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Today I saw Vanessa and WOW what an experience. She is passionate, sexy and and fun to be with. The time flew unfortunately (always a great guide to an amazing time). I will absolutely come back to see Vanessa again.

– Alan, Nov 2018

Vanessa! What an incredible woman! I was blown away when I first saw her in the lounge/seating area and I am so so delighted that I decided to go along with her  (despite other lovely ladies to be fair). She’s that perfectly potent and dangerous combination of cute above the neck and ridiculously sexy below with a refreshingly exciting personality. I spent two and half hours and I honestly could have and probably should have spent more. I planned to come in next month but considering how “hooked” I am, I don’t think I will be able to wait. On a different note, it was my first visit here and it was hard to point a finger at anything wrong. Great place with lovely people. Perhaps the lounge/meeting area needs a bit more privacy but I am clutching straws to critique really. Thank you!

– Zaeen, Nov 2018