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Let me tell you about Mia, from Korea

You should see her,

She’s a real honey love doll

The best girl I have ever seen

Her body is so lean

She gives the best massage I have ever had

She makes me feel so glad

Her hands are so soft and mild – enough to drive me wild!

The hostess, with the mostest

She is an angel

She has such a nice face, I know I’m in the right place!

She looks so wise with her hypnotic eyes

She is such a nice surprise

At the glorious ending she took me to another world, I’ll never forget!

She is a body of dynamite

She treats me with sheer delight, the best greatest girl in the world ever

Love her.

Leslie, May 2018

Visited KC two consecutive days .. was lucky to meet Mia … Mia Mia Mia .. don’t have words to describe her .. just imagine your loveliest dreams come true … She will take you places you won’t imagine even exist ..  Fun to speak with .. she will tease your soul to paradise in the spa … You’ll feel pampered and extremely spoiled in her company ….  Mia .. you’re the best

– Wanderer from Dubai, Jun 2019

Thanks Mia the gorgeous Korean goddess for an amazing time, you truly are a beautiful intelligent and super sexy lady.  You really know how to make a guy feel relaxed and welcome with your gorgeous smile and sensual touch. Those beautiful eyes and seductive glances are enough to drive a guy wild! Can’t wait to spend time with you again.

– Mac, Aug 2018

Had a great time with Mia, really love how genuine she is to talk to. Can’t wait to see her more often. Truly an amazing experience.

– Bob, Jun 2018

Great atmosphere at Kings Court; quality service, and a friendly place to relax. Highly recommend Mia – caring strong hands for great massage and a happy outlook than makes conversation easy and enjoyable. Mia has an Asian background, but speaks perfect English. Time with Mia is time well spent.

– Mark, May 2018

1st time leaving a review as I am a lazy person but this time I really want to leave a positive review as i felt like heaven over there! sadly I was short on budget and only engaged in 30 mins of service. There is one Asian girl Mia . she looks young and hot! I feel I am being loyal to her. Even if I get a girlfriend I will only be serviced by Mia because I am enslaved to her.  She turns me on so much. she is really very open. enjoyed touching, sniffing and cuddling her body and ass.

– Matt, Jun 2019

What else is there to say about Mia ! She is the sexiest girl I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet ! Sensational body and she knows how to turn a guy on. Gets me every time ! ; )

– Dirk Diggler, Aug 2018

As a long time patron of Kings Court, I can say this without a doubt in my mind. Kings Court is the best place in Sydney to relax. I’ve spent a lot of time here over the last 6 years, never have I had a bad experience. Although many of the girls I knew here may have moved on, I was delighted to see that the wonderful Mia was still here, it brightened my day up so much. Being able to come here, be welcomed with smiles and genuine happiness is so amazing. It’s the kind of place you’d rather not leave! Keep up the good work girls, you all make Sydney a better place by being here.

– Harley, Aug 2018

It’s always a good experience at Kings Court the girls and the managers make it so, but sometimes it’s UNBELIEVABLE. If you get the chance to spend some time with Mia, don’t miss it. Treat her well and you will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience. You would choose her on looks alone but in the room it’s so much more.  She radiates sensuality, look into her eyes and you can tell she wants to be there. She loves the spa and you should take the time to find out why.  If you are kind you will be rewarded. Some girls are born sexy.  Mia is a natural.

– J, Oct 2018

I have visited KC over the years and my favourite girl has to be Mia. She is super friendly and is always great to chat with. She has a stunning figure and of course she is skilled with her hands 😉 I always leave with a skip in my step after spending time with her in the spa. Am already thinking about the next visit.

– Christian, Jun 2018

Staff extremely friendly and respectful. Have seen Mia, gorgeous girl. Very friendly and takes a genuine interest in the conversation. Very down to earth and is great company. Her body though is something else, a must see.

– Tom, May 2018

Spending any time with Mia has always been a 5 star experience. Staff have also delivered 5 staff service quality every time. Playing the odd game of pool there has also been quite fun.

– Colin, May 2018

Had a wonderful time with Mia today…nice girl, very genuine, make you feel welcomed. Staff were very friendly, would definitely recommend this place.

– Alfred, May 2018