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Kings Court can arrange outcalls for regular customers who are well known to their favourite girls. There are limitations on this. Because we provide the girls with such a supportive and safe environment, we have ladies working with us who would not do this kind of work under any other circumstances. There are a few girls who have gained confidence while working with us, and they might be willing to do a massage outcall for clients they know and trust.

For discretion we will not be able to provide an outcall if you are in a share house situation, if you have flatmates we recommend booking a nearby hotel where the lady can meet you. We can transport the ladies within about 25km of the Kings Court address. The rate for outcalls is $420 per hour for the erotic massage with hand relief service, any extras agreed between yourself and the lady during the booking should be paid in cash directly to the lady.

How to book an outcall

  • If you’re not a member already, please sign up here. Membership offers you special offers, and certain privileges like booking an outcall. Membership is free and it’s easy to sign up; we don’t send members emails all the time, you only get about two emails a month.
  • Once your membership is active, you can submit your outcall request. send an email to contact@kingscourt.com.au which contains a photograph of you along with your real name and phone number. This is a safety precaution we must take. Your personal details will be kept private: I will share your photograph with the lady to help her recall you (this is very important if you want her to say yes). 
  • Please allow 24 hours to arrange your outcall

We won’t be able to answer emails asking who is available for outcalls, we ask the ladies if they want to do an outcall based on the request. You may name a few ladies in your request if you have more than one favourite.

If you are considering an outcall and need to book hotel accommodation to do it, I recommend somewhere close to Kings Court – we have done a few to nearby hotels and this gives the lady a lot more confidence. Highly recommended is Veriu Broadway as it is on a quiet street ideal for discretion.