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State of Origin 2018

OPEN UNTIL 2AM ON GAME NIGHTS Game 1, Wednesday June 6, 2018 Game 2, Sunday June 24, 2018 Game 3, Wednesday June 11, 2018 Usually we would close at 1AM on Wednesdays and Sundays, but on State of Origin nights we know you'll be out late so we stay open a bit later to...

May Newsletter 2018

Click here to read our May Newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/kingscourt/may-newsletter-e5xxwpcll8?e=[UNIQID] May Party is coming up! Wednesday 16th May, International Babes - we're looking forward to a huge celebration of all our origins! And speaking fo origins, check...

April Newsletter 2018

Click here to read our April Newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/kingscourt/april-newsletter?e=[UNIQID] April Party is coming up! Wednesday 11th April, Women in Uniform - don't miss out! We're OPEN ANZAC DAY, normal hours 8AM-1AM Members receive the newsletter first, about...

Easter Hours

We're open over the Easter Long Weekend... Thursday 29/03/2018 OPEN 8AM-5AM Good Friday 30/03/2018 OPEN 10AM-5AM Easter Saturday 31/03/2018 OPEN 8AM-24hrs Easter Sunday 01/04/2018 OPEN 8AM-1AM Easter Monday 02/04/2018 OPEN 8AM-1AM If you're out late Saturday...