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Hi Everyone

Some of our cartoons are based on things that really happened, like the series about a North Queensland Stockman called Judd. I had grown up as a North Queensland Stockman myself so I decided to do some stories based on Judd’s adventures. We did a few cartoons about Judd, these are two of the best.

It’s the running joke every State of Origin season that Big John goes for Queensland, but actually it’s served me well – in 2018 some really nice guys came in and gave me a Queensland members beanie and scarf they got at the game. I was so happy, I took them “straight to the poolroom” as they say in the movie – except that at Kings Court the poolroom is a cabinet built into the staircase where I keep all kinds of prized gifts and memorabilia people have given me over the years.

When I was up in Queensland it was a different time and I remember going to school on the mail truck. As we passed through each small town the locals would be excited about getting their parcels. I incorporated this memory into the story because it gave me a nice warm feeling. Judd, to the envy of his friends, came down south for the car races at Bathurst. It’s only about three hours drive from Bathurst to Sydney, so he took the opportunity to get a massage before he went home. The girls really liked him because he had nice country manners, and the final frame is one we use sometimes when we advertise for ladies to work with us.

Back when we were publishing the cartoons, everyone knew about Kings Court from the back page of Australian Penthouse. Well into the early 2000s we had young men coming in for the first time telling us they heard about Kings Court when they were looking at their dad’s magazines as teenagers. By the late nineties more people had started using computers and the internet was taking off. People were talking about Y2K, and having always been into sci-fi myself I thought it would be fun to incorporate some of the cyber sci-fi concepts into the cartoons. We used the idea from the Arnold Schwarzenegger film, Total Recall, to create a story about guys in the future telling tall stories about alien women with 3 or more breasts.

See you soon,

Big John

Judd’s First Time at Kings Court

Judd Remembers Kings Court as an Older Man

Also known as “Judd the Space Cowboy”