you for being the place where I bring passion to work.

Happy birthday and may you continue to shine for many more years to come.

– Julie

I have been a regular visitor to Kings court since 2015 and this is by far my favourite place to visit. I am a client with a disability and I have been treated extremely well by the Kings court staff and the ladies over the years. While there are too many great memories at KC, my favourite one is my visit to KC Christmas Party in December 2018. As soon as I walked in to the premises, I was treated for some drinks and nibbles and I immediately got the Christmas vibe. Next I was greeted by a few girls and i chose to have doubles session with Erica and Amelia. The spa and massage session I had with these girls is by far the the most satisfying night of my life. I really enjoyed every minute of this session from having a drink at the spa to the relaxing massage. The two girls took really good care of me and I felt really lucky to have such a great time. I walked out completely satisfied while already planning my next visit to KC. I could not have asked for a better way to celebrate Christmas!

– Donald

I was having a great massage with one of the girls when we started talking about tattoos.  I said you must have seen interesting ink in your time as a masseuse. She said the funniest one was a guy she met in a bar who said “I’ve got your name tattooed on my butt. Give me a kiss and I’ll prove it. Intrigued but dubious she agreed. He discreetly pull down his pants and there were the words “your name”. Got me she laughed and that was the end of a cheeky story.

– Paul

Dear Kings Court, I wanted to express how much you have helped me and I wanted you to know. I have spent so many years feeling that I would not feel sensually active or let myself or allowed me to feel free. Through your establishment, I discovered how worthy I am of being loved and I stopped tolerating anything less from myself or others. With your help I am now in a place that I thought I would never get to and in terms of my personal growth I have a greater love for myself and others. Through many of your lovely girls, you have given me the most pleasurable massages and right from the very first moment they have transported me away to an absolute oasis of relaxation and bliss and peace and it was just fantastic. I am so grateful to you for helping me to explore and discover myself again. You made me feel pleasure in places I never thought possible.

– John

I’ve been to many different establishments and no where is like KC.  I’ve been with so many girls at KC and it’s sad to see some of them not there anymore. KC is only place where they remember you and make sure your time there is well spent. Even the fact that there are discounts and prizes is unheard of in any other establishment. John the owner must be doing a great job running KC. Also, Bianca should be mentioned for all the newsletters she sends out and contacting members when they submit testimonials etc. She is doing a great job behind the scenes communicating with us.

– Jonathon

I worked at King’s Court for approximately 18 months almost 10 years ago. Having never worked in such an industry before, I didn’t know what to expect. One of the unexpected gifts KC gave to me was the bonds and relationships I developed with the other ladies I worked with. We came from different walks of life, different countries and cultures. We had different motivations and aspirations. Many of us were loyal, supportive friends who shared laughs (even some tears) together. Some of those friendships have lasted to this day. Others haven’t but I still think fondly of those ladies and cherish the time I spent with them.

– Mandy from Texas

Roses are red violets are blue
30 years have past and they just flew
A lot of history you remember well
And so many stories to tell
I was not there at the start
But so glad I am now a part
My first visit was in 2016
I was older and no longer a teen
As a client I tell you this
Kings Court is absolute bliss
Just after you ring the bell
You are made welcome and treated well
As you enter this timeless place
You cannot hide the smile on your face
The colours, the ladies, the beautiful smell
You are now under KC’s spell
To John, Bianca, and all the rest
I have only but one request
That you continue on to be the best

Happy Birthday!

– E

I’ve been visiting Kings Court since they opened and prior to that Club 282 at Parramatta. Over the years I’ve met many great ladies from a range of occupations, with different goals and reasons for working at KC. I’ve had a lot of memorable experiences but the one that’s stands out was when I’d been diagnosed with prostrate cancer, had major surgery which played havoc with the nerves and muscles that make the man muscle work. Doctor told me nerves needed stimulation to help them heal but would take a while, basically use it or loose it. One night I finally plucked up the courage and walked into KC where I explained my situation to Big John. At first I was quite embarrassed as things did not work the same but the lady John suggested I see was very understanding, made me feel at ease with no embarrassment. I Kept seeing her for 7 months or so as things progressively improved. My recovery was faster than it could have been largely because of the understanding and patience shown by that great lady. Other guys in my situation should think about this great therapy only downside is its not claimable on medical benefits. Anyway, thank you and Congratulations on delivering 30 years of harmless fun !

– Jack