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A guide to having the best experience!


We attract many guys who have never been anywhere like this before and lots of new girls who’ve never done anything naughty!


Respectful Behaviour Is Essential

If you are rude, crude, condescending, racist, threatening or ask personal questions and show the staff lack of respect, you can be assured you will be asked to leave. The safety of our staff and patrons is a priority and unacceptable behavior is not tolerated. Kings Court has a great atmosphere and it is best to not disturb the harmony of this.


First Time?

It is a good idea to mention if it is your first time so we can explain how your visit is going to flow. The managers are mindful of ‘first visit’ nerves and will take good care of you if they are aware you’re new.


Follow The House Rules

It is important that you follow the guidance of our managers relating to the house rules. There are good reasons you will be asked to do things that may not be apparent to you.



We require a good standard of dress when you visit, but we understand that sometimes you come after work and not everyone works in a suit.



Along with good attire, cleanliness is also required and all clients are required to use the shower before they enter the spa or have a massage. Take the time to have a hot soapy shower, the cleaner you get, the closer the lady will get!



It is ok to tip, especially if the lady has gone to great lengths to ensure you had a great experience. But remember that a tip is a gratuity (a way of saying “thank you” with cash), and should not be used as a way to pressure the lady or bargain with her to get her to do something she is not comfortable doing. It’s not ok to promise the lady a tip to get her to do “extra”.


Be satisfied with what the ladies offer

There are a lot of places that advertise massage services, and they all operate differently. When you come to Kings Court, a manager will explain what the ladies offer in the booking. The managers are honest with you about the service and the price. There are no tricks and no additional charges, you only pay for the time you want to spend with the lady.

Sometimes people come in and try to get the lady to do “extra”. We can’t stop you from asking, but you should expect the answer to be “no”. It’s best if you accept that answer and continue enjoying the service the lady is prepared to perform, rather than waste the time you’ve paid for trying to get a “yes”. Any persistence on your behalf will become annoying to the lady and spoil your booking. The ladies love to tempt and tease – they will give their best service when you relax and enjoy what she’s doing.


What can I expect when I Visit Kings Court?

You will be taken to a seat in our meeting lounge by one of the massage ladies. Each of the available ladies will introduce herself and have a brief chat before the manager comes over to talk you through the service and price. The manager can help you select a lady if you’re spoilt for choice, and once you’ve paid she will send the lady to take you to a massage room.

Many first time clients expect us to be sneaky about the prices and the girls, but really we’re straightforward and honest with you. The price is the price, and you have options in regards to the amount of time you want to pay for. The girls you meet are all the girls we have available at the time. There are always other girls in bookings, but that doesn’t mean they’re nicer or better looking than anyone who is available when you come in. Their shifts are flexible so any one of them might have just finished with an earlier client or just started her shift. Sometimes it’s best to book the lady who takes your interest first, rather than wait and try to meet everyone. Often by the time you decide to see the first girl you were interested in, she will be booked by someone else or might even have gone home!


We don’t take drugs, and we don’t want them in the house

From time to time people come in with illicit substances and expect to take them with the ladies. Our girls are just not like that.



What happens at KC, stays at KC. Our staff are respectful of your confidentiality and it is essential that you show the same respect to their confidentiality.