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I’ve been to Kings a few times and thought I should write a review. On my last visit I had the privilege of spending my time with the beautiful Tatiana for a private 45 booking. She was captivating from start to finish with her beautiful eyes, charming accent and personality. The time passed ever so fast but not before what was a seductive massage and happy ending that is to be remembered. I look forward to seeing her again the next time I call in to Kings.

– James, Feb 2019

In Sydney on business and first time calling in at Kings Court.  Introduced to a swage of lovely ladies, struggled to remember all of their names (sorry) but settled on the gorgeous Tatiana.  Alex the manager was friendly and explained the nights pricing before Tatiana led me downstairs to the deluxe suites.  A warm shower the. Into the hot tub with the ever attentive Tatiana rubbing me up and down while making small talk. Over to the table on a bed of soft white towels Tatiana gave a great body rub, I think she could feel I needed some knots undone and did a very professional job untangling them.  Then she moved onto a more seductive and personalised body rub which sent me to a state of bliss. I will definitely be returning to Kings Court next time I am in Sydney and if Tatiana is still available I would not hesitate to go in for a repeat of tonight’s mind blowing experience. Muchos Gracias Tatiana

– Jason, May 2019